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I had a girl!

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I just wanted to drop a quick hello...

This birth was more than I ever hoped a homebirth could be. Contractions started and I had my family here, in my own livingroom, to help me cope. It got heavy really fast...and, next thing I know, there was a little girl on my chest! LOL!

My midwives were wonderful...so respectful. I got what I wanted: no vaginal exams, no episiotomy (although a tear), and they just let me do my thing...when I felt like pushing, they encouraged it but didn't tell me when or how...I just did what my body told me. It must have worked...I only pushed for 2 contractions for a total of 5 minutes. Out came her head and then, very quickly, the rest of her. I'd never heard a baby of mine cry after birth before...it was the most beautiful sound!

Nolan is doing fantastic. He doesn't seem bothered by Mallory...he comes to see her, points and says, very clearly, "Baby". That's about it for now though...but, I'll take it! He gave me a big hug this morning when he got up...I just love him too.

I can't even explain the differences between the births. I would never dream of ever birthing another child outside my own home again. It was quiet, comfortable, and allowed me the dignity to do what I needed to do for my family. It was an incredible experience.

I'll post a birth story later...there are details that I'd like to add.

Here are her stats:
Mallory Anne
9lbs 4.8oz
21" long
14.5" head circ

Thanks so much for the support!
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Congratulation Emily!! Can't WAIT to hear that birth story.

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Wonderful! Congratulations!
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!!! What a great birth, and a wonderful name!
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Wow, welcome to the world Mallory! Congratulations, mama!
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: Congratulations!! Sounds like a wonderful birth. One stat you left out, her birthday? Hope you are enjoying your family to the fullest!
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Congratulations!! Sounds like an awsome birth
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LOL...her birthday! March 9, 2005...one day after her EDD.
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Congratulations on your incredible birth.
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Congrats on her arrival!
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Congratulatons! : Mallory!
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