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Visionary words for your home. What are yours? - Page 2

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Bright, personal, tidy and tranquil would be words for my home, although with children tranquility is hard to find
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i love these. will someone else humor me?
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Well, we're caretakers for someone else right now, so this is pure fantasy.

Our home, in my mind's eye.......organic (meaning it does not seem to intrude on it's surroundings, but is almost a part of them....make sense?), simple, gratitude, ease, comfort, whole, welcome. I have to go ponder what these words mean to me now, since they just came out of nowhere. Thanks for this.
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Tranquil, orderly, welcoming, personal.
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Ok.....now how do we go about achieving this mamas?
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On what level do you mean that? Organizationally, decoratively or spiritually? Or all?
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I love this thread! Got me thinking about what I want mine to be and then I started thinking what steps I can do to start incorporating them...

Spiritual...so I want to get a cute sign that says 'angels welcome here' and put it on my front door or in a flower pot. Put a cross over my door on the inside. Start saying prayer before preparing and eating meals. I can also sage my house once a week while listening to spiritual music.

Harmonious...I do this already by keeping my house simple and clutter free. I also use wind chimes and water fountains.

Warm...Lighting, lots of trees, and flowers (which I love to garden). I find a lot of people love to be welcomed by a garden. Candles. Airing out the house daily so it's fresh air. Music instead of TV. Lots of laughing. Maybe I can learn some good jokes.

I also want to think of my home as Family and Children. I am really good at memory building with albums and memory books. Any other ideas?

Thanks for getting me thinking.
Caring Touch
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The only one I could think of at first was 'lived-in" : But then i decided Comfortable, fun, peaceful.
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I can't think of homes on a general scale but rather consider each room individually. Each room is like a clean palette to me which needs its own theme / personality - somehow in our previous homes this technique has never resulted in an overall feeling of dissonance

I have two favorites that I am dreaming of right now for our future home - one is the covered porch / garden room and the words are: botanical, rustic, turn-of-the-century (I imagine lots of Victorican botanical prints, a butterfly collection or two (bought used!), indoor statuary, weathered finials, ticking covered rough daybeds, whitewashed wooden floor and lots of coleus, ferns and ivy spilling out of cement pots.)

The other is our bedroom and the words are: French, bohemian, sumptious (I imagine here our beautiful Indian block-printed quilt on our low bed, curtains from Anthropologie, our vintage faded Victorican upholstered chair, painted unmounted canvases stacked everywhere, vintage trunks as bedside tables, incense, beeswax candles, a French country look vintage dresser with a silver tray for my jewelry and ornate Egyptian perfume bottles, lots of old books, perhaps even an old grammaphone player, a Moroccan screen with which to create a little meditation nook, small faded dhurries on bare wood floors).

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timeless, functional, lovely

here is the treasure map link (It's in spirituality.):

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What an inspiring thread! I find myself overwhelmed by the clutter and and general boring feeling to my house sometimes. You ladies have inspired me to do some visioning about this. I'll try to remember to let you know what I come up with!
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Mine are Funky, Comfy, Streamlined ...

And by "Funky" I don't mean the smell!!!
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Sophisticated, calm, orderly, warm, inviting.

I have a little boy, so we'll see how all that works out :LOL.
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What an interesting thread - this has got me thinking...

Sanctuary is the key word that I think DH and I agree on
If it were only up to me, I'd choose comfort elegance simplicity too - I like the more modern, quasi-Asian esthetic but we have so much clutter that ain't happening anytime soon.

We are up to our ears in renovation projects as we bought a fixer upper. But to figure out a vision as those projects are being planned is great timing. If we could just finish the projects, unpack the rest of our stuff, we could create an ambience here. I have a lot of beautiful textiles and handicrafts collected while travelling that I would love to display somewhere.

Maybe I'll make a collage to represent it to guide us in decorating, etc. Or better yet one for each room.

I agree about wanting people to feel comfortable when they come to your home. But with my MIL threatening to sell her house and and stay with each of her 4 kids for 3 months at a time when she retires, I'm rethinking that one... We are now thinking comfy for our family, and the heck with everyone else.
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Originally Posted by UUMom
The only one I could think of at first was 'lived-in" : But then i decided Comfortable, fun, peaceful.
I'm with you om the lived-in. My mom's house always feels like no one lives there and I don't like that.

Homey, loved, junk-free, used, clean, natural

Homey: lived-in, everything is used, not just for show

Loved: everthing was "picked" i.e. I didn't choose the model

Junk-Free: will never happen, but at least the living areas and bedrooms

Used: I guess I already covered that

Natural: Wood furniture, colors, etc

Good thread!
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What a great thread.

I'd say ~ inviting, comfortable, and peaceful

Inviting- It's lived in, but clean enough to always have someone over. Also, our home isn't stocked with expensive things that people are afraid to move around.

Comfortable- We have big, fluffy couches, chairs, and beds. Who doesn't love that for comfort?

Peaceful- I try to have soft lighting with lamps or candles and quiet music so that we can have a quiet household. I'm not saying it works all the time, but it helps.
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