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Do toddler boys pee standing up??

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I'm completely flummoxed by this! :LOL I recently saw a post advocating the Baby Bjorn seat -- but a boy would have to pee sitting down then, right?

Just wondering because Ronan loves to watch DH pee. And when he's diaperless and goes on the (wood, thankfully) floor, he'll run to me and say, "Pee! Pee!" So I'm thinking of getting him some sort of potty just to have around. I like the idea of the seat (spacewise and cleanliness), but I don't know if he'll be into the sitting thing.

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My ds1 potty trained just a few months ago, and prefers to pee standing up "like daddy does." So he doesn't use a special seat at all for peeing, but we do have one of those padded insert things for when he poops. We never had a little potty because I have some sort of weird aversion to those. He just uses a step stool for the regular toilet.
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The one downside to teaching them to pee standing up is that they have to sit to poop. It's easier to teach them to poop in the potty if they sit to pee.
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Our son sat at first, and after a couple of weeks he started standing to pee (he was a late trainer; he was already 3, and definately tall enough).

We got the seat you insert on the big toilet, because the potty chair we had (hand-me-down POS, lol) leaked all over the floor.

Only problem we have is in public restrooms, sometimes they're too tall and Ryvre has trouble "aiming" lololol.
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*taking notes here*

I'm going to be training my toddler boy in just a few short months and I too was wondering about this. Good point about having to teach them to sit anyways to poo...might be easier to teach them to pee at the same time sitting down. I figure I can always retrain him later to stand once he gets the jist of it.
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ds pees standing up. He tends to stand on the seat of the toilet, although lately he is purposely peeing *on* the seat, rather than in the bowl. He likes to pee in a variety of "containers", we have 2 little pottys (acutally, a bb little potty and their bigger one. FTR, I prefer the bigger one), a designated "pee bowl" (a large-ish plastic bowl -- this actually works the best for peeing standing up, imo) and other assorted spots he likes to pee into ( my mop bucket for one : ). He also likes to melt the snow, stand on the tailgate of the truck and pee off it...

It keeps him interested in potty training, any way...
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I just assumed that ds will potty train sitting down. That would be much easier, wouldn't it??? Dh pees that way too 99% of the time. This works out great for me as I'm a bit grossed out by the male peeing while standing up thing. I know it's irrational. Just don't like the sound or the aesthetics of it.
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ds pees sitting down on either his baby bjorn or on the big potty. when he first gets in the bath, tho, he does a perfect imitation of dp, shake at the end and all, and says "like papa." It is very cute. We will work on peeing standing up at the potty when he is taller
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My DS trained very late. He just turned 4 and only really got it about a week before his birthday.

He pees sitting down. One, I am the one with him most of the time, and I just don't know the ins and outs of aim, etc. Two, as someone mentioned before, he is not tall enough to stand up at a toilet in a public restroom.

I'm sure when he gets bigger and more comfortable about the whole thing, he will go to standing up on his own.
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My 5yro son trained sitting down, but when he had mastered poop on the potty he was allowed to stand up. We did make him sit in public places though because he would be JUST a the height of public toilets and he would actually PUT his penis on the toilet to pee... GROSS. That only happened once.

(FYI- training my 2yo girl has been MUCH easier)
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hmm, I find we get a bigger mess when ds pees sitting down. he doesn't usually get his penis tucked down into the toilet far enough so it splashes up, or dribbles onto his clothes, or onto the toilet seat etc etc.
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My boys have always first learned sitting down and then once they've mastered that they switch to standing.

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This is another topic that there tends to be a lot of diversity on.

My DS learned to pee sitting on the toilet. At home, EVERYONE sits to pee (including DH), because it creates less mess. The males pee standing up when in public, though.
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Well, no wonder I was confused! I think DH is in favor of standing, but we still have a while (probably a long while) until it'll really be an issue. Thanks for all the pros and cons.
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For us, we never 'taught' ds a particular way to pee - he chose it on his own. I remember asking him if he wanted to sit, and he said no. He had is own ideas from the beginning.
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I think we are going to do the stand in public and sit at home. I would also like him to know it is ok if he has to stand outside when we say it is ok. I want him to not think he has to find a toilet if we are camping or something. Right now he just sits.
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Ok, I don't even have a boy but will share this story of a mom in my playgroup. When she sent her 3 or 4 year old to preschool he came home all upset the one day.......because all the other boys "peed through their hole". Meaning, the flap in the underwear! He pulled his underwear down and I guess the other kids made fun of him
She was so mad at her husband for not teaching the son that! LOL
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