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Don't laugh me out...please :o)

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...but...what do you think of the name Felix?
I know, I know...the cat, right? :LOL

I love old guy names. My sons name is Truman and I want to name the new little one something similar. I the name Henry, but my SIL beat me to that one. My dh thought of Felix. I kind of like it. What do you think or any other old guy name suggestions? :LOL

Oh, if we have a girl we like Eleanor...an old lady name.
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Felix makes me think of cartoons...not old men. How about this one.....Sherwin? That is a very old name.......I know cause my grandpa was named that and he was OLD! :LOL
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Yeah I can't say I love Felix. The good news is though is that I'm sure today's kids would never make the Felix the cat connection so maybe it doesn't matter. Love Henry! Too bad you can't use it.
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I had a cat named Felix.
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I LOVE the name Felix!
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What about Frank?
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I like Felix. I happen to know a Felix in his 30s and he also has a Felix Jr (son).

Hmmm... some more old man names?

Oh and you can't forget "Earl"

Harrison doesnt necessarily sound "old" to me but it does seem to go with Truman. Well, I dont know, but I'd put them in the same category of names. I guess maybe that's because they can both be last names.
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We have a som who is very persnickety, and we call him Felix. (For Felix Unger.) What about Oscar? I like the Carl suggestion as well. Jasper?
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Felix is a great name, and IMO classics like it are making a huge come back.
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I know a kiddo about five who is named Felix, I believe because his dad's online name was Felix? At any rate I think it's a great name, classic but uncommon.
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I think it is a nice name. If you want a couple other old male names how about Clarence and Leland.
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I the name Truman!! Felix is great as well. I second the suggestions for Oscar or Jasper and would add Oliver to the list of potentials.

But really if you both like Felix I would go with it. I don't think "cat" at all!
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I have a friend who has an Oscar and a Kirby.

I would suggest Jerome (Rome), Arnold, Wayne, Duane, Hiram, Alasdair, Aloysius, Wallace, Sheriden from mine and my husband's family tree.

And Archie We are arguing about this one. I just want Archie, and DH wants Archibald on the birth certificate.

I am lobbying to use one of his great great grandpa's names as a middle name.. Greenbury!
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I love the name Felix! But then again, my son's name is "Ernest George" and I have a daughter "Pauline," so I may not be the best judge. :LOL

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I really like Felix. It reminds me of Felix Potvin who is a goalie in the NHL. But then again, I'm Canadian, play hockey myself and used to babysit a boy who thought that Felix Potvin was the BEST goalie in the world so I may be a bit biased :LOL

Felix is a great name.
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I do like Felix. It has grown on me more overnight. I also like Lewis and Oscar. I really like Oscar. I also love Truman (lol if you saw my earlier post that will be our son's name... Truman Robert.)

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I like Felix. Would also go for Harry, Oscar, George, or Silus.

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Also LOVE LOVE LOVE felix. We are considering Angus and Jasper if it's a boy which are also kind of an old man's name. I currently really like Lincoln as well (would call him Linc) but DH is not so sure. Dashiell is another one (call him Dash).

But Felix is GREAT!
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Felix is cute! I have an 'old' name for ya, it was my grandfathers name...and I LOVE IT..HUDSON. He was Hudson Guy Brock. My brother is William Guy...

oh, and my little boy is Jack!
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Felix is sweet.

I was also going to suggest Silas as an "old man" name.
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