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Baby came early! 3/4/5 birth of DS

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Hi Everyone,

Well, looks like I'm the first of our group...my dear son Michael was born last Friday, 3/4/5, at 4:07pm. Since he was 5 weeks early I couldn't have our planned home waterbirth, but our midwife was with us at the hospital and all things considered it went beautifully. No epidural and just 3 hours of hard fast (back) labor, plus his daddy got to catch him. He is absolutely perfect and at 5lbs15.5oz we were able to keep him in our room with us (hospital made us stay 3 days since he is officially a preemie).

We are so overjoyed to have him with us - the circumstances are very profound because my mom's been in intensive care for the past two weeks and all she wanted was to meet her grandchild...she will still be sedated and not technically 'aware' when we gather to say goodbye to her tomorrow (this is such an unbelievably intense period in my life) but I know in my heart that she and the baby had a communication that has allowed them to be on this earth at the same time, and in a room together if only for a few difficult moments for their spirits to say hello/goodbye, and having her on the planet during my labor was such a blessing for me. I also could not imagine being pregnant for another month after having had to say goodbye to her, and becoming a new mommy after she had gone...even if she is not conscious I believe her consciousness is well aware that Michael has joined us.

Anyway, not much time to read or post these days, and am expecting a very rough patch of grieving for a bit so not planning to be online much, but every time I look at this beautiful baby in my arms I feel so so blessed that he is such a wise soul and came when he did to help me through this.

Hope to check in with the board soon and hear about all YOUR babies!
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Congrats!!!!!! That is so sweet.
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What a bitter-sweet time for you and your family. Thinking of you and congrats on your wonderful new son! boy:

Take care and hope to see you back here soon,
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Congratulations on your new little boy: !

While bittersweet, it sounds like you have some touching moments to remember along with this birth.

Enjoy your babymoon!
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wow big congrats to you and yoru family and welcome baby Michael...
manyblessing during your baby moon mama..!!!
Thanx for letting us know!
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Congratulations on your son's birth! It's such a blessing that your mother was able to be on earth to meet him.

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Congratulations! What an awesome gift to help during a difficult time.
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Congratulations. Lots of good thoughts to get you through this time.
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Congratulations and take care of yourself during this intense period
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congratulations to you all.

sounds like you have a lot to digest (parenthood and the loss of your mother), so be gentle with yourself and we look forward to having you back here when you are ready
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Congrats- I am so glad your little guy is safe and happy. I am sure that there is magic we do not see here on earth from another place- and I know your boy was sent a bit early to watch over you and hold you as much as you hold him. What a very emotional time for you, and I pray your healing is fast and you know sprits are always with us. I will be thinking of you and your family and your mother.
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Jessica, congratulations and best wishes! So glad to hear that the baby is doing well.

I'm sorry this experience is bittersweet for you, saying goodbye to your mom and grieving. I'm glad you have your little one to hold and love through all this. Looking forward to your return on the EC board, too! Enjoy your babymoon.
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Many s for different reasons . . .what an emotional rollercoaster you must be on.

I'll be thinking of you and your family!
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Congratulations and big hugs to you and your family. What a blessing all around. We are thinking of you through your rollercoaster of emotions. Enjoy your babymoon and know your family is blessed to have your son and mom meet before she departs. Again, big hugs to you and congratulations on a healthy baby boy!
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Thank you so much for your kind words!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful posts!
We are all doing well here...baby Michael is now nearly 6.5 lbs...nursing is up and down with each feed but otherwise all is great!
We had a beautiful service for my mom yesterday, and Michael was the center of attention.
I'm so excited about the babies starting to arrive...will keep reading and posting!

Thinking of all of you...
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