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Unexpected expenses!!! UGH!!

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Sorry, I just need to vent about a slew of unexpected expenses that have come up right after we got our tax refunds, OF COURSE! We were so pleased to have the refunds to pad our savings account, as we have to dip into it every mo to pay our monthly expenses. But THEN, the microwave kicked the bucket, so we replaced that......then I discovered a lump in the dog's left "armpit", so we had surgery/biopsy on that......I have to go in for a root canal.....DD needs fillings...............................will the madness ever stop?!!!!

I know there are people in far worse situations than we. And I know we'll make it. But man! It just seems like one step forward, two steps back sometimes, ya know? Well, thanks for reading!
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My washing machine broke down December 24, the water heater burst on New Year's Day, and the dishwasher broke in February. What's next?

Really though, I don't know if it ever stops.

Good luck with your root canal.
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I feel ya- 2 months after ds was born all these creditors found my dh from silly college bills he did not pay- and boy did it add up!
And at what a time! I basically had to almost zero out what I had saved for the baby- and then we had to make these ridiculously small payments to them... but they are all now paid off!!! WOW!!!
Hugs to you mama!

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I totally know! We were debt free 2 weeks ago, then Adam needed glasses (a total shock for me) and the bill for the adoption finalization was more than we expected. So we'll be caught up again in a couple of months but it sucks right now because we were so excited to have everything paid off.

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$1000 of random car problems that HAVE to be fixed cropped up as soon as we got our refund check... which was exactly $996. Easy come, easy go, I guess... We're really hoping to have some substantial savings by the time the baby comes, but I'm starting to get seriously worried
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