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should dp go to emergency room???

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i'm starting to freak out a little bit. dp woke up this morning feeling really sick. he said he felt like he suddenly had the flu with a bad headache. dd and i left for most of the day so he could have some quiet, and i came home and made him chicken soup.

then he just casually mentions that he has had a really sore neck all day. so I immediately think, sore neck/headache/fever=meningitis!

he wants to 'wait' in that typical male way.

what do you think?
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Huh.... Do you have a doc that you can call first?
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sort of. i mean we have a primary care physician person who we primarily will call to get referals to see other useless doctors...
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I've had menegitus before. If he has it, his headache... would be OUT OF THIS FREAKING WORLD! Quite literally! That was the only time in my life I literally wanted to die, so that I didn't have to experience the pain anymore.

If he's not in that kind of pain... I wouldn't worry about it being that. I've got a flu bug right now that has given me a headache, sore throat and a wickedly sore neck as well (some down to my shoulders).

I'd let him wait it out. I think us, as grownups are pretty good at knowing when we are in deep doo.
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I'd call your doc and/or the emergency room and see if meningitis has been going around. They'd know!
Also, meningitis sore neck is SO sore. Not just like kinda sore. More like, so sore he can hardly turn his head.
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: Try calling your PCP first. They may be able to help you weed out useless ER visits...

Believe me, if my DH would bother to do that, we wouldn't've had a really whacked out ER visit bill... :
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How is your insurance??
I would call the 24 hour nurse line and ask what they think. They may just tell you to bring him in because they cannot diagnose over the phone but they may also put your mind at ease.
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Is there any fever? If there is fever, how high and is it interfering with you dp communicating with you, staying coherant or awake or alert?

I agree with the previous posters, neck is so stiff you cannot move it and the pain in the skull is so severe it is blinding, and causes the person to passout.

IT is a severe and swift infection.

Sounds like serious flu though. IF you do Homeopathics I would go for this product....


Good luck sistah!

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I freaked out a couple years ago when dd had been home all day with a fever and headache and then suddenly started complaining about her neck. Called the nurse advice line, they said bring her in--she had a really bad ear infection. Middle ear/eustachian tube/jaw/neck. It all made sense once it was dxed, but, yeah, I was pretty worried at the time.

I would call someone. A lot of insurance companies now have advice lines.

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thanks for all the replies, mamas!

mm-when is river not slightly incoherent? :LOL

i take natural stuff for the rare time that i am sick, and pumped him full of ecchniccea/goldenseal (yes, i know i spelled that incorrectly, but before i started worrying about meningitis, he took some Nyquil capsules. :
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oh, mama g. are your instincts telling you to go to ER or is it fear? if it is the former, trust them and go. if it is the latter, MM is the bomb. I trust her herbal counsel to a T.

either way, to you and dp. He sounds miserable.
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Hotmama, I love you!
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I know. And I feel the same way. Isn't is great to love and be loved? NOt to sound corny, but love rocks this earth!

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Mamag, hope all is okay soon.
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How is he doing now??
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he has a temp of 101 and is sort of in and out of sleep. but that is probably due to nyquil. and um, certain um, herbal remedies that he is a particular fan of...
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what's your gut telling ya, mama g? how ya' feeling about the menegitis possibility now?

oh and btw, I'd have the SAME reaction as you.
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i *think* he's ok...

but you now how it is. esp. when you have an unvax'd kid in the house. and dp gets sick alot, he has zero immune function. but it always follows a pattern that this time it hasn't. like he always starts to feel a little sick the night before-a sore throat or a cough.

today he just woke up really sick. but he doesn't have a sore throat or a cough. I went to the cdc site, and reading their short list of symptoms, it could seem like he has it. But if I read something about the flu, it could seem like he has that as well.

so i am basically leaving it up to him. He has decided to wait and see how he feels in the morning.

but, i am making him sleep on the couch so as to not be thypoid mary in the family bed.

thanks for the concern, hm!
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I gotta go crash but if you are cool with it, I'll be : for dp and y'all. I hope you can sleep tonight.

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