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Weird cravings, anyone?

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I was so sick for the first 6 months with my pg with #1, that by the time I started feeling better I had a food aversion complex and had NO appetite. So no cravings then. Okay, I take that back sort of. I couldn't drink water that didn't have a lemon in it so I guess that sort of counts.
This time around, I have been craving SPANISH OLIVES !!! I normally don't dislike them, they are just not the snack I reach for when I open the fridge. I'm on my second jar this week! They just seem to go with everything. :LOL The pickle I had with my sandwich at lunch was good too but it just wasn't as satisfying as those olives!

Mmmm, gotta go get some now.
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Not that I've ever been a doughnut eater -- though it was part of a Sunday ritual at my mom's house (coffee, doughnuts, Sunday paper) -- but I've been craving a big sugar doughnut. Weird! Of course, here there is no way for me to procure a sugar doughnut, so I'm safe.

I crave a lot of things that I haven't been able to eat for a long time due to stomach illness.

Cappuccino. I think about cappuccinos very often!
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with ds I craved tacos from a place in my hometown. Unfortunately by the time we were able to get down there, they didnt taste as good as I had hoped. with my dd I craved Mcdonalds big macs :
this time I have been craving meat. Mostly it has been a turkey sandwich with mustard, mayo and pickles. We'll see what the next craving is...those tacos are sounding good. :LOL
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I'm probably going to have to unsubscribe from this thread! 1) I can't get most of the stuff you all are going to mention 2) I'm not supposed to have most of the stuff you all are going to mention. Why torture myself?
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i crave kale! kale and water with lemon juice.. with my son i craved grapefruits and meat ( i was vegetarian for a long time before) but i ate organic meat because i dreamed about it sooo much, and now i still eat it a bit.
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Chicken Breasts! And I've been a vegetarian since age 12...and our whole family is vegetarian...hmmm, seems like potential trouble here.
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I wouldn't say its a weird craving, but I have been going for everything I can find that is salty. I know that means something, but I am too tired to thing of what.
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I've been craving fast food and sleep....but mostly the sleep
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loraeileen: i was raised mostly vegetarian ( only ever ate chicken raised by my aunties and fish onece in a while) and from the time i was old enuff to choose i didnt eat any meat and i was vegan for 2 years as well.. when i got pregnant with my first i craved chicken and when i didnt eat it i dreamed about it. every night. till i gave in and ate organic chicken ( ill only eat organic meat) and it was the best thing i had ever eaten. i still eat a bit now because i feel like when my body is telling me very clearly that i need this certain food, i feel like it really does need it. dont feel weird or guilty. i sure did and i wish that i hadnt. its your body, your baby and you need to do whats best for it. although, if my body had been craving mcdonalds i wouldnt have eaten that. i do have my limits :LOL
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I'm mostly afraid that I'll get sick! After not eating it for what, 17 years? Did that happen to you? But roasted organic chicken breasts from the local PCC (food coop) - that's what I think about a LOT.
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i thought id get sick, so the first time i only ate a few bites, but i didnt get sick at all, infact my body felt sooo good. it was the protein that i had needed for months and wasnt giving myself.

i used to eat a lot of tofu but when i got pregnant i had a total aversion to it. i still dont eat it much, because now the idea of it scares me. its very processed, if the beans arent organic then they are GMO.. there are high levels of estrogen like chems in it too which cant be good for baby..

i figure organic chicken is way better, easier to assimilate and digest and way yummier.
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Ah well, I live in Tofu Central (Seattle) and there is lots of good quality, inexpensive organic tofu at Trader Joe's and other kinds with seasonings, etc. I agree, it can be kinda scary though. Especially uncooked!

I might have to give in to this craving!
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come down to vancouver and ill cook you an organic chicken that my dad grew on his farm

but seriously, you should eat it if you really feel you want and need to. i put all ethics and values aside and just listened to that wee baby talking to me and i trusted that small voice and dont regret it.
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I'm craving meat too. I'm not a vegitarian, I used to be before getting married and have been slowely cutting way down on meat again (only a couple of servings a week). But I seem to be craving meat like crazy and not the chicken I normally eat, bacon and peperoni which normally grosses me out. I guess I may need protien. Though my weirdest craving was with my first child I was eating uncooked oatmeal. I would eat by the handfuls, pretty strange huh.
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i love uncooked oats! i have this amazing uncooked cookie recipe with oats and coconut and chocolate. they are way too rich and sweet for babies, but yummy for mommies :LOL
. we call them monster cookies.
i also like to make energy balls with uncooked oats. i dont think its so werid!
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I have been craving fruit. I usually hate fruit. I will eat any vegetable you give me, but I do not like fruit. But I have been eating apples & grapes & melon & bananas, the whole shlemeel. Bizarre for me.
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Spicy & mexican here. I could prob eat bean burritos every night
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What's weird for me is what I am not craving - sugar. I am such a sugarholic, I can eat spoofuls of brown sugar, and now the thought of it does not turn me on.
Overall I am luckily craving healthy things, with the exception of white pasta (usually try for whole wheat, but when I want pasta, it's the white I must have).
In past pregnancies I have craved the same thing day after day (e.g. pasta, sauce, cheese, and peas mixture). Now, it really depends on the day, my mood, etc. It keeps changing and I am having a hard time keeping up with myself.
I guess the one thing that has been consistent throughout is the grapefruit craving.
My mind is also turning to mush, as you can tell from the coherence of my posts, but that is another topic!
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I am with you. Mexican, Indian, Greek...that's what our family has been eating all week. Luckily my husband makes some great enchiladas! No wonder my daughter will eat all that stuff too - it's all I ever ate when I was pregnant with her too.
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i've been craving salad with VERY garlicky dressing
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