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Belly Painting

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I had my belly painted today by a good friend. I had my belly painted with my dd's pregnancy with a goldfish bowl. I let my friend create the design. I love the way it came out

Belly Painted

Close Up

I'm 36w4d today
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That is so cool!

completely ...
What bra are you wearing? I'm desperately in need of something to get me through the next few weeks of work and yours looks comfy....
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wow it is beautiful.

i want to paint my belly with a message for my girlfriend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. she just moved to atlanta is all by herself.

can i ask what type of paint you used? i have been trying to figure that out.
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Thanks mamas!

I'm wearing an organic cotton bra from http://www.bluecanoe.com . I bought it from a friend who bought it for herself but never wore it (still had tags). I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I just ordered myself 2 more! I used to be a Bravado lover, but I'm now a convert, LOL.

We used a combination of regular tempra paint & liquid make-up type paint (which I bought at the party store). It washed of really easy w/just water.
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Amy that's awesome!! you look fantastic!!! I've had my belly painted in the past while not pg, and would love to do it again now too. I am a bravado fan (mostly because they're available here & a friend gave me two for free!) But I think I will check out blue canoe because that looks very comfy!
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That is beautiful Amy! Congrats on being almost full term! I've been wondering about those blue canoe bras. I guess I'll have to go buy a few now
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