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OK, here's my whine for today:

dd is sick with a wicked virus, cough, high fever, and judging by her cousins, it will last 5 to 7 days. I'm exhausted!!! She can't sleep of course, because she's so uncomfortable. Last night from about 1 to 5 she actually slept, glued to me, coughing, but at least she slept! So, now of course even more than just the preg. tired, I have had like no sleep, and am just waiting for my turn with this virus! Like I said, whine, whine, whine! Thankfully dh could stay home to help.

So, that's how I am today, how about everyone else?
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Oh, that is so rough! I don't think I would deal well with that. I hope she feels better soon, and that you don't catch anything.

I'm tired. We're leaving in the middle of the night to fly to Paris, and I've had to sorta clean this place up pretty well (been neglecting due to nausea) because landlady will be here washing windows (if not downright living here!). I still need to pack and it's 10 pm here (as you all are just waking up!).

Dd's having trouble falling asleep, too, poor thing. She's so excited. Thought we were moving back to Paris! Had to explain that one to her.
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we just got home from a few days away.. we went to a friends blessingway ( she is 38 weeks) it was really great. it reminded me of the blessingway i had when i was pregnant with elwynn.

im feeling kinda yucky today. i didnt want to get out of bed, but i was hungry so i did.. now im at the library because its the only place with a computer that i can use till i move april 1st..

i got a bunch of books from the library last night and read all about what is happeing to my body and the baby.. its so crazy. ive done this before but it all feels new to me. its fun and exciting!

hope you all have a nice day!
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Anybody else have any wierd trips to the grocery store recently? When I was walking through the grocery today, I felt like I was there for the first time. As I walked through each aisle, I tried to intuit about each item: will I have a craving for this? Will this make me retch when I get home and see it in the refrigerator? Even though my nausea has dissipated over the past couple of days, I got almost entirely different food than I usually get.
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I haven't had any unusual cravings yet, but during my last pregnancy I craved Pringles like mad! Oh, that and watermelon. It was comical how much watermelon I could eat in one day!

I was just online checking to see if it is safe to use benzoyl peroxide during pregnancy (it's not, dammit! ) and I found this interesting site and thought it was worth sharing.
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Thanks for posting that site! I have friends that have referred to it in the past, but I couldn't find it when I was looking for it. I've got it bookmarked now .
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Well, after this week, I needed a pick me up. Argh. Work is killing me. Its has been such a loooong week. I work in the state senate budget office and we are finalizing the 06 budget this week. Long hours, lots of stress. It should all be over by Thursday, but I'm not sure if I can make it that long.

All day I have had this shooting pain in my calf, making me stress that it is a blood clot or something. I'm trying not to be a hypocondraic, but my nurse friend had me all stressed about DVT a few months ago. Oy.

I'm home from work and my boss is IMing me asking for reports that I do not have ready. DH is off playing poker. It was my turn to go play, but I had to send him instead since I have to be on call for work, and I'm too tired to stay awake for the whole tourney. Oh. and DS is fighting sleep like crazy!

And I had to move my MW appt back a week because there is no way I can get off work next Tuesday.

But on the plus side...I recieved my box of maternity clothes that I bought off of ebay (mentioned in the 2nd thread). I love it! It is all so cute! Nothing like the blah stuff I had 5 years ago. Trendy and it all fits. I cant wait to wear it, even though I *know* I will be sick of it all after a few months! :LOL But definitely a good deal. For $160 with shipping, I got a pair of nice black pants, jeans, capris, shorts and 6-7 shirts, some dressy, some casual. All NWT!

Anyway, those are my (mostly) whiney thoughts...
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just enjoying a relaxing weekend here...last night went to a local Italian restuarant with the in-laws (since I was craving vegetable lasagna!).

Trying to figure out what to do about my first doctor/midwife appt....we may be moving out of state (for DH's job) but won't know for another week or 2 for sure. I'm only 7 weeks, so I guess it's not that big of a deal to wait until we know for sure, but....

feeling pretty good--was a little queasy a few days last week, which is hard to deal with at work. There is absolutely no privacy there (all our desks are in one big room: not even cubicles!). I bet munching on dry cereal to keep from vomiting 20 minutes before lunch is gonna give me away! :LOL
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We might be moving!! We are currently renting because we know we'll only be here in Ohio for another two years, and our house now is very cramped and I had a minor flip-out last week trying to figure out where we're going to fit all of the new stuff for the baby. There is a cool little village about 10 minutes away where all of the hippies in Ohio live, it seems, so we went over yesterday and found the most adorable rental house! It looks like a farm house, with the tin roof and big front porch, and it seems like it would have *plenty* of space for us and the new babe! We haven't heard back from the real estate agent yet, but we're hoping to look at it today or tomorrow before DH leaves town for 3 weeks. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

I just really think our quality of life would improve so much if we moved. This town is so wonderful! We'd be walking distance to a state park, a few great restaurants, book stores, alternative healing centers, an independent/art movie theater, a library (very small, but still), the la leche league meeting with all of the cool moms, and the organic market! We'd also be right down the street from the rails-to-trails trail! Right now we're just living in this lame 1940s subdivision with cookie-cutter brick ranch homes, in a tiny town with nothing but a Subway and two drugstores. It's depressing!

So please send out any extra positive vibes for us! :
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Is this the last day of the week or the first day of the next weeks chat?

Well I have been reading all your posts here, kinda encouraged that all of us have our struggles and stuff to whine about because it makes me feel like I am not the only one.
Here's my whines for the week.
This past week I have been losing my energy and now it is to the point where when I wake up from napping with the baby I feel like I have been drugged and I spend the rest of my day wandering aimlessly around. My husband has to do the majority of the cooking because if I do it tastes gross and I can't eat it. So we made a deal that he'll cook if I clean up ... and he's got the good end of the deal b/c he makes a MESS when he cooks. But at least he's a good cook.
Yesterday and today I felt especially yucky in the morning. I think our fridge is going out ... everything inside is still cool but not cold. I'm thirsty all the time but for some reason drinking water grosses me out and I know that juice has too much sugar to rely on for liquids.
Baby is teething and whining and making me especially sore when he nurses. Dh is trying to be understanding but his patience is running thin.

So for the good news, I am graduating from chiropractic college on Saturday the 26th... that's less than a week away. : : I'M FINALLY GONNA BE A DOCTOR!!!!
I am very happy that I am finally done. Not exactly looking forward to all the family showing up for next weekend though. There is always some situation that happens. Well, considering I do not particularly like my parents and they feel that they have the right to treat me like garbage... well that about sums up the relationship there. I hope they will be distracted by the grandchildren and other family and that I won't have to talk to them much. My husband already informed me that he is not speaking to them either until certain issues are cleared up... which won't happen because we have tried to confront them and they are so self-righteous they think that there is nothing that they could ever do wrong... that their supposed love for us is enough to cover any wrong that we think they could do. Yeah, my therapist has a field day with this one.
Well, ds is up from his nap, I'm gonna try and take him to the park.
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