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March Mamas: March 14 to 20 - Babies, Babies!

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The List!

~Brand New Babies~
Michelle (Mtm) - 02/19/05 - Noah - 7 lbs 8 oz - Birth Story Coming!
Kylie (luvmy3boyz) - 02/21/05 05:00 am - Kessa Lynn - 8 lbs 8 oz - Birth Story Coming!
Rebecca (Ravenmoon) - 02/23/05 11:54 am - Stellaria Avani - 7 lb 4 oz - Birth Story
Heidi (Weebitty2) - 02/23/05 10:04 pm - Melissa Kimberly - 7 lb 3 oz, 21 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Shirada - 02/26/05 4:52 am - Ezra Lael - 6 lbs 15 oz - Birth Story
Christine (Cholderby) - 03/01/05 9:56 am - Owen Michael - 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 1/4" - Birth Story
Eva (Finnsma) - 03/01/05 8:04 pm - Charlotte Fern - 10 lbs, 21 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Citygirl - 03/02/05 - Baby Boy - weight? - Birth Story Coming!
Jogirl - 03/03/05 - Davy James - 7 lbs, 19 1/4 inches - Birth Story
Susan (srmina) - 03/04/05 10:54 am - Sameer Kumar - 8 lbs 6 oz, 19 inches - Birth Story Coming!
mommy23k - 03/06/05 2:08 am - Helena Winter - 5 lbs 13 oz, 19 1/4 inches - Birth Story
Rachel (rad) - 03/07/05 3:15 am- Liam Kiel - 7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches - Birth Story
Barb (meant2beamom) - 03/07/05 6:38 am - Arden Reeve - 7 lbs 9 oz, 20 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Autumn (newmomma2005) - 03/08/05 1:36 am - Logan Traveler - 8 lbs 13 oz, 22 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Amanda (TXmidwife)- 03/08/05 7:28 pm - Julian Blaze - 6 lbs 9 oz, 19 1/2 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Emily (AnneCordelia) - 03/09/05 - Mallory Anne - 9 lbs 4.8 oz, 21 inches - Birth Story Coming!
bubbles - 03/09/05 - Quinten Lucques - 8 lb 4 oz, 21 inches - Birth Story
baileyandmikey - 03/09/05 12:29 pm - Michael-Scott - 8 lbs 4 oz, 20 3/4 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Serina (Somewhere to grow) - 03/09/05 5:15 pm - Ellery Maeve - 7 lbs 10 oz, 20.5 inches - Birth Story
polihaupt - 03/10/05 11:45 PM - Ib Nicholai - 9 lbs, 22 inches - Birth Story
fiercelove - 03/11/05 - Clan Birch - 9 lbs 8 oz - Birth Story Coming!
JoyfulMomma - 03/11/05 11:20 pm - Rachel Catherine - 10 lbs 2 oz, 21.5 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Erica (Kindermama) - 03/12/05 3:45 am - Ellery Saige - 7 lbs 2 oz, 20 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Maya (muse) - 03/12/05 8:05 pm - Baby Girl - ? - Birth Story
Shannon (MamaSpruce) - 03/13/05 - Milo Canyon - 8 lbs 6 oz, 22 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Jo (Jocmtl) - 03/14/05 9 pm - Noah - 7 lbs 14 oz - Birth Story Coming!
Jen (LoveChild421) - 03/15/05 5:45 pm - Charles Grey - 7 lbs 8 oz, 20.5 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Erin (eminer) - 03/16/05 1:19 pm- Eve Roselyn - 8 lbs 13 oz, 21 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Ang (Crayon) - 03/16/05 10:02 pm - Baby Girl - 7 lbs 12 oz, 20 3/4 inches - Birth Story
mommyto2 - 03/17/05 - Francesca Rose - 9 lbs 5 oz, 20.5 oz - Birth Story
Teensy - 03/18/05 4:41 pm - Katherine Elizabeth - 8 lbs 15 oz - Birth Story Coming!

