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Ugh. Not feeling so hot today....I had a headache yesterday afternoon, so I took a nap. It got somewhat better, but came back before I went to bed. That darn headache kept me up nearly the entire night! I finally couldn't take being in bed anymore, and luckily dh was getting up early to go climbing so I just got up with him....I though that maybe breakfast would help, and it did for a minute, but then it came back....then I thought maybe a steamy shower would help, and it did for a minute, but then it came back....ugh.

I've been so lucky to only have 2 or 3 headaches this whole pregnancy (normally get a lot of them), so this is just laying me out flat....too bad it hurts to lay my head down on a pillow! I have a mw appointment at noon today, and I'll mention it....I don't typically have bp problems, but who knows.

I'm not yet feeling the burning desire to get this baby out, but dh is starting a new job (in the same company) on the 4th of April, and I think the people in the new office are assuming that he will already have taken his time off before he gets there.....maybe-maybe not!!

We have fog here this morning-maybe it will have burned off later because I'm planning on walking to the library...maybe THAT will help this headache!!

Wish me luck sleeping-usually the only thing that helps my headaches!
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Aquarianmom - I'll be sending you good thoughts to get your hubbie home before you start any action.

Paxetbonum - I've also had those irrational fears lately about baby dying. Yesterday I couldn't remember the last time I felt her move, of course, using my stellar pregnancy memory, so I HAD to eat a brownie to see if she would respond. She's alive, but of course images of cord accidents floated through my head for an hour.

Eminer - I'm also trying the eat chocolate and baby will come technique. Seriously, my backup doctor said he thought changing altitudes or going to a higher one can start up labor. Has anyone heard of this or had it work for them? I'm in Colorado, so its not so difficult to get up to 10,000 feet driving. We're thinking of going up to the mountains this weekend (1.5 hrs away) to the family 1-room cabin get my mind off the due date and see if we can jump-start anything. Am I crazy?
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Thanks for the heads up on the baby bjorn, I had no idea.

And never assume anything is "too obvious" for me. I knew I wasn't doing it quite right, thanks for the instructions!

Owen has gained 14 oz. in a week! At least I know he's getting enough to eat.

Autumn - I love the very hungry caterpillar outfit! And he's so cute!

Owen and I are going to attempt a lunch out today. Hope he sleeps through it. I am, right this minute, having the water hooked back up in my kitchen. So now we will have running water, just like normal people! But the disaster of the next home improvement project is already upon us. We're having 1,150 pounds of wood delivered tomrrow so DH can redo the floors. He swears he can unload it all by himself. That seems like such a bad idea, but I can't change his mind. : Hope golf season starts up soon, I can't take much more of this!
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At least your home projects get done... My house has been under the knife for 10 years, and it will never ever be done. We have outlets hang out of the wall, wholes in the drywall- and missing drywall, no kitchen cabnets.... yes I can go on, but it will on depress me. My friend says that is what I get for having an ADHD husband..... However I dont know if I really believe much of that ADHD stuff.... I am glad you have running water again, both of my bathrooms dont have sinks that work- only the kitchen- so I understand! Are you guys moving???

I pulled something in my back today turning over in bed- ouch... I feel a bit stressed today- We have been waiting on a check form a company that we do contract work for and they were suposed to give it to us on the 1st and it is now the 15th and still nothing, but they want DH there everyday at 9 to program (he is a web programmer) but they are not paying him. So I talked to him today and told him that if they dont give him the check then we need to be dealing with them. Very stressfull, but I just cant live knowing I could make a lot more money if he just walked away and started selling on our own. Perfect timing to start selling products on our own, now that I am going to have a baby ANYDAY! And we have a crazy toddler, but I am not going to let him program for someone else and use up all his time when he could be building a bigger business for us.... Sorry, I needed to vent. I could vent more, but really I am sure no one is interested! :LOL
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God, it is so nice to read that others are having the same "get this baby out already!!!" feelings. I am SO tired of being pregnant. It's like there's a watermelon stuck in my pelvis. Every move is borderline painful. I never felt like this during my first pregnancy. Each day I SWEAR this has to be the day, and it never is. I'm very moody and am starting to snap at everyone. : I'm also exhausted exhausted exhausted.

