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Weekly chit chat - 3/14/05

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On other boards, they start a thread for little chit chatty stuff that we can share. Things that are maybe not threadworthy in and of itself. Like how are you feeling this week, did you tell anyone new, have an appt, etc. What do y'all think?
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OK, so I am here to officially admit my transgression. I dont know what came over me. I went to ebay to look for cheap maternity clothes. I saw this great lot of NWT clothes in 1X/2X. They were very cute and finding cute, plus sized maternity clothes is not easy. Heck, finding ugly plus sized maternity clothes was not easy last time.

So I am IMing my best friend in CA, sent her the link. She loved the items, too. She told me to bid. It was $150, which I thought was a good deal for 12 new items. (Work clothes, too.) DH was busy putting DS to bed, there was only 2 mins left and I thought for sure someone would have a proxy bid in higher than the $150, so on impulse, I bid. Yikes, I won.

Now I just have to fess up to DH. Normally I wouldn't make a big purchase like that without consulting him, I just had a moment of impulse and feel terribly guilty. But it's not like I'm not going to wear them right? LOL.

Anyway, that's my big news this week. Wish me luck in confession.
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I confess I went to the consignment shop and bought 2 pairs of pants and 2 tops last week. Over the weekend, I bought some "no panel" jeans and khakis. I spent about $80 that we don't have right now on stuff that really doesn't fit me. Although the no panels have adjustable waistbands, the smallest still is too big. This is my 5th baby and my belly knows the drill. My waist is already thickening up and I can't button most of my other pants. I have 2 pairs of jeans that fit but they are low rise. : I just hate this in between stage.
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I'm going nuts between the sleepiness, unschooling my almost 5 year-old, and dealing with her impatience for our trip home to Paris on Friday. I am soooooooooooo ready to get out of this place. I am so excited that I'm pregnant because now I can leave this place in 5 months and never come back! It's been a very wonderful experience, but this third year is draaagggging on so bad!

It only made things worse to spend yesterday surfing around for ideas on where to take my dd while in Paris; there are so many things to do there! It makes staying here where there is NOthing to do so much harder!
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Hey ladies,
I like chitchat. How exciting to read about traveling 'home' to Paris and the confessions of early shoppers!

I have far more mundane chitchat--I am sleep deprived this am bc DD decided at 1:30 that she didn't need more rest... I was up with her until 5, when I had to give up on the constant nursing and reciting of "Big Red Barn" her favorite book. I am not please to admit it, but I finally plunked her down in her bed, reviewed all the wonderful things we had just spent the hours doing (backrub, toast, stories, nursing and nursing and nursing) and then left her to fuss I think it took about 4 minutes and she was asleep, so I don't feel terrible. She is usually a great sleeper so these nights don't happen too often, thankfully. My plan today is to lay low and nap when she does--I might even try that every day for the next nine months!

I don't know about you all, but so far time related to this pg is dragging!!! Any tips on occupying myself until May, when I plan on telling people? I think I must need a project...seems like I had several to work on when I was pg w/dd--we moved and I had to sell one house and set up another.

well hope everyone has a great week!
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Well, I'm sitting here with dd asleep on my lap because she now fears the crib! (Thanks to my sleep deprived hissy fit last night where I was yelling at dh about not helping me at night.)

I have my first dr's appointment on Wednesday ... I'm not sure how he'll react when he finds out I'm still breastfeeding. And if he has a problem, I'm going to have to find a new ob/gyn.

Hope everyone has a good week!
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Well i just got back from my first ob appt and they didn't do hcg numbers so they can't tell me what they are and also my uterus measured 8 wks instead of 5..oh boy..they're going to schedule an u/s to see how far along i am..i don't remember when my last af was..they also took blood for an hiv test..it's going to be a long week to find out
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good! People I can talk to, without having anything worthwhile to say! I have been so sick/tired this past week, I have barely gotten off the couch. I feel like a pretty lame mom. Molly has watched more tv this past week than in her whole life! The problem is, whenever I get up too fast or move around too much, I throw up. So, I'm parked on the couch for the next 5 weeks. BORING!

I haven't put on real pants for two weeks, opting for workout pants, but I know none of them fit anyway. It seems like this time, my body went "oh, yeah" and I was instantly sick and big. I'm trying to wait untill 12 weeks before I pull out the maternity, we shall see.

Are poopy diapers grossing anyone else out? They are just about unbearable to me. Oh how I wish she'd use the potty!
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This thread is definatly a good idea. Has anyone noticed that when we post in here our post count doesn't go up? I wonder why that is. I'm not showing yet but didn't show until 7 months with my first and 5 months with my second. I have been drooling over slings and bought my first cloth diaper today (a kissaluv 0).
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yes. poopy diapers gross me out!

im not so much sick, but i am tired...

im at my moms right now, getting ready to go see another mdc momma who is having a baby blessing. she lives a ferry boat ride away and its warm and lovely today. i perfct day for an adventure.. except that i had a dream last night that i was on a boat and it sunk..and i couldnt find elwynn anywhere. it was scary!

im impatient to be big and pregnant. the first few weeks seem to drag on. i cant gush about it to anyone and i dont look pregnant, maybe just a bit bloated :LOL but anyways, inside im delighted. but i feel like i want to celebrate. at least i have MDC!

i ordered some sweet NB diapers from the trading post the other day, so ill be excited to open the packages when i get back home wednesday. i didnt have NB diapers for elwynn because i had a diaper service, so its kinda fun finding sweet little ones. i know its early but i cant help it!! it helps my reafirm that this is what i want and no one can tell me otherwise (unsupporive family and all)

otherwise i dont have much to compalin about. i get moments of mild queeziness but its not nearly as bad as with my first ( knock on wood)

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I hate mondays!

