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Keeping Bees Away?

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I don't know if this is the right place to post this. Out on our deck during the spring its very hard to have a meal without being pestered by bees, they tend to land on the food, etc. The problem is I live in a neighborhood of gardeners who go nuts with the various types of flowers, etc so they are everywhere. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to keep them away - I really only care about keeping them away when we are outside and eating.
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Is it bees or yellow jackets? (wasps). Yellow jackets are drawn to your food and sweet drinks. If it's yellow jackets, I would try to find any nests in the area of your house and yard and destroy them. They can nest in small cracks, holes in the wood, they will make little nests of only 2 or 3 cells sometimes, so you have to look for them. Watch a few when they are flying, see where they go, particularly in late afternoon/evening.

Good Luck!
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It could be yellow jackets, I'm not really familiar with it. The problem is my yard is very small, so they could easily be coming from neighbors yards. I can look to see if there is a nest on my property, but I was hoping for a way to just kinda get them to go somewhere else during dinnertime - even if that meant attracting them to a different part of the yard
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There is some kind of wasp glass 'jar' type trap that uses sugar water and is something they can't get out of--you hang it up and put it somewhere away from your eating area to draw them away.

My Niece uses one effectively in her yard, in WA state. I've meaning to ask her about it so I'll see what I can find out.
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Well, we had a problem with ground bees in our garden and I put out containers of soapy sugar water and they were all gone within a few days. They are attracted to the sugar and drown because the soap gets rid of the surface tension on the water. This is only helpful with certain bees and isn't great if you aren't intent on killing them.
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I am having the same problem with the ground bees. They get aggressive around food and it makes me really nervous to let the kids eat anything outside. Not only sweets, but meat too. I'd love to be able to picnic on the lawn, but they make it impossible. I'll try the soapy water thing and see if I can catch enough to make a difference.

We also have several wasp/yellowjacket nests on the property every year and I think I'll try to trap them too. They nest everywhere...it is so hard to keep up with them. In my clothelines, in the playhouse, in my gardening shed, the garage...
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Don't ever plant Indian Hawthornes near a walkway or doors to your house. Bees LOVE them....I have to move mine..... :
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It sounds like you are being bothered by yellow jackets or wasps, not bees. Bees are attracted to flowers, yellow jackets to your food. The flowers in your neighbors' yards has nothing to do with attracting yellow jackets.

Those hornet-catcher things don't do much good. If anything, they will attract more yellowjackets to the area. The best thing to do is to check and see if there is any rotting fruit on the ground in your yard or the neighbors' yards (apples, plums, etc). Yellow jackets loooove rotten fruit and will build a nest nearby. Also check for overflowing garbage cans, dead animals, or improperly maintained compost piles (has someone been putting meat in their compost bin?)

If that's not the case, then just keep your eyes open when they show up and try to find out where they live, then destroy the nest (or hire a professional to do it - it can be dangerous!) Personally, I just don't eat outside. I once bit into a yellow jacket on my sandwich and I guess it scarred my for life. :LOL
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