I too feel like a big whiner. Well, I have to admit, right now I AM a big whiner.

Hang in there, fellow preggos. We'll have our babies soon, I'm sure.
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Originally Posted by crayon
Hey ladies, still here still preggo.... Jennie, I think I will be huge forever! : No, I was thinking, April is coming and in April I will be a mama of 2!!!
special extra for you Jennie!
LOL You and me both! My 4yo totally embarrassed me at school today when I picked him up. He sees me walking up to ge thim and yells "Thats my mommy she has a BIG belly!" :LOL The teacher then asks me when I am due (first time she has asked) and I said next week. Her eyes got a little wide, it was funny.

Thank you for the extra special I am tossing some your way too. One of us has to pop soon!!

Ugh yesterday man, I started contracting, nice intense ones, some that took my breath away. They were fairly close (I know I had about 7 in an hour while talking to my dh) so I emailed my friend who is coming to be my labor supporter. Then I fixed a cup of cumin tea (old mexican midwife trick). No sooner than I finished the tea my ctrx stopped! Figures.

Baby Bjorns and other front pack carriers--Totally second what you gals said. They are so bad for the babes spine and pelvis. You can use slings in a front carry thats so much more comfy and safe for babe. My youngest still enjoys that carry and she is almost 3 You can see the one I am talking about here http://www.mommyshelpers.com/informa...g_wearing.html
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My dd has informed me that Spike will come out either today or tomorrow, and that Spike will decide it is time to come out right after having the hiccups. She told me this yesterday afternoon, and needless to say, I've been waiting on those hiccups. :LOL

Had a meeting last night, everyone was asking me 'still no baby?' Midwife appointment this morning - good news mommyto2, one of my midwife's clients had her baby yesterday, so there's only two of us due soon on my midwife's list now. Everything's fine with the baby. I'm so done. I can't sleep. I have this horrible pain all throughout my nether regions, between varicosities and Spike's position on some nerves and increased blood flow. The thing is, the pain's worse when I lie down on one side or the other... which is of course the only way I can lie down at present. Makes going to sleep and staying asleep a miserable business. Between that and my utter lack of appetite, I am so past done. Dd was three days early - this one better not go longer, I'm not mentally prepared for that!
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Here's me carrying my nephew in his Kozy Carrier a few months ago...front carry, legs all tucked up inside, OUT LIKE A LIGHT!! He loved it.

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OK, all of you mamas who are overdue, I hope you are having lots of SEX!

Maybe TMI, but DH and I were intimate on Sunday morning and I had contractions about 5 to 10 minutes apart for 6 hours afterward! I'm sure if I was closer to being ready to go it would have set my labor off for real.

I knew that they weren't labor contractions though, because they were not very strong and gradually got farther and farther apart. I gotta say that all that contracting did make me really tired and I laid on the couch almost all of Sunday evening.

We had sex the morning before our youger DS was born too, and I went into labor within ten minutes afterward. MUCH more pleasant than castor oil!!
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You know I am just not buying the whole sex thing- I mean I keep trying and it is doing nothing Today it hurt too- like they baby was too low to have something in "the zone"... I know we had sex when I fet went into labor with DD- because my water had not borken so we were trying to speed things up and I ended up in labor for 3 days- not because of sex, but it sure didnt speed it up. But hey, if it is not hurting you I say go for it girl!!! I feel so bad knowing that my DH will not get nookie for weeks But then again that gives me time to mend down under.