Nu_Mommy_2003 - Date Unknown - Kiley Bryce - 7 lbs 9 oz - Birth Story Coming!

~Ladies In Waiting~
Aquarianmom 3/8
Melissa (Ladyelmo1) 3/16 Girl
Wildcrafter 3/18 Surprise
Rebecca (GeoGirl) 3/20 Girl
Tiffany (TTaylor) 3/20 Girl
Catherine (Cmildenb) 3/21 Girl
Kash (Patchfire) 3/21 Surprise
Trish (Ellis Herr) 3/21 Girl
Desirae (mamadaisy) 3/23
Jennie (Jenniebug) 3/23
Molly (Mimim) 3/23 Surprise
Simplehome 3/23 Boy
Dee (Morningtillmoonmama) 3/24 Boy
Lise (TOmomma) 3/25 Surprise
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I'm still here! I had several very sharp cramps last night that reminded me of the hour or so before I had 'real' contractions and went into labor with dd... alas, they did not go anywhere. My friend/doula is arriving today from Rhode Island, so maybe Spike's been waiting on that!

My laptop went ka-blam last night - some kind of video error on the motherboard - the good thing is that it's a 'documented manufacturer error' and hence Apple pays for the repair and everything. The only bad thing is now I have walk up the stairs to my desktop machine! I should have the laptop back in a week, though. (Yes, we have a lot of computers. : Um. My laptop, my desktop, dh's laptop, dh's desktop, and then this old defect laptop neither of us uses...)

Felt horribly sick earlier this morning, and my appetite's been pretty non-existent for about a week now. Some of this is surely signs of imminent labor! Though... I didn't really have any signs before I went into labor with dd. I take some comfort in that.
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Owen had his first tub bath yesterday. I just used water, his skin looks so dry as it is and its not like he's "dirty". Well, I really just wanted to get the diaper area cleaned. Anyway, he hated it. I mean he really, really hated it. Sorry baby.

I took him out for a bit on Saturday and I bought a pair of pants WITH A WAISTBAND! Jealous? Yeah, well, they are still very large, but they aren't maternity. Imagine my shock when I had to actually unzip them to get them off. No elastic waistband. Amazing.

I own two slings, one maya knock off and a baby bjorn. Every time I use the maya knock off one, I feel like the baby is going to fall out. I'm probably not using it right. I had bought the baby bjorn for DH to use, but I really like it (probably because the baby doesn't feel like he's going to fall out). At the mall on Saturday, two people asked me if I was carrying a "real baby". Ummm, wouldn't you be afraid if I said no? I mean, what if a grown woman was carrying a doll around the mall? Maybe I look crazier than I think. :LOL
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I mean, what if a grown woman was carrying a doll around the mall? Maybe I look crazier than I think. :LOL[/QUOTE]

Hee Hee people are funny! As for the waistband--I am so looking forward to that.

I am thinking about learning how to knit or draw or sew because this waiting is beginning to drive me mad. I need something to keep me occupied. I have read all of these novels and all of the 1 million posts on MDC and surf the web like a teenager. I can't chat on the phone because all anyone wants to talk about is baby baby which is awesome but I am worn out on the subject. I am just so excited for baby to come so that we can get the show on the road. All of our planning was based on "after the baby comes." Not that there were any huge plans but still. Without knowing how this will effect us how can I dream and imagine our future? Not very Zen, I suppose. It's not about ME, I am simply the vessel this little being has chosen.

The vessel went swimming yesterday. It was beautiful to feel weightless and stare up at the clouds and the buds on the oak trees. Come on BABY!!!!
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Hey mamas, I woke up with contractions this morning, very light, but still... We layed in bed for several hours and DH rubbed me and I timed them- anywhere between 2-4 min lasting 1:30 min but not very painful. We are going to take a shower and go walk our very very small mall.

