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Originally Posted by mamadaisy
I'd really like to have this baby by Sunday. I would much prefer a Picses than an Aries. I am an Aries and I cannot imagine raising me. However, I can only imagine that coaxing this baby into the world before he/she is ready will not change who they are destined to be. It may be payback time...I might have a strong-willed Arian girl *ducking for cover*. My dh puts no stock in astrology at all. I can go either way.

I have NO signs of impending labor. No mucus, no blood. ...Since my baby is right-side-lying I know I am primed for more back labor and suspect that maybe the baby's head is causing the back pain??? any thoughts...
Mamadaisy I was reading your post and thinking that is EXACTLY what I should have written. I am also an Aries and have been wishful about the Pices/Aries thing, esp since this pregnancy I've had so many fish images pop up at strange times. My baby is also on the right-side, but I didn't realize that could cause more back pain. I also have no signs of labor yet, so I am just trying to be OK with baby deciding when she will come.

I have an appointment with my backup doc today, but I really don't want to go, as they just take my BP and some measurements and send me on my way. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to go there.

Good luck to all the mammas contracting and getting strong feelings for today.
Happy St. Patty's Day!
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I've been lurking form the April board excited to here about all the March births as I prepare for mine. Congrats to everyone Crayon your pics are beautiful! I'm glad the birth went well and you finally have your baby girl!
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Oh wow! Its only been 24 hours since I was online and look at all that's happened! Congrats to both of you!!!

I think we'll try to brave the grocery store today. I'm trying very hard to bring down our weekly food bill, we'll see how it goes. Having a functioning kitchen should help.

Are any of you CDing you're newborn? If so, what are you using? My fitteds and AIOs are still too big and I feel like I'm not folding the prefolds right. Can this be done? Or are they really too small at first? Any tips?
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Congrats Ang and welcome baby girl Crayon.
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[QUOTE=mommyto2]OK, so it looks like tomorrow is really my day... Contractions continued all day, but just more plug ... Midwife happened to call me. She is wonderful! I am so ready! We are half Italian, half Irish (both dh & myself) so a baby on St paddy's day is cool!!! If it's a girl, Francesca.... Might have to rethink that one. Boy is Braden (Irish). LOT's of contractions & I am almost done. Woohoo!!!!!

I love the name Braden! I have Irish ancestry too, but my husband is Jewish so finding names that sound good together has been fun. Braden...hmmm
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Here is my birth story of my girl

Patchfire- can you change her stats? :LOL did I put 30 3/4 inch??? No wonder I was hurting :

her stats are 10:02 pm 3/16/05
7lbs 12oz
20 1/4 nches
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Congratulations, Erin! Welcome to the world baby girl!

Congratulations, Ang! The pics of baby girl crayon are fabulous. I can't wait to hear her name.

Cmildenb--OK, so I am not the only one thinking about these things. I already feel like I am destined to have a strong-willed child this time around given how mellow ds has been. So, I suppose I will just let this one show me who they are to be and when they are meant to meet us.

I am trying to be more positive about this because ultimately, I am pretty sure this will be my last pregnancy. We only plan to have two kiddos and dh is ready for the big V. So, I do not want to remember pregnancy as a dreaded time. I will try really hard to treasure these last few moments alone with my little one before I have to share him/her with the world.

Have a great day, all!
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Congratulations, Erin & Ang!!!

: to the baby girls!
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Erin - Congrats on your lttle girl!! Looking forward to reading the birth story
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: babies!!!

Erin, we're waiting for more details!

Ang, your pictures are fabulous. Thank you for sharing them!
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I just got back from the MW and had an NST done. Baby is fine. I have been eating so much stuff that I apparently have gained 5 lbs and have a mild case of edema. My blood pressure is fine. No wonder I feel like an oompa loompa girl. I'm feeling a little ashamed of myself for going so out of control. Sheer bordem I guess. I am a professional chef so I can really cook up some decadent yummies. Back to the greens-no-dairy diet for a few days until I can detox a bit. In the meantime, although I refused an internal exam, the baby has engaged(reminds me of Star Trek for some reason). Maybe this weekend? Thank you for the happy labor vibes everyone!

Congratulations Erin and Angie!! I am so happy for you!
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Jennie- WHERE ARE YOU???? Are you in labor?? I know you post everyday.... Hmmmm... So I had to tell you that my baby loves her sling- and also DD has been walking around with her stuffed animal in hers today- I knew all she has to do was see me using it. I will post a photo of it tomorrow- and how cute is this story! DH was downstairs and DD wanted to go down so I was taking her and and the new baby started fussing on our bed so I asked DH to go get her and he takes a few min and come in the kitchen wearing the sling! A grown man in a tye dye sling- it was beyond priceless! I was amazed! Anyway- I even nursed in the sling today

Hope your babe is on his/her way......
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Congrats Erin on a baby girl!!!

Ang-- Oh your babe is so beautiful so is lil Miss Rainey! Thank you for sharing her pics and story :-) Its so wonderful new baby enjoys her sling. :LOL at dad in the tye dye!

Babe is still nice and cozy inside. I had an uber busy day today, grocery shopping, met a friend for coffee, midwifes appt and then had a nice long prenatal massage. Mmmmm heaven! Too bad it didn't help put me into labor But I am still betting on April for the birth since my prodromal just kicked in this past Mon or Tues. I still have another week or 2 of it before active labor starts.

