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Any working mom with twins+ feeling overwhelmed!!!!
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Well, I don't work at a paid job outside the home but I have twins and I feel overwhelmed a lot. In fact, most mamas with twins whether they work or not, feel overwhelmed.

You are so not alone.

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moving this to parenting multiples forum

Welcome to MDC!!
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I relate!

I work 40+ hours a week, not including the commute, and I am POOPED.
Of course, DH stays home with them and he is just as tired....

I get home to hyena nursing both boys, and just want to sleep.
Thankfully, DH cooks...

I feel it, mama!

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I was working out of the home until they were 9 months. And then worked at home doing clients until they were almost 3. It was tough and yes, I was burnt out, but in a different way then I am now.

It is a hard road sometimes. You just gotta hang in there and do what ya gotta do. NAd SLEPP when you can, and RELAX whne they are 50
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Yes, I'm here.
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I work/telecommute full time from home. Some days when dh gets home I tell him what to cook for dinner, take the baby and just go out and enjoy being alone. Usually I'm calm again after a couple hours and head home to kiss the girls goodnight before they go to bed.
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Yup! I'm here. I'm just exhausted by the end of the day. Things have gotten a little easier as they've gotten older and I can let them play independently for a little while, but I drop them off at daycare, pick 'em all up, get them a snack when we get home (if not, there's whining hell to pay! :LOL ), get dinner started all before dh arrives home. It's just crazy some days and I've had such major anxiety attacks that I thought I was having a heart attack. Hang in there....it slowly gets better and easier.
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Oh yeah!! I hear ya mamaoftwins!

I work part time since my first was born.
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Well my babies are 7 months now---and I cant imagine life without both of them. I dont care what type of day I've had at work, as soon as I take one look at them I forget everything!!!!
Some days I could just freak out --I tend to worry too much about what needs to be done.
I have been working fulltime since they were 11 weeks and my days just fly right by, not much time to spend with my oldest son whos 10. I keep hearing someday, but when is that someday.

girl: Rachel boy: Kyle jacob 10
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Hi momoftwins

Nice to see another mama with almost the same amount of years between kids - Our twins are 8 years apart from their only sibling! Great to have a mini-doula around. lol

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