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Couple question for those using baking soda/vinegar to wash hair (m)

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I've tried searching the forum but I keep getting error messages & it's driving me nuts so . . . I've been using baking soda & vinegar (well, actually an herb infused vinegar that I make) to wash my hair since last summer & I LOVE it!!! I've recently recommended it to a couple friends & they had questions that I wasn't sure about, so thought I'd ask here.

First, is it ok to use a vinegar rinse on color treated hair? Another friend has been using the baking soda alone on her color treated hair w/o problem, but I wasn't sure about the vinegar. Anyone know?

Second, another friend has really dry hair & since using the baking soda & vinegar she has gotten HORRIBLE static. What can I recommend to help? I never had a problem, but I'm wondering if that's because I started in the summer when static is less of an issue & by the time cold weather set in, my scalp had adjusted oil production so it wasn't a problem. The only thing I could think of was to put just a drop of a moisturizing oil on her hands & rub them through her hair. Any other suggestions?

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As far as the color treated thing...vinegar is great for that actually!

Vinegar "sets" color when dying fabrics and people aslo use it to "set" the color when dying their hair too, so with that logic, I don't see anything wrong with someone using vinegar on color treated hair...

As far as the static thing, I think you gave the best suggestion if she doesn't want to use conditioner....however, I haven't completely given up on my conditioner, but to make it last 100 times longer, I don't put it in and rinse it out per directions....I will put just a drop, like a pencil eraser size in my hands, rub my hands together to spread it, and squeeze it in my wet hair (mostly at the tips then kind of smooth the tiny bit left over on my head) and don't rinse at all...my hair isn't greasy at all and it is just enough so there is no static---and I have been on the same bottle of conditioner for months now...

Okay, that explanation looks weird when I read it over but I hope you get what I mean lol

good luck...
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hmmmm..... static. Maybe she could try a drop or two of jojoba oil after the shower?
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I have a question for no-pooers. I've been doing it for about 3 months now, and want to get my hair cut. They always wash my hair at the salon, should I just let them? What would you do? I don't want to revert back to shampoo, and am wondering if letting them shampoo and condition once will cause any problems.

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I've always just let them, but if you don't want that, you should ask when you make your appointment if they would be willing to either cut your hair dry or just use water to dampen it. Of course, you'll be coming in with clean hair. You could say that you have "a reaction" to many shampoos, if they seem to want a reason. They don't need to know that your "reaction" is nothing worse than this: :
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I only get my hair cut once a year or so, and I just let them wash it, the scalp massage that comes w/ the shampoo is my favorite part of the whole process, I'm not willing to give that up LOL. And I didn't notice that it "messed up" the no 'poo routine at all to use shampoo once in a blue moon, so I don't worry about it.

Of course, a friend of mine was telling her stylist about using baking soda & now her stylist is going to try it too, so that's another option LOL.
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I've been having the static problem, too, but only when I'm brushing my hair.
I've found that just running some water over my brush before brushing has fixed it.
Also, I've noticed that the static is worse when my water/BS ratio is a little too heavy on the bs side, or when I clean too far away from the scalp where there isn't much oil to begin with.
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