I have also had to pee a ton- I am not the type to get up at night, no matter how bad I have to pee, but last night I got up 4 times and have already gone at least 3 that I have been up- and it is full bladder everytime. So maybe something is going on.

But most likely not! :

Off to take a shower!
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cholderby, that comment about the sling at the mall is hilarious!!!! I nearly jostled poor Logan awake I was giggling so much about it. :LOL

:2bfbabe: Logan is breastfeeding wonderfully, although I think my body thinks I was having twins. He eats every two hours pretty much,(sometimes a streak of every one and sometimes he's out like a light for 3 hours.) but I am still having to express a bit sometimes to let him get a better latch, because my breasts are sooooo full. All the nurses in the hospital kept telling me between his instincts for nursing and my "good equipment" we should not have a problem with feeding.

I am having such a fabulous time being a mommy. Bryce and I went to a coffehouse with Logan yesterday and I felt like I was beaming from ear to ear just sitting there with him. I am a proud mama. Such a strange feeling from NOT being a mother before and also different from the feeling of being pregnant. I look at him all the time and wonder "how did he get here so fast?" He's amazing as I am sure all the other mamas know their babies are amazing. Being my first, I never knew how great it would feel. I am just speechless sometimes when I look at him. ahhhhh!

Check out this cute picture I took of him last night. The blanket he's laying on was a baby blanket of mine my mother mailed to me.
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Congrats to all the mamas with their babes in arms!!! Have to say, I'm quite jealous. I've never been very patient, and now I just want to go through labor already! Every day I think something's going to happen, and then it doesn't...

It's been an absolute joy reading all the birth stories and birth announcements. Thank you all so much for sharing your wonderful stories!
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It is so exciting to read all the birth stories and see just how many babies have been born so far! I still have a hard time believing I will have a little one soon, too. Well, relatively soon, as this is my first and I'm 39 wks today.

Last night my baby was moving a ton, (hopefully not from the Indian buffet we went to for lunch), and then when I woke up this morning my belly was really tight and tender and it felt different, like that she had either grown lots overnight or changed position. I'm hoping that she dropped because now it feels even more scary like I'm crushing her when I try to put on my socks and shoes. Tomorrow I go to the MWs, so hopefully they'll be able to tell.

Last week I put our baby bjorn on my husband because wanted to see what it would be like, but of course we don't have a spare baby, so we ended up putting a stuffed Kermit the Frog into it to see how that felt. Although tempted to venture out of the house with it on to really try it out, we did NOT do this. I would really think an adult was strange to have a doll in the carrier out in public. :LOL

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Originally Posted by cholderby
At the mall on Saturday, two people asked me if I was carrying a "real baby". Ummm, wouldn't you be afraid if I said no? I mean, what if a grown woman was carrying a doll around the mall? Maybe I look crazier than I think. :LOL
ROFL!!! People asked me that when dd was newborn. After awhile, once they had processed that she was indeed a baby, I started getting, "Is she comfortable in there? Can she breathe?" We needed these: http://www.cafepress.com/thebabywearer/261851

Re: the maya knockoff, are you tightening all the parts of the fabric after putting him in? (Maybe that's too obvious, but it took me a couple of months to figure it out.)


I'm only a week past my due date, and I'm messed up. I got depressed over the weekend, because I was incredibly bored of doing the same birth preparation things over and over. (Better run out to replace the milk and toilet paper before the store closes, the baby could be born tonight... Better do the laundry even though it's 3 days until laundry day, the baby could be born tonight... Better get the weekend work finished by Saturday morning... blah blah blah) So I goofed off. Then on Sunday I realized, dang, the baby really could be born tonight, and the apartment is a mess, all the towels and sheets are dirty, and most of the weekend work is unfinished! Except that I missed the last mass at our church, then decided we all needed a nap, then had to go to an evening mass at another, further away church, etc. -- so dh and I ended up "going to bed" at about 9 am (fortunately dd had gone to bed late, and since I was in bed to nurse her, slept past noon). The apartment is mostly clean, the work is mostly finished, and the laundry is clean but not folded or put away. It's a good thing the baby is never actually going to come and I'm going to be pregnant forever, because my current sleep-deprived state would be a bad way to start labor. I *have* been having lots of painless/crampy contractions, but I've come to accept that those are just part of being pregnant forever, so I'm getting used to them. :LOL

In unrelated trivia, I realized during mass that I had done the same thing (gone to an evening mass at this other church) the day the baby was conceived. It was the same church, June 13 (yesterday was March 13). So naturally I thought, maybe this means the baby will come soon! Nah.

