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Which way is Ok?

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this.....
I'm a proud mama to two beautiful boys, my eldest is 3 yrs, just recently I felt I had to justify my actions to a dear friend... This is how my story goes...

I had a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with DS #1, it didn't start off too easily, but with family support and my stubborness, 6 weeks later we were pros.I love nursing, I love our family bed, I love being a sahm!!! All that said, when DS was 19 months i felt ready to wean and I felt he was as well. Its hard to explain, DS# 1 and are so much alike, its either all or nothing, in some senses thats bad but in many senses its good. We are compassionate, crazy-emotional beings!!! Anyway, I come from a very PRO Breastfeeding family (6 aunts) so when I felt I had enough (and felt DS was ready) I put bandages on my nipples and told him I had boo boos.My 2 aunts had done the same. He asked to nurse two times that day and that was it.He was fine and so was I. I am very much for gentle Disciplene, feeding on demand and extended nursing. This just felt right to me. I now have another DS, would I do this again? No not with DS #2, he is a totally different child calling for a different way to wean. I believe above all else I know my boys better than anyone else. I feel their happinees, their pain and their joy. I feel their vulunerbilities and their confidence so why should I have to defend myself? I guess I feel that most people think its one way only....
Sorry to vent, I've been thinking about it all night!!!
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No i can see why you did what you did! no judgment at all!!! You are the mama and you know what's best for both your kidos!!! mama!
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