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Doesn't nurse well while out and about

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Every time we go out, ds nurses very little. He is only four months old, but is very distracted by everything. It used to be that he would only nurse lying down... which made it very difficult to nurse outside our home. Now he is so distracted that he won't nurse around others. If we have things to do for a couple of days ina row I get nervous because I'm afraid he is not eating enough. He won't nurse in a ring sling or the likes, but will nurse in the AngelPack (mei tai like) that I just go. However, this is kind of a funny one to nurse in with others around. In any case, when we are out he may nurse a little, but just a minute or two to get himself by. Any suggestions?
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My daughter was like this starting at exactly your son's age! Now she nurses and cranes her neck around, taking my boob with it. :LOL But for ages she was too distracted to even bother.

I just figured oh well, she'll eat if she is hungry.

The other thing you could do is try to find an empty room or somewhere boring and dimly lit to nurse in, and take breaks from the action periodically to see if he wants something to eat. Or you could budget 30 mins or so before you go out to let him have a nurse-a-thon to stock up, if he'll do that. And know that when you get home he'll likely nurse a lot for awhile to catch up.

Maybe others will have other suggestions. But don't worry - this is normal ime.
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my son is 4 mo & also does this. : he eats like a champ when we get home, so I don't worry about it. he'll eat in the car now, so that helps, but he wouldn't do that for a while. i'd say to just watch the dipes, and as long as those are normal he's fine!
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My little girl is 4mo and she does this too. We were at the zoo last weekend and she only had two 5min snacks the 4hrs we were there. She sure makes up for it when we get home! I try to limit the amount of time we are away from home--three hours is usually the limit, four can be hard on all of us.
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my 6m old has been doing the same thing for what seems like forever. but her weight gain is fine so i know shes okay too. i find that if she doesnt nurse well during the day, she'll make up for it at night. everyone says this phase will pass (i hope it does!)
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My DS nursed better in the car in a parking lot than in a more public place. i put up window shades to make it less distracting (and to keep out the sun).
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When my son was this age, I found I had to go with the blanket over my shoulder route. This was not for modesty (I have always found that hiking up my shirt from the bottom worked well for me) but for sensory deprivation for my son. I actually used a dark colored baby quilt so that it formed a self contained little dark cave for him to nurse in.

This stage only lasted a couple of months.
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My two month old has been this way from birth. I think she just doesn't like crowds. She either sleeps the ENTIRE time we are out(only to wake in the car,ugh!) or she fusses on and off the breast. The sling doesn't help, being almost completely exposed doesn't help, finding a quiet corner doesn't help. She will only nurse well at home or in the car in a parkig lot.

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As you can see from the other posters, this is very common for this age!! I remember it well with my ds and I would get so frustrated because it seemed like we would stop to nurse on a bench or wherever every 20 minutes only to have him nurse for a minute and pop off and act uninterested!! ugh.

So, what I would do when we went somewhere is when we got there I would nurse in the car and "tank him up" ( and hopefully have him fall asleep!lol). It seemed to help with the one minute snacks during the trip. Then when we left, I would nurse him again for another good feeding. Also, this is when those "nursing rooms" that stores provide come in handy. I don't like to nurse in them usually but when your lil one is so distracted it is nice to have a quiet room to nurse in.

My dd is just a few weeks old and I can nurse her whenever, wherever without any problems, but I'm not looking forward to when she gets distracted and it makes nursing a chore for a brief time. But like everything else, "this too shall pass!!!" Good luck!
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Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone. I guess I see all those other moms nursing away at LLL meeting while chatting and wonder if I am keeping DS too sheltered since he is so distracted and unused to this kind of atmosphere. He does nurse pretty well in the car which is good. I just found another big help.... I receiced a mei tai I bought in the mail and he nurses in that... yeah! I could never nurse him in a ring sling or wrap because he hates his head in there (would't tolerate the cradle hold). He certainly doesn't nurse like when we are home, but he did nurse for a while at dinner the other night and then when I was shopping yesterday I just went into a dressing room and nursed him right in the mei tai. It's great. I didn't think this would work for me since I am big, but it did! :
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I use a Maya Wrap http://www.mayawrap.com/ and a nursing necklace http://pureperfection.net/LNN/nn/nnhome.htm I wouls love to be a dustrubuter for Maya because I get so many comments about it at the mall when i am walking and nursing Mali. I may just put their website addy on my business cards for my nursing necklaces. They go great together!
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My dd is 6 months and has been doing this for a while. She won't even nurse in the car. In fact, she gets mad if I try to get her to NIP. Too many other things to see, I guess. I just make sure I feed her before we leave and as soon as we get home. i don't really worry about her getting enough because she nurses about 4 times (or more) during the night. I think as long as you keep offering, he'll eat if he's hungry enough.
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