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Help for Heartburn

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With my first pg I had such bad heartburn after even just drinking water I couldn't move for a 1/2 hour after eating/drinking because it felt like my throat and stomach were on FIRE.
And I don't know if you all read the warning on the symptoms thread about how tums can give you kidney stones if you overdo it. I have heard of newborns having stones for the same reason.
Anyway, my relief came in the form of a natural remedy called HHS which has a combination of herbs, enzymes, homeopathic (energetic) frequencies. It is only available through Holographic Health practioners for I think about $12 a bottle. If you are interested and can't find it PM me and I'll see if my practioner can send you some.
I was so glad (understatement) that someone told me about this. It is literally HEAVEN IN A BOTTLE!!! so I wanted to pass the info along :
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I was the one with the kidney stones after Molly, so I may need to get me some of that heaven in a bottle! So far, it hasn't been too bad, I've been just dealing with it, but as time goes on, it gets worse. Molly was just over 9lbs when she was born, and I am not quite 5 feet, so there's not much room for anything by the end of the pregnancy. Anyway, I'll let you know if it gets too bad. THanks for the offer!
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heartburn is one thing that i never really experienced with elwynn. maybe a tiny but right at the ned when two mouthfuls made me full to bursting. im glad that you have found a good cure though! i hope i dont need it but its good to know that there is one!
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