Maybe if I just keep surfing the web and eating chocolate cake, the baby will come.
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Cholderby: LOL some ppl are such goobers. i remember some woman thinking the sling was for my broken arm until she realized I was using both arms!

Here is my instruction page for the maye wrap style sling http://www.mommyshelpers.com/informa...g_wearing.html also if you fold the body of the sling in half it makes for less fabric to "swallow" the baby.

Crayon--How are you doing?! I need an update :LOL I have been contracting pretty good for the last hour. DH says I am going to go into labor at 10pm since he has duty and his bowling league tonight. Yeah right is all I can say. I'm really tired tho so the kids are having sandwhiches for dinner and I think I am about to go hit the sack.
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help, ladies...I am so tired of being pregnant!!! I never felt this way with ds--then again, he arrived at the conclusion of 38 weeks. I felt superb right up until I was in labor for many hours. This time, I feel as if I am being torn apart starting in my lower back and bottom. OMG, I can barely walk. I am sooooooo tired all the time and ds has decided that 6:30am is sleeping in. I just woke up from a 2 hr. nap and could have kept sleeping forever. Maybe I can sleep through labor. I have only been feeling this bad for about 2-3 days--OK, 2 really, but it feels like 20. I am not usually one to complain...after all the reward for pregnancy is so great, but enough already! I am only particularly concerned if the pain and fatigue get progressively worse. I will not make it another 3 weeks or so. I will be 39 weeks on Wednesday.
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Oh Autumn he is so yummy and gorgeous!

We are doing well here.Ms.Stella has now went from 7lbs 4oz to 8lbs 4 oz at her 3 week meeting with the midwife!She barely fits into her newborn dipes now.I love her getting so fat.

My chiropractor said the Baby Bjorn is very bad for new babies.It does not have good enough support for the neck and back and should be used around 6 months.Slings are much better for the newborn stage.

I hope you all get to hold your new babes soon!
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My mom arrived today! Come on baby, now's the time!!!

eminer: those clothes are too funny!

So, I've been cleaning and straightening things out since 5:15pm, even though I'm so tired. Does this mean anything??? If not, lie to me and tell me it does, please! Because it could just be because my mom was here today, and I felt embarassed that my house is such a mess. But I really want it to mean something else!

Oh, Patchfire: for the record (and the list) I'm having a girl.
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We're doing awesome! Noah has been cleared to go out and about (he had pneumonia at birth and spent the first week in the NICU and then the next 10 days at home with limited visitors) since he's gaining weight well! He's so different than my first ds, sleeps a lot and is happy to be in anyone's arms (older was a mommy and mommy only type). I've been waiting to see what week 3 would bring as that was when older ds's fussiness started but so far so good. My MIL was here for 10 days and was more helpful than anticipated but less helpful than wanted. She was great with older ds but waited for me to make meals, do the cleaning etc. I'm loving both my sling and bjorn and even dh is getting the hang of the sling. Can't wait to meet all the rest of the new babies!
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Hey ladies, still here still preggo.... Jennie, I think I will be huge forever! : No, I was thinking, April is coming and in April I will be a mama of 2!!! I guess this will not last forever. I am a late ovulator (sp) so I guess this baby is just going to be late because of that. DH says I like to bake them long!

