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Our new baby boy has arrived!!!!! UPDATED with Pics and Birth Story

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Our wonderful little baby boy was born yesterday, March 10th at 11:45 PM (8 days past the due date) He is very chubby and cute, nursing like a champ and he already sure lets everyone knows when there is something he does happy with
He was 9lbs 2oz and 22inches long. Labor was 8 hours, 7:45 of which were pretty easy and I actually had a nice time with DH and our wonderful midwives. Getting the baby into the right position in the end was the worst pain I've ever felt but it only lasted 10 minutes and pushing him out was nice - about 5 minutes.

I will post a birth story with pictures later on. We just arrived home and I am very tired and EXTREMELY HAPPY now

P.S. We have not picked a name yet
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Fabulous news!
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WooHoo!!!! Congratulations!!!!
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Welcome to the world little one!!! Congratulations Polihaupt!
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Happy B-day baby!!!! How wonderful that you have a great birth! A big baby eh? Long!!!! Cant wait to see pictures!!!!

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: Congratulations!!! So glad to hear you are out of your pre-labor limbo and holding your little boy, and that it was a great birth. Can't wait to hear more and see pics. Enjoy!!!
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wooohoooo congrats mama!!
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Welcome little polihaupt!
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YAY!!!! Congrats!
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Congrats to your family! What a MIRACLE!

Bless you
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Here is a link to the first pictures: http://photobucket.com/albums/v693/polihaupt/
The password is BabyH

Let me see if I can manage to write a birth story... I am still VERY tired

On Wednesday afternoon I went in for a NST at the hospital. Everything was perfect except for the amnio fluid which was very low. They started talking about having to induce me right away, until I said I was seeing my midwives and they backed off :LOL When they checked my cervix I was 5cm and 90% and during the NST I was having contractions every 5 minutes which I did not even feel! They called the midwives to let them know I was on my way, but I asked DH to drive home first to arrange everything for the kids because I was feeling pretty good

45 minutes later (4:00 PM) when we actually left for the Birth Center, the contractions were coming stronger and I could actually feel them. My favorite midwife greeted me at the door, took us to a nice desert inspired bedroom she had all ready for us and said "I am all yours" Then she came with a menu of all the area restaurants and told us to order some hearty food because "you would not give a farmer a bowl of ice chips before he went off to the fields, would you?" I had a huge Gyro platter in between contractions and felt ready for labor.

I was 100% aware 100% of the time - The other times I was so nervous, out of touch, hungry and tired that the memories of those labors are blurry to me now. DH and I had a lot of fun joking around all the time, going in the jacuzzi and just enjoying that special moment. I really believe that the reason this labor was so pleasant was because we were in such a loving and wonderful environment and I was really able to relax and focus. DH felt so happy he could actually participate on the birth this time! The other times there was always someone else who took over and he was left out in a corner feelins stupid. Now he was fully a part of the whole process being the main support for me. Besides that, both midwives and the nurse were just like doulas throughout the whole thing. If I ever hinted I was about to lose it, they would gently talk me right back into focusing and breathing - they were just like loving moms actually

By the time I got to 8cm, I was not being able to talk through the contractions anymore and needed more help focusing and breathing, which DH and the midwives were absolutely wonderful with. The birthing ball was also unbelievable!! I sat on it most of the time with DH behind me holding his warms up so I could use them as squatting bars when I had a contraction - amazing how it helped! Another thing I wish I knew before is how wonderful it is just to have my arms around DH's neck and have him hug me when a contraction came while I was standing up. I always pushed DH away in the other labors because I had lost control - this time having him close made it all so easy!

By 11:25pm I was 10cm, but had NO urge to push. The uterus had been hanging as a pendulum, not allowing the baby to move all the way down into the cervix, so I just did not feel like pushing. My midwife then guided me through some positions to help the baby fall into place and that was very painful - for the first time during labor I was not able to take deep breathes during the contractions and relax. At 11:35 I was then told to push in order to move the baby down. I had only tried pushing babies ALREADY down, and doing this new maneuver were the absolutely most painful 5 minutes in my whole life!!! I truly thought I was going to die. Both my midwives were abslutely amazing though and guided me through every little step of that, and I believe that was a big part of making this phase only 5 minutes long

At 11:40 I felt my baby in my birth canal and I finally could do the real pushing!! I find this part of labor so empowering and wonderful. You're really working hard and feeling every little part of your baby coming out of you is just undescribeble! In 5 minutes, our baby boy was born!

The midwife began singing, put him right on my tummy and began working on me. I lost A LOT of blood but she quickly massaged all the globs out (eeewwwww) and I did not keep bleeding heavily all night long like I did with my other babies.

After our baby had nursed, the midwives cleaned the bed while I took a shower (there was blood all over ) and tucked all three of us in for the night. DH loved being able to sleep together with us instead of having to rest in a hard hospital chair.
We left early this morning and all 6 of us are really happy.

Our baby was nice and pink, chubby and VERY VERY vocal He tells you right away if there is something he does not like and seems to have a very strong personality. We will have to pick a name to match that - we have some in mind, but are not sure yet.

DH's boss said he does not want to seem him for at least one week because mom and kids need him home right now I feel so blessed!

Thank you all for your support, labor vibes, positive thoughts and prayers.

I will go back to bed and rest some more now
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Congrats!!! Your birht story is beautiful!!! You did a great job mama!
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Wow, what a wonderful birth story! Thank you so much for sharing, its so great to be hearing positive stories right now. I'm so happy for your family! He's beautiful and I LOVE those cheeks! Enjoy!!!
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Wow, great! The desert room, huh? I think I want the ocean room. Which midwife? Awesome story! And the baby is so cute! Congratulations!
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I wanted the Forest Room at first, but it was taken. The desert room turned out to be very cozy The Ocen room is very beautiful but I would feel uncomfortable if I had to scream with the room right there by the street :LOL
You will love giving birth there at the Birth Center

Last night all rooms were occupied - they had 4 babies in one day!!! They were saying that it must have been the new moon

I had Lori and Shannon with me I can't remember the name of the nurse though, but she was an angel as well.
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What a fabulous story! Congratulations, mama and family! Such a beautiful little boy.
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What a wonderful birth story! Your baby is so precious and chubby!! I love chubby babies I hope you have a wonderful babymoon mama!
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Originally Posted by polihaupt
The Ocen room is very beautiful but I would feel uncomfortable if I had to scream with the room right there by the street :LOL
You will love giving birth there at the Birth Center
Yeah, dh doesn't want to be right on the street, either.

I don't have much experience with Lori, but actually yesterday, she helped me through some bleeding and was very cool and reassuring. Everything is fine.

Congratulations again! Can't wait to hear the name!
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