I always have so much to do! I went to have my bloodwork done today, I have thyroid disease, but the wait would be 1 1/2 hours! So, i will either go back this afternoon or tomorrow...
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I posted a bit about myself on the Intro. thread...still feel sorta weird posting here (don't know why. I have issues :LOL ), but trying to jump in...

DH is away for work for at least 2 weeks...so I'm home alone, which makes me obsess about things, so I'm trying to busy myself with other stuff til I see him again....

things are starting to finally sink in for me & I am starting to get excited...it helps a lot that DH is just thrilled with this pregnancy. He keeps me grounded when I start with all the "what ifs", yk?

I admit to browsing for maternity clothes, too (haven't bought any yet, though!)....trying to show restraint for all-things baby for a little while longer!

have a good week, everyone!
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It's really the morning diapers that are getting me - dd is teething and the smell of ammonia is overpowering. I really thought I would be sick this morning.

We also have a rat in our garage, and that's where all of my popsicles are (in the chest freezer). So I can't get one until dh gets home this evening - cuz I'm afraid of the rat coming out and attacking my ankle : .
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poopy diapers, I am so glad ds is potty trained, that might be more than I can handle. I have a hard enough time just doing the dishes. I'm ashamed to admit that I have thrown out a chuncky sippy cup because if I would have opened it I would have lost it.
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Yesterday, I threw up because I had to slice some cheese for dd. Who knows why that was so offensive I did manage to hold it together for the poopy diaper change by tying my sweatshirt up over my nose. dd thought it was hilarious! Ah the joys of pregnancy.

Today I actually feel pretty good, which is of course scaring me. I shouldn't feel good yet. If I wasn't worried about something, I don't know what I'd do with myself. I can't wait to be 16 weeks. Ah, only 9 more weeks to go!
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Hi everybody

Let's see, I'm about 5 weeks and no real symptoms. I've been a little quesey once or twice brought on by the smell of grease, but that's about it for symtoms. But I didn't have anything with my son, until the horrible heartburn/reflux in the last two months. It's hard shoving a 21" baby into a 5'3" frame. LOL

I haven't bought anything just yet, but I'm watching a very basic serger machine on ebay. And I've looked at patterns. We won't know what we're having until s/he is here, but if it's a girl I'm spending my FMLA leave sewing.

Wow, I'm so sorry for you mommies that are still having to deal with diapers. I probably would be ALOT more quesey then.

I'm glad this is here...look forward to getting to know you all over the next 8-9 months.

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Originally Posted by meagen
If I wasn't worried about something, I don't know what I'd do with myself.
sigh. me, too. It's just in my nature to worry. I think that's what scares me the most about motherhood in general: neverending worry.

well, I broke down and bought a few baby things. 3 board books (you can never have too many books, right?!) and an itty-bitty pair of socks. couldn't resist. But why is it so hard to find nice, unisex baby stuff? It's all so.....so cutesy, ykwim? I mean, I'm all for cute, but everything is so busy with patterns, logos, characters, etc. blech.

off to relax a bit with a mug of tea...have a good night, all!
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I'm smiling at the $150 ebay purchase - I promise you, that could easily be me!! I've resisted maternity clothes shopping so far (this is my first baby, so hopefully I won't need them for a while) but I don't think I'll be able to hold out much longer and DH is not going to be so pleased

I did get some fun news last night, my oldest girlfriend (we've been friends since first grade!) called me to announce that she and her husband are pregnant with their third! I'm thrilled to be able to be going through this with her at the same time - she's shared so much else of my life, it's great to be able to share this too. Her due date is 2 weeks before mine.

I am anxious for my first doctor's appointment - I will feel much better once I've seen a heart beat. I don't know when they can do that, but I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be at that first visit (I'll be 6+ weeks by then).

I'm also having much trouble concentrating at work - I won't be telling work for a while, but it's hard to focus! It's amazing to me that everyone else can focus on such mundane things when all I can think about is this baby!!!!

I hope everyone else is doing well!!
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Hi guys, I hope you don't mind me jumping in here. I am 5 weeks now. I have had 2 blood draws so far and everything looks good. My progesterone is 22.9 and my hCG jumped from 147 to 1638. I get my blood drawn next week again and then on the 28th I get an ultrasound. I am very excited. I told my husband that this one feels like a keeper. I am feeling a bit queasy and I am very tired but I can't tell if I'm tired because of the pregnancy or because I work full time and go to school full time. I think it might be a combonation of the two.
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I went into Once Upon a Child today (it was right next to the other store I was actually going into) and was so happy to find they have gently used maternity clothes for SO CHEAP! My goodness, I could outfit myself there for $100. I wanted to buy a few things but I am only 4 weeks and figured I could probably hold out a while longer. Hee! :LOL It's so hard to resist though.

I have my first appointment on 3/30, at which time we'll schedule an early ultrasound for around 4/15, just to be sure there is a heartbeat. After the m/c last year, I am going to need a bit more reassurance that all is progressing normally.

I don't really have any symptoms yet (except for this damn headache today) but it's still really early. A little breast tenderness but nothing much else to speak of.

I'm about to head over to E-bay too, see what trouble I can get into.
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