I am still having contractions, and sometimes I get those "WOW" painful ones, that a part of me really wishes would just keep going so I know I am starting labor and the other part of me says "NO, NOT AGAIN!" :LOL

mamadaisy- you have joined the club. With my DD I was this blissful pregnant chick, never really had much pain, life was roses... This one has decided to be engaged from week 26.. yes that is right week 26 and he/she just keeps getting lower- I swear that someone is taking both my legs and pulling so hard in different directions- that my pelvis is splitting and my tail bone. It is so fun! I have been the bigest cry baby on this board thus far, I am the pitty party queen this pregnancy. But hey, I DH keeps telling me that once you get pregnant there has to be labor.... I dont think he really gets the drift of my pain.

About the Baby Bjorn

I agree with what Ravenmoon said "My chiropractor said the Baby Bjorn is very bad for new babies.It does not have good enough support for the neck and back and should be used around 6 months.Slings are much better for the newborn stage."

The pelvis of a newborn can not hold the weight of its body- its bones are still too soft. We had one when we had our DD, but we never used it. I was very scared to use it. For one thing I have a bone condition that make my bones easy to break and my children can have it- so that is out! 2) the PED said it was a bad idea even for healthy newborns because of the pelvis issue.... Just a heads up!

Okay- off to bed, to contract more and have no progress! See you all tomorrow, and CAN WE PLEASE HAVE SOME BABIES!!!! Sending all you moms and a special extra for you Jennie!

ETA: I lied, I think I used the baby bojorn once at my nieces birthday party! But we sold it! for the reasons listed above!
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Really I am only four days overdue now but it feels like forever. . . dd came 10 days early and it has been a month now since I had my first round of heavy contractions. Women's bodies are so wonderfully unpredictable aren't they? I suppose it helps us maintain our "mysterious" reputation with men. But half the time we just puzzle ourselves.

My parents arrived today which is nice. I am beginning to feel like my body had decided it is never going to give birth and I have these fears like maybe the baby has died or something. . . . I know, totally irrational.

Alright I am going to say one positive thing in this post and that is that I have quit having heartburn and am getting to eat tons of delicious Italian food now that my father is cooking for me. One really can't complain about eating proscutto, strawberries, and cabernet, for lunch now can one. . . . I am feeling like one pampered pregnant woman. :LOL
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Well, here I am, up at 5 in the morning. Actually, I kind of like being able 2 catch up on my email & such. I try to feed Logan with out ever leaving bed, but I seem to have one breast w/a mind of its own. It goes crazy mid feed and the milk pours out of it uncontrolably. So I feed him from that one sitting up with the Boppy. Anyone know what I can do about it? It has choked him twice, and its not like I am engorged, I am actually comfortable now that I pumped off the excess day before yesterday. Any ideas what the fountain of breastmilk is? I felt like somone off a sitcom trying to balance a choking newborn and milk pouring/squirting from one breast. Im like a lawn sprinkler or something!!!!

Oh I love being a Mommy by the way. I just never want to have to go to work again. I knew I would kind of feel this way, but never knew it would be this strong. I just sit & gaze at Logan and I give him kisses and pet him lots while he nurses. I am a person who likes to be touched, foot/back rubsm hair brushed, so I rub on his back and hold his little feet in my hands while he nurses and talk to him. I want him to be relaxed while he eats. It's wierd that you can feel the love pour out of yourself toward this little being in your arms. I'm just a new mommy in awe of the whole process I guess.

Off to bed now as little man has fallen asleep. Take care mamas! Hope all who are wishing for their babies to come get their wish soon!!!!!!
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Autumn, the pouring of milk is so normal- I remember feeling like a damn broke in my bed :LOL It will even itself out- I promise. But it may take a while. I think mine got the idea about 4 months- I know no comfort now, but it does get better. What I did was have a cloth diaper and just pressed it over the breast that was not being sucked on and had another one handy if DD poped of and I needed to stop the spray on the nursing side. As far as him chocking, that is normal too- you will learn to hear it before it starts and be able to stop it. It just takes time. I swear the body thinks we have litters of babies, not just singltons When I had my DD I asked on the breastfeeding board and they all told me the same thing- normal, and it will get better. I tossed the idea of breast pads very fast, becasue like I said it was a flood and there was no point at all to them once the gates broke open. I am glad you are in bliss as a mama. So many kids are not as lucky to have mamas that feel that way- what a gift you are giving to your son, and it sounds like what a gift he is to you too.

