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Welcome Sameer!

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Thanks so much for the thoughts last Friday, ladies! I had the c/s and everything went fine. I actually think I was going into labor that morning! I managed to get out of the hospital really early and I am feeling really well.

He was born March 4th at 10:54a. We named him Sameer Kumar, 8 lbs. 6 oz., 19 inches long! He is breastfeeding great and so far a pretty calm baby. I was completely able to avoid all pain meds but ibuprofen after the c-section. Yippee!
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So good to hear from you! So glad you are feeling well and home with your baby. Good job on avoiding meds!! Enjoy your sweet boy!!!

Oh, and Sameer is lucky, I think 3-4-5 is a very cool birthday
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Wonderful -- Congratulations!!!
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Congratulations! Love his name.
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That is wonderful! I was thinking you.... What a strong name I am so glad you got away with no drugs I would be on the drip!

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I was just thinking of you today, too! So glad that everything went well, and I love his name!!

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Congratulations! : Sameer!!

So glad everything went well with the birth!

We'll have to try to get together sometime when the babies are a little bit bigger. Let our tiny age-mates meet each other!
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Congratulations! You must be one tough mama. Welcome to the world, Sameer!
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: Sameer!!!

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