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I live in a duplex and have a VERY small yard. Half of which is a deck and the rest is a big "prickly ball" tree. It shades most of the yard and has huge roots. It's nice to have a yard, but it seems so useless. I want a clothes line and a garden, but with all the shade that doesn't seem possible. Right now it's filled with gravel , but my landlord said that we could move that. I was think of moving the gravel and keeping it just dirt and putting in a T clothes line under the shade of the tree and container gardening on the deck. Any suggestions anyone?
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LOL I thought this was small yards!

I am laughing out loud right now! I thought this was small yards!!! I live on Oahu in the hawaiian islands... we do not know what yards are here. When we were moving in they told us we had a "BIG" back yard. Well, it is fenced in and a cement slab. Only about 8 feet by 8 feet. That is a HUGE yard by the standards here in Honolulu. We made the best of it, and I have a container plant garden, a sand bucket for my DD, and a mini pool. PLus all our tropical lizards have moved in, they all have names, and my DD thinks they are our pets and live with us. She gave one of the anole lizards a home even. ANYWAY! I can not wait to move out of the city and back into the country where I can have room to grow !!! WE are lucky though, as we are near many parks and beaches I guess.
Less than one year, and we move again! Hooray!
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