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nursing mommas?

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im still nursing my 2 year old, just wondering how many nursing mommas here
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My 3 year old is a nursling. She will be close to 4 when the baby is born so I can't say for sure she will still be nursing then, but at the moment I don't see her slowing down.
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Nursing an 11mo old here!! DS will be 19mo when the new babe is born so I'm really hoping I can sustain my supply through pregnancy and tandem nurse afterward (It's a goal of mine )
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I'm still nursing my 14 month old dd...but we're starting to cut WAY back on the night nursing. I just can't handle the lack of sleep. She was nursing for 4 hours straight, and it was making me crazy.
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Nursing my almost 1 year old! My supply was low for a few days but seems to be going good now, hooray!
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im glad that there are lots of us, i feel like this is going to be challenging for me. my son is already night weened, but he would nurse all day long i let him. at this point its not physiclly hurting me but i feel like i need more me space. also my milk is low, which is okay but he is very persistant and the way he nurses has changed. it feels like he uses his teeth more and he wiggles and pinches sooo much i just get overwhelmed!...i will totally tandem nurse them, if he still wants to nurse. he will be a month away from 3 when the baby is born.
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we are still nursing strong now at 13 months, acrobatics and all!!! Willem will be 21 months at new babes arrival. Hope to be able to tandem nurse. I think it is an awesome bonding experience to be able to nurse an older sibling and a newborn at the same time. I noticed my nipples have been extra sensitive and yes he seems to be using his teeth more. He has gone through spurts of nursing like every few minutes throughout the entire day to going for hours without. Reading some of the posts in the bfing forum they said that sometimes when you get pg your supply drops so I took consolation in the fact that he wasn't ready to wean himself yet and was building the supply back up.
That said, I was at a LLL meeting last night and we brought up the subject of nursing through pregnancy. They said that some babies wean themselves toward the latter part because they don't like the taste. Hope that doesn't happen to us! DOn't think it will though b/c he is addicted to boobies!
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even if they did ween, they would probably be hooked on one taste of that rich newborn milk. im hoping it will fatten my boy up :LOL he is sooo small for his age. i feel like he didnt get enuff good milk when he was tiny because we had a lot of troubles at first. i hope that with all that i know of breastfeeding now, everything will be great with the new one. it was pretty much the only stressful thing about pregnancy, labour, birth and after. did anyone else have problems at first with their first?
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book suggestion: Adventures in Tandem Nursing

I am nursing my DD; she is 23 mo and will be 2 yr 7mon when the new baby comes. I am still stunned I am pregnant because I only had one af and then conceived. So I feel like I am still in the nursing ammenorhea--I have few pg symptoms.

I enjoy nursing still. I am considering tandem nursing. It all depends on DD and the supply. i don't plan to wean her unless I can't bear pain, if it becomes painful. I recommend the above book by Hillary Flower-- I borrowed it from my LLL. They all think I am 'reading ahead'--I don't want to tell them yet! The book has lots of info about nursing thru pregnancy and has lots of personal stories as well as fact, if you need to defend your choices with facts.

DD and I had no big nursing problems in the beginning. I hope the next child takes to it as easily. My biggest 'problem' was overactive supply/let down, but we worked it out.

I am glad there are other nursing mamas around!
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Originally Posted by MamaFern
even if they did ween, they would probably be hooked on one taste of that rich newborn milk. im hoping it will fatten my boy up :LOL he is sooo small for his age.
My dd could use this too. She is almost 21 months and still nursing strong. I dont think there is any way she would give it up. I am starving all the time. I think what she is sucking out of me and what the baby needs is really taking a tole on me. I wont mind nursing through the pregnancy and tandem if she wants to. I think it will really help with how she reacts to the new baby.
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what a bond for all three to tandem nurse.. i look forward to it.

i nursed my son and my niece ( they are 2 weeks apart) when her little sister was newborn. it was amazing. my sil and i nursed eachothers babies a lot but nursing another toddler and your own at the same time!. it was quite an experience.

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We were very fortunate to have no nursing problems when DS was born. He took to bfing like a champ

I have noticed some nipple soreness and I'm praying it goes away. Before I got pg, DS started nursing almost every hr. due to teething. I'm trying to distract him so that he's going longer b/w nursing sessions. I'm starting to add more solids to his day and I'm offering a sippy cup of water more. I don't refuse of he really seems to need the breast though.

I second the Adventures in Tandem Nursing. I just finished it a week ago (started it at Christmas time, :LOL) and am really confident in all the info I gleaned from it
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Also nursing toddler....

My DS is 20 months and I think he wants to nurse more now that I am pregnant.
I fell pregnant with DS when still nursing DD (she was 2) and she pretty quickly stopped on her own, I think it was time.
Now that DS is so into the "Num Num" again I am not sure what I am going to do. I haven't considered tandum nursing, I have been pregnant or nursing for the last 5 and a half years and I just don't think I have the energy to do the tandun thing. I guess I will just see how DS goes. He only really wants it before bed.

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I am nursing my 17-month-old, and I really hope to be able to keep my supply up.
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I am still nursing my 2 year old. I am open to tandem nursing, but at this point, I wish she would slow down a little! All she wants to do is nurse!
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I'm nursing my 2.5 year old and hoping : she'll wean while I'm pg, but doubtful it will actually happen.

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Still nursing my 15 month old DD, although not as much as I started work in Feb. She still likes a sip or two at night as well (we cosleep). I don't see her giving up the boobies any time soon - she's too attached. She'll have to learn how to share
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Nursing my 14 month old DD nearly exclusively. Hoping to continue our nursing relationship until she chooses to wean. I'd prefer she wait for weaning until after age 2... so yeah, I am looking forward to tandem nursing.

I need to read up on things I can do to maintain supply. That is my biggest fear. I know she's not ready to wean, and don't know what we would do if my supply didn't keep up with her demand.
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Nursing my 2 yr old here
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When does milk supply usually start to drop?
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