I need to go to the market, because I feel like I am out of food, but NOTHING sounds good... So, I need help- what should I buy? We have lots of roast and chicken and hamburger so I am good there, but what should I get? I am wanting sweet stuff, but I cant spend all my money on sweets.... I have had it with the grape digested diapers... puke... so grapes are not on my list this week- unless they are having a great sale- but even then...... What should I get- I need ideas for luches and for dinners!!!
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Hello...I really don't post much since I joined, I am more a lurker, but seeing as I too am a March mom I thought I'd pop in to say hello. My EDD is March 20 I can't believe it''s only 5 days away. This is my 4th PG , but 3rd birth, and I thought I would have popped by now. I had bloody show on Thursday at bed and friday when I got up, sorry TMI. I have been having BH ctrx at anywhere from 4-20 minutes apart for 2 weeks ( guess that's what they call prodomal labour? sp?). My last doctor appoinment yesterday I was 2.5 cm dialted, -3 station (was -2 last week??) and 50% effaced. Doctor told me that I had definately lost my entire plug, and obviously had an irritated uterus as he could feel my BH ctrx too. But reminded me that that really doesn't tell us anything about when labour will start. I asked him to strip my membranes, normally I wouldn't but I am sooo uncomfortable. It did nothing!! I won't be requesting a 2nd try. My youngest sister (18) keeps calling to see if it's time...lol. I asked her if she wanted to be present at the hospital to watch the birth (my other sister saw baby#2 be born). My mother and I laughed at the fact that this would be a great method of birth control for my youngest sister....lol. I have had my 1st 2 naturally in the hospital and will do the same for #3.....I am allergic to the "caine" in the epidural, so no freezing anything for me ..EVER!!! So my sister will hear it all! Anyway, it doesn't look like baby wants to make a show, she's quite happy in there. My doctor said he doesn't like inductions unless absolutley medically necasary, but especially for me as I have fast labours. He said mother nature knows best. My baby is already at 8.5 lbs..but again my doctor doesn't like C-sections said he has a c-section rate of under 10%. I like this guy...it''s like having a midwife!..Anyway I wish everyone a safe and healthy labour, and my best to the babes that are here now! Take care .....Tiffany

39w2days.....5 days to go!!
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Welcome TTaylor. Witness my location, if it makes you feel any better! :LOL

My younger sister was at my first birth too. She STILL hasn't had any kids, and I wonder if that experience didn't have something to do with it. She is planning on coming to this one as well, and she assures me that it won't bother her as much, because "she's older now". (she is only 20 months younger than I am :LOL)

We are still head down today. Yes, I check everyday now. Often more than once. Hey, I'm paranoid with good reason.

Can't remember if I shared this or not, but it was so funny I have to pass it along. Friday afternoon, after we found out that baby was head down again, DH said to me that he wasn't sure if I had a womb or a washing machine. :LOL

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Same here on the sex bit Ang! This past Saturday I was contacting pretty good so I encouraged DH for a lil lovin which made my ctrx much stronger and closer together, only to totally fizzle out 2 hours later. Sex has never worked for us.

In fact the only thing that ever "worked" was seeing a chiro for an adjustment! I have done all the tricks. Tonite I even tried labor salad and fresh pineapple but I doubt any of it will do anything. Last night when I drank the cumin tea it stopped my ctrx and its supposed to be pretty effective at helping labor. So I figure whatever, the salad and pineapple are good for me so it doesn't hurt to try but I am not holding my breath :LOL

DH has requested I wait until he finishes teaching this one topic at school. Uh yeah hun, wudeva you say
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Patchfire, I am feeling much better (jealous, but better) since Lovechild went into labor yesterday. She & one other March due gals are out of the running, so there are just two of us left. :LOL I am very happy for Lovechild & can't wait to hear her story. Both Lovechild & the other March mom who had babies this week were early... The mom still due & I are both late & VERY ready!!!! Sorry to say that dd was two days early so I had NO expectations of this baby being late!! I was not mentally prepared for this & I am miserable. (Apparently everyone around me is miserable too!!! :LOL )

