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Can a yeast infection make you bleed?

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Last week I got a UTI, so I took ampicillin for a week. Well, that of course gave me a yeast infection, so I got a 3-day pack of cream for that. Last night was the 2nd night of treatment with the monistat cream, and this morning, I spotted several red clots. I also had some pain, not cramps, but pain. I went for an ultrasound and the baby is fine and they don't see any clots in my uterus. I am still spotting, though, and still having a little pain. Can a yeast infection cause my cervix to bleed? That is what one doctor suggested, but I don't know him at all, so I didn't necessarily believe him.

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Don't have info for you. Just wanted to send a and say sorry you are having to deal with this.
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i will say unofficially yes, because that's what i was told by my OB during my last pregnancy. I had had spotting throughout my first trimester, but it stopped as I entered my second. a month or so later, I had very bright red spotting, enough to scare me to the OBs office to check. I was in the middle of a treatment for a yeast infection, and the OB said that my spotting was likely due to either irritation caused by the infection itself, or irritation caused by the treatment.
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What they said.

Man, aren't abx's a pain like that??? Hang in there
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This does not sound like anything to worry about to me, considering that your cervix is alot more vascular in pregnancy. Do you ever bleed after sex? I have this happen often in pregnancy.. just normal spotting.
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I know yeast infections can make you more likely to tear during delivery, so it seems like it could make the cervix or vaginal tissue more likely to bleed during pregnancy too.

And ditto to what Marsupialmama said. My cervix bled several times during my first preg.
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Yeah, my cervix has always been very vascular, and bled a lot with ds. I didn't have that problem this time, though, until this yeast infection. Thanks for the reassurance.
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