Cholderby--I brought my grocery bill down by signing up for the frugal menu mailer @ www.menumailer.net It does half meat and half vegeterian dishes on the weekly menu, which really helps save money. And the meat nights use cheaper meats. I used to use the regular menu mailer and would spend anywhere from $75-100 per weeks menu but on the frugal I am spending $55. Not a HUGE savings but every penny counts right now.
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This is very whinging and self-centered.

So much for the vaunted 'second babies come earlier than first babies,' which is all I heard for, oh, the first 37 weeks or so of this pregnancy. Of course, after that, people felt obliged to tell me about their cousin's next-door neighbour's stepwife who went two weeks past their edd with the second and had had the first at 39 weeks and so on. At any rate, dd was born at 8 am at 39w4d, and well, it's past 8 am and today I'm 39w4d, and frankly - not impressed Spike, not impressed.

The end result of all of this is that mentally I'm in a horrible place and I really can't figure out what to do about it. My friend is here from RI to doula, both for the birth & afterwards, and all I can think right now is that she's going to end up going home before Spike comes. Yes, my rational brain knows that just because Spike isn't here on the 18th doesn't mean s/he won't be here by the 26th, but since when am I supposed to be rational?

It doesn't help that MIL keeps calling, 'fishing' to see if I've gone into labour, because she knows we won't call until the baby is born. Last night she called to ask dh a hypothetical question - if she decides to move, and if she sells her house and moves into some condo, would he come set up her computer there. No reason whatsoever to call about that now, she hasn't even decided to move! She's just being interfering and tryin to get away with it.

I've been having crampy feeling since about 4:30 am. They slowed down when I had to drive dh to the bus stop (normally that's only twice a week, but hey, why not make a 39 weeks pregnant woman do it three times this week!) and then came back after we got back, and they slowed down when I first got up and ate, but now I don't know what they're doing. I'm v. skeptical. Maybe at least they're dilating something, anyway.

I wish I could even just have a good cry, but I'm stuck in this flat affect. Ugh!
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Hello everyone!!!

Kash, it will be okay- the baby is on its way.... Feeling very emotional is a good sign- the night before I had my new baby I was crying because I didnt get to the market.

Well, here in my homefront it has been very werid. First these afterpains are not what I had in mind. I was thinking- sure a few cramps here and there- NO!!!! it is like I have been in mild labor for 2 days- well 3 if you count the day she was born and 3 weeks if you count when the prelaborish feeling started! I want to be done hurting. This baby (still no name ) is way more of a fussier than Rainey was, and it makes you feel so non-AP when your baby is crying and you have no idea why. Also the lack of sleep doesnt help one bit. Between a toddler and a newborn- yikes! I just kinda lost it about 5am when I was in the other room with the new baby trying to get some sleep and I heard DD wake up. DH got her back to sleep but I could just seem the morning coming with very little sleep and I felt like I had labor 2 days ago and no sleep from then on- I just sarted crying. Then DH told me to go lay with DD #1 and he would sit with the baby- who was sleeping by now. Well all ended good- I did get some sleep and the baby slept for hours too- I think her tummy was hurting it was very hard and she had a BM and then feel alseep.

We took a shower with her today- she had not been washed, I heard the white stuff that they are born with is good for thier skin- but she was starting to smell stinky :LOL so she got a shower....

Well, that is my update today
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crayon, sending some hugs your way. OK, maybe I am OK with babe on the inside a while longer. I am a little stressed about totally sleeplessness again (ds only occaisionally sleeps through the night without needing comforted by one of us). Anyway, I had heard (can someone second this???) that taking calcium with magnesium can help ease the harshness of the after pains, especially with subsequent children. I never had any discernable discomfort with ds, but I've been told they get worse with each kid and of course, nursing brings them on. Gotta run ds is up.
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Kash. I think Ang is right, this is early labor emotionalness.

Ang - I have often thought in these past few weeks how incredibly hard it must be to have two. hugs to you too.

Jennie - Thanks for the link, I'm going to try it out this week!

I had a rough 24 hours. The baby went through 5 different outfits (through various combos of spitting up, peeing while being changed and diaper blow outs) and barely slept last night. He wasn't crying, he was just awake. But he very much objected to us putting him down or turnign off the lights, so I was up all night too. But he was all smiles otherwise. Why can't he do that when his grandparents are around?
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Yes! Afterpains shocked me also when I had my second child - nobody had told me they would be so bad. They seem to be getting worse every time...

It may sound like a lot of medication, but my MWs told me I could take up to 800mg Motrin every 6 hours and then 1000mg Tylenol if the Motrin wore off before the 6 hours (which for me meant within 3 hours). Even though I was taking so much medication, I could still feel pain! I can't imagine how horrible they would have been had I taken nothing. These painkillers SAVEDMY LIFE this time around!!

Crayon s to you. It can be hard in the beginning with little ones so close together in age, but it will get better - believe me I hope you are able to get some proper rest tonight
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Ooh, afterpains. This time, they were very strong. I don't remember a one from my first baby! I actually took Tylennol, and I never take anything. It really helped. Thank goodness they're gone now.

Click here for Ellery's birth story.

Hope all are doing well, whether your baby is in or out!
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I have now added more colour to the list... clearly I need to have this baby already! :LOL

Yikes, I had forgotten that I most likely have afterpains to look forward to. Ah, well. I might be so deliriously happy to be able to go to sleep more easily that I'll just float through them or something. Yeah, right!

I am very behind on congratulating people this week! I am sorry. So here - - lots of balloons for all this week's new babies!

FIL emailed me today (FIL & MIL are long-divorced) with a 'joke' about the baby not coming until 'week after next.' You would think a man who has three kids would remember not to kid a pregnant woman...
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