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Leftover chicken, how do I love thee.

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Let us count the ways. And please, be specific. With details (read: recipes) for those of us who are imagination-challenged.


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Jambayla (sp?), but I usually start from a mix for the nights I "do not want to cook" (funny definition in our family, mixes or frozen food, but not going out)

Chicken, garlic, butter and pasta: brown the garlic in butter, add chicken. Heat through. Add pasta. Serve with a sprinkle of parmesan.

Chicken and dumplings: Dump left over chicken in the crockpot with all the leftover gravy and mashed potatoes from a previous dinner (I have usually place this all in a container in the freezer). Add water, salt, pepper, and garlic. Cook all day on low. 30 minutes before serving, add dumplings and milk if want a milkier broth.

Pizza: homemade pizza with chicken on the top. Actually, you could call it cheese bread because our pizza is usually mozzeralla, parmesan, potatoe, and onion. Chicken if it is leftover.

I hope this helps.
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Well, how do I put this ...

It helps because it keeps the thread alive.

It doesn't help only because I (personally) need *nondairy* recipes.

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Jambayla is non-dairy. The pasta dish can be non-dairy, leave out the cheese and butter, add olive oil. The pizza, just use red sauce, no cheese or soy cheese if you can tolerate the taste. Chicken and dumplings, mix warm water with a little bit of flour, stir until no lumps, add instead of milk.

Does that help?

I was thinking about you earlier. Have you checked out Nutrition and Good Eating? If you do a search you may find a lot of ideas. Or even ask the question over there.
Those of us who read that thread do not bite and have lots of ideas.
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You've got me pegged. Am totally intimidated by the Nutrition board.

Will go that way and : and maybe find something to glom on to ...

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I love chicken salad since you can get creative with it, and it's simple yet makes a good sandwich.
Last week with leftover chicken( de-boned a whole chicken)I created a little chicken salad and then found a easy bisquit recipe, baked those up, placed the chick salad on halves of each bisquit with slices of cheddar cheese and melted in the toaster oven--- open face melts!!!!
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Originally Posted by merpk
Well, how do I put this ...

It helps because it keeps the thread alive.

It doesn't help only because I (personally) need *nondairy* recipes.

I feel your pain. I'm off dairy for now too. But, when I'm not, here's my favorite pizza recipe:

Whole wheat crust
spicy barbecue sauce
chopped cooked chicken
Lots of cheese (cheddar, mozza, parm, feta)

Oh, dairy how i miss thee.
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Pot pie:
- cubed chicken
- thawed frozen veggies/leftover cooked veggies/veggies you steam for this specific purpose
- I make a cream gravy but you could make a brown one with chicken stock, water, margarine & flour
- either put it in the traditional crust (could use a bought one) or make biscuit dough (with water/soymilk instead of milk) and pat it out to cover the filling
- bake at 375 for, ooooh, 25 minutes? Or how long the crust or biscuit recipe says.
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Im amke up big bathes of chicken breasts for my favorite...

chicken wraps!

I do a BBQ chick one - chicken heated in BBQ sauce, fried onions and mashed potatoes in a wrap

Chicken and peppers - chicken, sauteed peppers, mushrooms, garlic, in wrap

cubed cold chicken, green peppers, red onion, ranch dressing in wrap, this is my current fav


Chicken fried rice.. leftover rice, veggies, chicken, egg if you eat it..

I mkae chicken samosas too. they are good for a snakc food on the run, once you do all the work for them..
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All right. Wraps. I am so there.

Totally behind the times am I. Just discovering wraps. Neanderthal, right? :LOL

(Just to clarify previous posts ... I need nondairy recipes because I keep strictly kosher, and chicken is, according to Jewish law, meat, which may not be mixed/cooked/eaten with milk products. )
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Oh and nym, what are chicken samosas?

I thought samosas were a wonderful drink to have with brunch ... :LOL
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That's MIMosas, Amy :LOL

I had another idea I don't think anyone mentioned: shred or chop the chicken, mix it with some BBQ sauce & serve it over (pareve) bread or rolls like a Sloppy Joe.
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I'm a vegetarian, so what do I know. My mom used to make a nice chicken salad with the leftover chicken from making chicken soup. It was mayonaise, walnuts, chopped celery and sliced green grapes, salt and pepper. We had it stuffed into Passover rolls, IYKWIM.

I guess you could also stir-fry it into a vegetable stirfry, but since it's already cooked you could put it in at the end.

or, you could put chicken pieces in your spaghetti sauce instead of tempeh I mean instead of meatballs.
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first day its chicken soup
second day its chicken pizza
third day its chicken enchiladas

or just herb roasted chicken w/ veggies and potato
then pasta w/ chicken and green veggie

its also good in a burrito on the second day w/ beans and salsa
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artichoke chicken

Chicken breast with artichoke hearts, garlic, and capers. I use the artichoke gearts in a jar. it is so delicous. Cook inolive oil. The best bite is one that had chicken and some A. Heart.

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Chicken fried rice or chicken salad sandwiches.
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Also...there are many many good thai dishes you could make that are non dairy. (Unless you take "coconut milk" literally!)

Oh, also curried crockpot chicken...got the recipe from the Nutrition/good eating forum, it's GOOD.
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Chicken pasta salad - chicken, pasta (we use brown rice or whole wheat), olives, shredded carrot, any other veggies you have, your fave dressing

Chicken taco salad - chicken, black beans, white corn, chopped bell peppers, chopped tomatoes, sliced olives, chopped lettuce, avocado cubes and top with your choice of dressing (thousand island is super good with this) or salsa and sour cream... top with crunched up tortilla chips

Spinach salad with chicken - spinach leaves, sliced mushrooms, mandrian orange sections, chicken and a good dressing
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I am making chicken soup right now. Just toss in chicken with broth, different kinds of veggies and beans. I also love chicken chili. Toss chicken with peppers, onions, crushed tomatoes, tomoatoe paste and the right chili spices. I serve that with brown rice sometimes. I hope this is what you are looking for.

julia girl:
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Leftover chicken....

I like to make an "asian" chicken salad...using chopped onions, shredded carrot, shredded cabbage and a sesame ginger dressing, put it on bread, in a pita, on salad greens or rice

We also make a dish we call "Owen Noodles" (family name) You take a lb of any type noodle (we prefer shells, elbows or farfalle) cook, drain, and mix a can of cream of chicken and a can of cream of celery, add chicken and any leftover veggies. (though this isnt kosher, eh?)

We also use it in quesadillas, tacos, soups, pizzas, or we shred it and mix it with bbq sauce for sandwiches.
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