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I *think* the Disana organic lanolin still has parabens in it, which kind of defeats the purpose in my mind. A co-op just ended for organic lanolin, but I know of a source that sells it. It's nearly cost prohibitive, but it exists.
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Whoops! Thanks Tiffany! Nothing like resurrecting a dead thread, LOL
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Originally Posted by Sustainer
It probably means we should be using organic lanolin.

Like the kind Natural Simplicity used to sell.
I don't know that the kind Natural Simplicity used to sell was organic. At least the stuff she shipped to the new owners wasn't organic and NS has not been able to provide the name(s) of her organic lanolin supplier either.
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Originally Posted by WhitneyVL
Umm, the people who bought natural simplicity's wool care/body care line have been up and running for months.
i think that post was a bit ago...check out the date of the original OP
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Originally Posted by ChamaMama
that was my reaction too, that organic lanolin wouldn't make any difference. Even organic sheep eating organic grass are going to get some pesticide residue from the water and ground.

I beg to differ...it does indeed make a difference, not just with lanolin, but with everything we put in and on our bodies The reduction of pesticide residues is not the only benefit of organic farming. Using organic products means we are supporting sustainable agriculture, humane treatment and natural food for the animals, and eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers, hormones, fungicides and bacteriosides that wreak havoc on the water supply and ecosystems they drain into. Plus, in many cases, we are supporting small business...a cause dear to the soul of every WAHM.
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organic lanolin

WhitneyDL, can you please tell me the source for organic lanolin that you know about? Thank you!
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Up until now, I think everyone's organic lanolin has been coming from the same Australian company. However, they just went out of business. If you're looking for a wholesale source, I suggest contacting the owner of Sudz n Dudz and asking her where she's getting hers, because she says she just found a new source.
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Originally Posted by Chunklin'sMommy
On older colleague of mine remembers running down the street on hot summer days with lots of other little kids behind the DDT truck to feel the cool spray emanating from it (i.e., the DDT!). Although he seems to be OK (usually), I am not saying I recommend that!
OMG, do we know the same person? I believe he said he lived in Brazil at the time. He is very short. I always wondered if that stunted his growth.
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Originally Posted by Ifluffedthree
Great Article--Thank you for sharing!

The article indicated DDT-like.

Not sure about the rest of the country but here in PA if I am not mistaken the use of DDT is Illegal and you are not even allowed to dispose of it. For something like 30 years now!
If someone knows differently please post-curious. I really liked this article.

No help on the best lanolin though.

Yep, that's why DDT is bad - the persistence.

And on the topic of organic lanolin getting pesticide residue :LOL

OK, picutre this - we are standing in the middle of a desert. The nearest town is three hours away, population 40. The big town is seven hours away. The vegetation is saltbush, bluebush and myall trees. You can tell we're on a sheep station, because the lichen covering the sand is worn away in tracks leading to the water point, and if you walked a kilometre in any direction you'd see a fence. The bluebushes and myall trees and hundreds of years old, the only animals around are the roos and the sheep and the rabbits and the ants. Every so often a man on a motorbike will come through and shift the 200 or so sheep in this 'paddock' to another one. Every year they'll get sheared, and every so often they'll get crutched.


THAT'S why it's organic. They wander around the desert eating saltbush, dodging flies their whole life. No pesticide.

ETA: yes, they could be drenched for pests/diseases, but obviously they wouldn't be sold as organic int at case.
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