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Unsolicited lecture

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I received an unsolicited rant from a woman today at the library, after she realized our boys were twins. I was in the process of splitting myself in two directions.

It included a lesson on how to keep them "quiet & still", as well as the reason a benevolent figure may have chosen me. There were serious undertones of her belief system peppered throughout the one-sided discussion. All this from someone I didn't make a peep at or mean to attract in any way. She did not have twins, nor did she "ever want them".

I am just digesting it now, as everyone is snoring, and I am catching up with the house & it's incessant molehills of random bits.

It sucked. It was not well-meaning or mother-like or stemming from the love of humans. It seemed to be from a frustrated, controlling personality, who had the gall to FOLLOW me around while exclaiming what was best for my kids. It was creepy. My only words to her were, "okey-dokey".

I never thought I would miss the days where I was repeatedly asked, "Are those twins?" "Are they identical?" "Did you have them naturally?"

She finally wandered off when DH returned from the computer bar, and I whipped out a boob.

What was most amazing about today was the intense concentration and completely quiet behavior of all my boys today. The rest of the trip to the library was amazing They never made a peep the whole time. Just pitter patter as they ran around the bookcases, or clickclick on the mouse.

Allrighty, thanks for listening.


Here is a pic of Orion using the PC at the library taken with my technogeek cameraphone - hilarious, and scary
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We have twins, too. My dh used to threaten to put a donation can on the front of the stroller. If they were al going to stop us and ask us "are they twins", etc, he s aid they should at least be contributing! :LOL

I hate it when people think you care about their opinions!
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2piaP--I've missed you, btw. Glad to see you 'round these here parts...

Okay, next time, tell her to :. Sorry, I couldn't resist. What a load of dingleberries, kwim?

Ugh, it makes me so mad when women do stuff like that.
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you miss me? not as much as I miss you...

I was just proudly telling your tale to another friend the other day, ensuring your spirit continues to inspire this region with homebirthing triumph!

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no kidding, a little donation bucket with a cloth diaper sticker, they could shake it and yell ALMS!!!
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Ugh, I HATE all the "advice" I get & why do they always find it necessary to talk your ear off when you *obviously* need to be tending to your child(ren)? Ok, if you see my kid running out of the room, be polite enough to stop talking so I can run after her w/o appearing rude GRRR!

And I'm totally laughing at the donation bucket, what a great idea!!! I would've gotten rich when they were tiny!! Still would on days that I have them dressed exactly the same & riding together in a double cart or somesuch.
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I was behind a woman in the store the other day who had the cutest twins about 2 years old, sitting happily in their double stroller...when low and behold two ladies walked up to her...here was part of the conversation---I had to chuckle to myself because the woman seemed awesome just by the way she answered..

Ladies: OH TWINS!!! HOW CUTE!!!

Mama: *smiles* Thank you, I like them.


Mama: *looking at twins* Really? Because to me they look completely different! They both have their own personalities and are 2 completely seperate people!

Ladies: Oh, I bet they are a handful though!

Mama: *laughing*...well, a handful of money is still a handful right? It's a good handful!

Then bits and pieces blah blah, but that is what stood out most to me and I was like "YOU GO!!" (inside)...she was really nice and gracious about it, but let her point be known which was cool!

Good luck to you!!
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