So my daily update- of many :

Nothing is the game we are playing in my house..... However, when my EDD came it seems that DH is now asking me all the time "you having contractions?" I guess it didnt seem like it would happen until the due date came- but now it could happen anytime... Male logic! I am having more "stuff" down in the area leaking, it is not waters, it is more like cream, so I am guessing someting is getting ready- but then again something has to soon. Everything is a stupid sign, and then nothing happeneds- but hey one of these times I WILL be right! I had some action today but it hurt the worst it has during the whole pregnancy- like the baby is beyond low and my back was hurting too -----> I only becuase I pray that means something is going to happen! :LOL The baby was kicking me hard today- dont know what was up with that- I mean very hard, and DH felt it too. Maybe it is getting mad being in there- yet again maybe a sign something is happening :

DD got up at 7 today... Dont know what that girl was thinking... So, it looks like a fun day ahead of me with a HAPPY toddler! I am waiting for my daily phone call from my 3 year old niece "Auntie Ang, do I have a new COUSSSINNN yet???" Yep the one that drives me nuts is 3 years old :LOL JK!

So who is popin' babies today???
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Well, I am still pregnant, and I must say I have reached the point where I am DONE WITH IT!!!! I am starting to get depressed. I think since both my boys were 8 days late I assumed this baby wouldn't possibly be more than 8 days late. Well, if I use the EDD based on when I think conception occurred (March 3) I am now 12 days late. Even using the EDD based on our ultrasound (March 6), which I assumed was less accurate, I am now 9 days late. I just wasn't prepared for that mentally.

I never really considered that I might end up being induced. I have an appointment today for an NST and a discussion with my OB about if/when/how to induce if necessary (probably would be Friday with Pitocin, but I need to do some research this morning).

Like eminer, I have been constantly doing the "last grocery shopping trip," the "last doing all the laundry," and cleaning my house every single night.

I am starting to feel like I am missing out on this baby's first month. Instead of watching my baby grow from 8 pounds to 10 pounds, I am watching my belly grow. Definitely not as much fun. Instead of having a tiny little newborn, I'm going to have an 11 pounder, is what I am starting to think.

I know this is no big deal and compared to actual problems, being pregnant after a EDD is not a problem and I shouldn't be walking around feeling sad. But I think I set myself up for an emotional letdown when I felt confident that the baby couldn't possibly come later than March 14.

Also, DH has a big deal dinner he is supposed to go to on Thursday, March 17, so that just makes me feel more pressure that I should have already had this baby, like I have any control over it.

Okay enough complaining. At least physically I have been feeling good. Baby still moves alot (no kick counts necessary in this house!).

I bought a new car seat (Britax Marathon) and some other little baby things.

Hope to be posting a birth story very soon!

Having fun reading everyone else's posts!

The baby is hiccuping again, I swear that is one of the oddest feelings.
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So yesterday and over the weekend we tried everything to get this baby to come. Today, it's like a joke because I don't want him/her to come for at least this afternoon while my husband is an hour away for an appointment that he just can't miss again. Crazy. Last night I had pretty intense, low down contractions for a couple of hours, four to six minutes apart. I didn't know if they were real so I took a warm bath, drank lots of water and went to bed--they continued for a while then I suppose they stopped because I fell asleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night they had stretched out and all but disappeared. This morning when I went to walk the dog I felt them again but not very regularly. I am putting myself on bedrest today just in case. Not that I have any control but maybe my husband will make it back in time before the baby comes. EEEEK! If my water breaks I've got a friend who will take me as a back up.
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