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Hey! I got my gift today!!! It was awesome!

I got 2 sm Stacinator fleeece covers, a half dozen wipes and a recieving blanket! They are awesome! I'm so happy because I needed a few more covers, and now I am all set!!

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Originally Posted by CaliMommie
I got my gift today! Thanks Lizabethian! She sent a bunch of 0-3 month onesies (exactly what I needed!), a dress, socks, an adorable pair of shoes, a couple of hats, a JoeyBunz ( these), a ton of burp rags/wipes (made by another MDC mama (really needed these too!), an unbleached CPF, a Kissaluvs 0, 2 gorgeous blankets, nursing pads. I'm probably forgetting something (I can't look b/c I'm at my mom's house using the computer). Everything she sent was needed & it was the perfect gift! Thanks again!

P.S. My mom & sister were at my house when it came, so we had the added bonus of ohhing & ahhing over everything together :LOL

Glad you liked it! I didn't quite know what to throw in there so I grabbed a little bit of everything! :LOL
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Ok, I think I'm getting worried. I sent mine out a week ago. I thought the person would have gotten it now. I'm afraid dh or I might have made a mistake with the address (I wrote it on a piece of paper, he mailed it). If she doens't post that she got it soon I will send out a new package.
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Serenity - I just got the package today!!! I love the blanket. It is wonderful!!!
It is so nice and soft. Thank you so much!!! Did you make it?

Our mailman always come late and things seem to come later than normal. We actually recieved a really important bill late, and because of it we almost had to pay a couple of thousand dollars. : Luckily, we didn't have to pay anything extra because it had not been processed on the day the letter said it was going to be.
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Oh wow, that stinks about the mailman and stuff being late.

I was worrying because I think I have a bit of dyslexia. Last night I had to call my midwife and either I or the person who took the call transposed some numbers, so I was afraid I had done that again. Unfortunately I did not make it, I had someone else do it. I am not that fast and didn't know if my partner would know if they were having a boy or girl so I could start early enough to finish. I thought about trying to do it myself anyways, but am glad I didn't. Ds got bronchitis and was very cranky, just wanted to cuddle. And for an entire weekend we were up all night with 103 fevers, so I never would have gotten it done in time. I'm glad you like it. The lady sent it to me so I could see it first. It is great. I'm so glad you got it.
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Jen I got my gift on Saturday!!! Sorry it took me so long to post about it. Ds and I have a bug and his has gotten worse the last few days. So, been cuddling and sleeping a lot. Anyways, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the cutest little fleece jacket. Perfect for this fall/winter. It's gorgeous. Dd loves it. She shows it to everyone, *look what we got for my baby sister!* It's beautiful and i love it. Thanks!
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I'm so glad you like it!! Sorry it was late : I just thought it was soooo cute and I couldn't resist. If I knew I was having a girl, I would have gotten one for my baby, too!
Hope you feel better soon, we've all been hit hard with the bug, too. I've been down for 5 days already! Anyway, I'm glad it got to you okay! I hope the last weeks of your pregnancy go smoothly!!!
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I got mine yesterday-- a cute orange and yellow onesie with duckies on it, a super duper cute Gap outfit with watermelons and other fruit embroidered on it (I can't wait to put this on her!! I love fruit on clothes : ), and a Sign with Baby book for food. I wanted to do sign with Grace but never got started and DH didn't really understand the signs I wanted to use, so this will be great this time around 'cause it will be really easy for him to learn the signs to use.

My package is going out late-- should be out over the next day or so. I sincerely apologize to my partner for the delay... I had a huge setback w/ what is going in the package because of an issue (don't want to give it away), then I was traveling and I got sick... still sick. Hasn't been the best past week and a half. It's on it's way, though, I promise! I hope that my partner will love it, too!
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who was your from Linzluvs?

I love hearing about all the gifts!! Mine went out in the mail on Monday so I am jsut waiting now.....cant wait :LOL
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It was from Hope
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Mama Bee I got it! It is wonderful, thank you so much! The diapers are so small & tiny, they are perfect. Do you know which WAHM made that one???
I also loved the wipes. They are so soft. Where did you get the fabric?
The rice sock made everything smell so good. That was alot of CD making! Thank you so much! I need to go pop one in now!!
Thanks again!!!!!
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I'm so glad you liked it! I have no idea who made the AIO... it was given to me and I have waaay too many newborn diapers so I thought I would share the love! Aren't they teeny, tiny!!! When I compare them to my 3yo's diapers... WOW! The wipes/compresses are made from sherpa. I bought it through a OSDS (one stop diaper shop) pre-order. I'm glad you liked the rice sock smell... I debated over whether or not to do scented but in the end, I went with lavender. I am so glad you liked everything. I really enjoyed putting it together for you!
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I juat wanted to let my shower buddy know that I have not gotten a package in the mail yet. I hope it is not lost!
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I forgot to mention also, that I have not yet received my gift either.
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Annakiss~ I am so sorry, your gift is going out tomorrow {riority mail! We had a bunch of unexpected visitors this past week (along with really odd weather) & I was unable to do any of the errands I planned to do. Again so sorry, it'll be there very soon!
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It's okay, AmiBeth! Thanks for letting me know though!!!
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Originally Posted by annakiss
I forgot to mention also, that I have not yet received my gift either.
Me Neither
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I haven't gotten mine either, but I did get a PM saying it would be late
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I received my gift today. I got some Burt's Bees Buttermilk lotion, shampoo bar, buttermilk soap and buttermilk bath; Mother's milk tea; four flannel wipes (did you make those yourself?); and my favorite - cooling/heating breast pad thingys. I think that was everything! Thank you so much!
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I got my gift! Thank you so much Velvet005! She sent me 4 Jamtots diaper doublers (I think they can also be used s daipers) I think they will be perfect for stuffing wonderoos. She sent me 2 snappis and a beautiful baby blue blanket. I LOVE all of my gifts! Thank you so much!!!!
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