I tried eggplant parmesan to get the baby going twice now... No such luck. Heard great things about it working..... Sure. Because this kid has no intention of coming out to meet me! Dh bought castor oil on the way home. I am not ready for that yet. And.... my midwife gave me a secret... Wanna hear? Vodka & condoms. Fill the condom about 3/4 full of vodka, then the rest water. Tie it up & put in freezer. It will not freeze all the way. It is perfect for post partum for putting on top of the pad to help with the swelling... You should have seen the man at the liquor store. I couldn't buy the condoms. I sent dh for that. I bought the vodka. I told the guy that my mom is a lush & is in the car... Couldn't walk. (He laughed. I also told him she was going to wet her pants if he carded me (I am 35 & look 50 right now). He was quite a sport... ) :
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Wow - new evidence suggests that I'm not going to be pregnant forever! I awoke way way earlier than I should have with all kinds of TMI stuff down there and more intense contractions. I still kind of feel like, maybe I'm imagining things? (I decided to call my mom since she lives 5 hours away and wanted to make it, but I'm afraid she'll get here and I'll be like, oops. : )
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Hope you all have your sweet babies soon! Typing one-handed, sorry so short. Feeling sad that DH is going back to work tomorrow--how will I ever handle two? Ellery's not so fond of sleeping alone, so my toddler is getting Mommy-hungry.

Trying to soak up these newborn days...they fly by!

Taking a trip to the grocery store today. I'm actually looking forward to it. Been feeling a little tired of being home!
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Nope, definitely not imagining things. Baby is coming today...
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Yeah for you, Erin!

Would anyone hate me if I said that I already miss being pregnant? I told myself I'd never say it, but I do. Can't wait to do that again.

Well we got the water hooked up yesterday, but the pipe to the dishwasher cracked so I have a plumber out today. This WILL be the day for the dishwasher. And DH did unload all over 1000 pounds of wood by himself (and he's a skinny little guy, I never thought he'd be able to do it).

I have a family wedding coming up and I'm trying to find a nice (and not too expensive) nursing top. Anyone have any recommendations?

All I have to do today is take some of DH's suits to the dry cleaners. I don't know how you moms of more than one do it. At least I now have ds in an outfit with legs, that's step one to going somewhere.
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Still here. Still pregnant.

Had my doctor's appointment yesterday. Baby did fine on the NST. Discussed possibility of induction, which is tentatively scheduled for 7:00 am Friday morning, if the baby doesn't come before then. Hope I go into labor today or tomorrow. I was up half the night worrying about which way to go - induce or not, if so, which method (doctor basically will let me decide).

Then started thinking about practical things - I was planning on a hospital birth, but I had planned to labor at home, so my suitcase only has going home outfits in it. I guess I should pack some magazines and books in case things go slowly at first. And I guess I should pack some snacks. DH called his mom and we will take the boys to her house Thursday evening.

Our new house has a nice Jacuzzi tub which I have had sparkling clean for five weeks now, with towels and a candle I like at the ready, for me to labor in. Looks like I might be in a hospital shower instead. Sigh.

If anyone has practical suggestions to share, please feel free.

Off to do more research on inductions. Wish there was one good website - the ones I've found seen to be very one-sided.
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Hey Erin, I am with you.... I went to the bathroom, after a very weird night... And I am in the process of getting rid of my mucous plug. I have tons of energy today- most likely because I am excited to get this going! I cleaned the kitchen, I still have a few dishes from upstairs, but mostly that is done Got my diapers in the wash So my MWs dont have to smell my DDs stinky dipes.... DH is coming home sometime for lunch and said he would take me to the market! I cleaned DD room today I have to get my room and the bathroom cleaned and do laundry- but it is well on its way. I have started having very very light pains, nothing that stops me in my tracks or that I cant talk thru- however, it has to start someplace. Maybe I will have a St. patties baby!! My MW called me to tell me she has to go someplace for an a few hours but will be home by 2:30 and told me to call her assitant if I need her- so funny because I told her what was going call her today and tell her what was going on. She has never called me to check in before. She thinks my EDD is today not the 13th like I think, so she was like "right on your DD" So, I am off to take a shower and clean some more before DH gets home to take me out! I am so excited.... With my DD I was already in very early labor when this type of thing started, but I just know it is building up to a baby!! I will have my baby soon.... Erin Sending you fast and wonderful labor vibes!!!
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