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Number 3 and freaking out....

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I have just found out that my number 3 is on the way. It has been a week of amazing change and dilemmas for us. We had only every planned to have 2. My DH has 2 from another marriage so this will be number 5 for him. I think that is something he never expected.
I have been toing and froing so much about having another and I came to the conclusion that I have to really, it will be dd's and ds' little brother or sister.
I know some of you probably think me awful for even considering not having this baby but this has been a big decision for me. It is really bad timing, I was supposed to be going back to college in the fall and getting on with some me time...so that is all changing and giving up on my plans was not easy.

When I think about having a beautiful little bundle in my arms again I can't help but smile So it is all okay, I am just a little emotional.
Also I don't know how to tell all my friends, 2 in particular who are trying really hard to get pregnant and here is me with 2 already and another one that isn't planned.

Sorry, this is a downer but I know this is a good place to vent...

Take care of all you mammas....

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Oh hun i'm so sorry you're going thru these emotions..i don't have much advice but hang in there, let it sink in first and see what happens
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Congratulations! I know with my first unplanned pregnancy, I had similar feelings. The very first irrational thought was to terminate the pregnancy.

I was 21, my husband at the time, 24. We had been married 3 months, just graduated from nursing school and had just gotten jobs. We lived in a 1 br apartment and could barely take care of our parrot!

We were talking about moving out of state to go to Physician Assistant school in another state with no family nearby. Our whole life changed in less than 2 mins (that line came up RIGHT away!!! ). I met my husband at the door crying my eyes out. We cried, I asked what we would do, should I have an abortion? What about school? I was a mess. My husband held me and we immediately came up with a new plan and then were suddenly giddy excited!!! :LOL I don't regret a moment.
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Hi bklynmum,

I really relate to your feelings. It's really frustrating when you have plans that a baby doesn't mesh with.

I must admit that I've had thoughts like, "If I have a miscarriage I can get out of this mess," and my plans aren't as disrupted as yours.

Hang in there.
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Hi bklynmom, my 2nd pregnancy was a shock too. We had only just moved far away from family to attend school *two weeks* before I got pg. I was excited about getting a wildlife biology degree & had all these plans.... When my test showed pos., the 1st thing I said to my bf was (I yelled from the bathroom), "I have a problem!!" & bawled my eyes out. It took me about 48 hours to stop crying & find my excitement, which I did. And I never ever had a moment of regret after that. I am SO glad my son came exactly when & how he did. My whole school plans went right out the window & we moved back near family 4 mos. later. Oh well, life is crazyweird like that.

I feel for you, mama! I hope you soon find peace & can get off the emotional roller coaster. Good luck with everything, & congratulations!
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Its all good.....

We talked, cried, laughed and all of that for a week, I changed my mind about a million times and now we are having a baby.....

DH is still not convinced but I am totally in to it now and not having a baby is now not an option...I haven't told my kids yet, I want to wait a little bit longer, I guess I am about 6 weeks or so...might wait until 10.

I feel like crap...didn't feel this bad with either of the others...when can you find out if it is twins???

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