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I am still nursing my 18 month old son. Since I became pg, he wants it more than ever, but I am having a really hard time coping. At first, I gave in and nursed him whenever he asked, because it was easiest. Now, I really, really try and distract him, and only nurse him when he seems really distraught and tired (usually in the middle of the night and around nap time). Even then, I try to just nurse one side, if I can help it.
I know it's supposed to be safe and nice to nurse through pg and eventually tandem nurse, but I don't think I can hack it. I feel so ill and tired, and am constantly eating to try and quell the nausea and keep up my strength. I feel bad as I was able to nurse dd until she was nearly 2. In fact, I didn't even think I would get pg until he was nearly weaned as I didn't seem to be getting pg at all while nursing dd. This time AF only showed up once, and when it just wasn't reappearing, I figured that it wouldn't as long as ds was still nursing like a newborn!
Additionally, I tend to get lots of second and third trimester contractions, which have cause me to be on restrictions. I am sure bf will be one of those restrictions, if I get those cx again this time.
Anyway, is there anyone else here who doesn't feel they can handle nursing and pregnancy?
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Still nursing my 29-month-old. I'm due November 10.

Question: I had sore nipples when nursing, but that has disappeared now. Anyone else experienced this?
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I'm still nursing my 21 month old son. I have been tired of nursing on and off for a few months now tho....
I do not know what we will do
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hey nataliekat! you are right near me. We live near Ames
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I get sore nipples on and off. I find that when I distract DS and keep his nursing sessions to every 2hrs. instead of every hr., my nipples don't seem to hurt so much.

As far as supply drop, according to Adventures in Tandem Nursing, it really can happen at any time. Some women never experience a drop while others find that at 6wks. they're struggling to maintain milk. It's really a very individual thing. One thing I'm considering to help w/ any supply problems I might have is to get Mother's Love Milk for Two. It's an herbal extract that you take, according to the site it's safe for nursing while pg and the herbs in it are supposed to help keep your supply going. I know that supply while pg is really hormonal based, but I figure whatever i can do to help I will
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Backing up what Jenn said - More Milk Two can only help if you start to experience supply issues. I'm : that I can stave it off with some supplements. I heard anecdotally (from another pg friend who actually gave me a half bottle of More Milk Two :LOL) that alfalfa can help too. I bought some at Whole Foods yesterday but need to look up the dosage.

My DD has been nursing less anyway lately, and sometimes will stretch 3-4 hours, so I am pretty terrified about losing my milk.
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hiya! this is my first post over here. i'm still nursing my 18 mo. old twins and just found out i'm pg... the thought of my supply dropping terrifies me, honestly. i think my little boys would freak out. they nurse 3-4 times a day and before bedtime. they're night-weaned which has been really nice, but man... i don't know what they would do without their "boo"! anyway... i don't know what we'll do when baby arrives since we are already tandem nursing as it is... i guess we'll just have to nurse in shifts! :LOL i'm totally going to try the milk for two stuff... i wonder if my health food store would order it for me. hmmm.
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Originally Posted by emomama
i'm totally going to try the milk for two stuff... i wonder if my health food store would order it for me. hmmm.
I think you can only order it through the website.... let me find it..... okay here it is
Motherlove More Milk Two
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oh cool! thanks a bunch!
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Originally Posted by memory maker
hey nataliekat! you are right near me. We live near Ames

Well, hi, there! Love to hear from fellow Iowans.
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nursing 21 month old here
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hey I aready replied!
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wow, lots of nursing mamas!!

my nursling is going to be 3.5 in a month, and I hope my supply doesn't drop, because she would be devastated. We've already talked about 'sharing' with the new baby - she has been asking for a brother or a sister for a LONG time so that has come up a few times. Thanks to MDC I hope to go the clw route (can't believe 4 yrs ago at this time during my pregnancy with dd I was planning on nursing for 6mnths-1yr)

I'm so excited to share this journey with all of you!!
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