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Julian Blaze has arrived!

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boy: After a very long and intense labor, Julian Blaze made his grand entrance into the world by way of his Momma's body into his Daddy's hands at 7:28 pm on March 8, 2005 boy:

Remember this fun little game?
Date baby will be born: March 8th
Time: 4 am
How long will labor be: 1 hour (hard stuff + pushing)
Boy or Girl: Boy
Hair: dark Eyes: blue
W: 7ish lbs
L: 22 in
I thought it would be fun to add Dh's guesses:
Date baby will be born: March 8th
Time: 3:45 am
How long will labor be: 45 minutes
Boy or Girl: Boy
Hair: blonde fluff
Eyes: blue
W: 8 lbs
L: 21 in
Well, here's how it really happened:
Date baby was born: March 8th
Time: 7:28 pm
How long labor lasted: 18 1/2 hrs
Boy or Girl: Boy
Hair: lots of reddish-blonde hair
Eyes: dark blue
W: 6 lbs 9 oz
L: 19 1/2 in

We decided after looking at him this morning that he doesn't look like a "Jude", so we have decided to call him "Blaze". He is so tiny and beautiful and perfect and I am EXHAUSTED :yawning: . I'll get around to posting a birth story sometime...
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18 hours with your 4th baby? Yikes! I shouldn't be reading these right now!
Congratulations on your sweet boy
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Was he OP? Just curious since you had such a long labor. My 3rd was 17ish hours and she was OP so i am pretty much expecting this one to be a long-ish labor too even tho right now baby is anterior.
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Congratulations, he sounds adorable. Another one here who wants to know if he was OP b/c my little one is right now.
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What a great name
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Hooray! Congratulations!
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Wow, welcome to the world little Blaze! Congratulations, mama!

Everyone laughs when I tell them I picked ds's birthday, especially since my water broke. But I do believe sometimes we just know when our little ones will appear.

Enjoy getting to know your new one!
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Woo-hoo!! :
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Congratulations! Welcome Jude Blaze!

Very cool that you guessed the date right. I did that with my last baby, but was off by more than a week with my first.
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Congratulations!!!! :

Thanks for popping in to give us the great news. Rest up and enjoy your boy!
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Happy Birthday Blaze!

For me my third birth was 45 minutes and i expected the same with this one.But my fourth was a total of 14hrs.One hour of actual active labor which is from 4cm-birth but 13hrs of water broken,contrax every 10 minutes or so and slow dilation starting from 3cm at onset of labor.My babe was anterior then the day before i went into labor turned posterior.Now all of my babes have been born posterior and apparently that is the way my pelvis prefers.I also found out that having several children in a short amount of time makes the uterus more slack and can cause contrax to be slower and not as effective.I actually was happy with this labor because my contrax never got closer then 5minutes apart which was awesome compared to the back to back ones i had with my 45 minute labor!
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: Blaze!!!

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My DH's birthday is March 8th. good day!

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