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Photos from me nursing my twins

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I hunted them down and put them online the other night. I'm feeling really sad because Maribeth weaned now too - so I'm done nursing as these are our last babies. It's amazing for how much time I spent nursing them - how few photos the I have of it. Though they did prefer to nurse seperately so I have way more photos of me nursing one. But take photos!

Same with slinging actualy - if dh was around or another grown-up - I would only have ONE baby. :LOL So I only have a few.


I really wanted to nurse them longer - but couldn't get past the biting. Megan nursed until 10 months, Maribeth until 13 months before they started biting ALL the time. Plus with Maribeth - megan was already having bottles or sippy cups - so she was very clear she wanted to switch. I think if it was just her - we could have got past it better than with Megan.
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Wow, those are cool pictures. I normally don't come to this forum but saw it under "new posts" and clicked. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing!
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Wow your talented! Thanks for sharing I've never seen twins nurse!
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Thanks for sharing your neat pictures...always wondered how nursing twins was managed. Told my OB at last visit that I was glad there was only one hearbeat as I didn't want to tandem nurse. :LOL Just not that brave.

Oh my gosh! I have a lot of respect for you with all those kids and twins to top it off.... Way to go!
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Great pictures!! Those are cute babies. Too bad there aren't pictures of them nursing and slinging as toddlers, eh? =O)

I still haven't gotten mine into slings at the same time yet. But I still have hope...
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ah, I miss nursing my twins....

msrog---i used two maya pouches for my twins until they were about 7 months, then i switched to slings...one on each hip. keep trying different slings, methods until you find what works for you.
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They are so cute!! We also had biting issues, and dd self weaned at 13 months, so maybe we can go longer the next time around. thanks for sharing!
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Gorgeous pictures, mama!
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That is wonderful, you are talented. My ds's necks were too wobbly to get them to nurse together, although when I was pg, I always said that that was how I was going to nurse them. So sad when a baby weans before mama is ready, it is a bit heartbreaking.
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Thank you so much for posting these gorgeous photos! We are expecting twins in early July and the logistics of breastfeeding two at the same time does seem a little daunting (although that is what I plan to do... I figure it will just take time to figure it out!) Your photos are great inspiration!

Lisa -- mama to DS (born June 2002), wife to DH (married Sept. 1995) and expecting TWINS in July.
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I'm really impressed. I have 4 week old twins that I'm nursing but not having a good time with it. You make it look easy.
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My girls weren't even nursing well at all at 4 weeks even separately - they were preemies and still in the NICU. They couldn't nurse together until around 2 1/2 months
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Cheryl those are beautiful pictures!! You've inspired me to take MORE pictures!! Well...have dh take more pictures. I love the few pictures I have of my girls nursing together. I should probably do more of them nursing separately too. Thanks for sharing!
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