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Whew, I feel like I am finally catching my breath today...

I woke up this morning after having actually slept last night, thanks to dh, to find my milk already in. Both dd's have worked hard to pull that off. It is incredibly wonderful to watch them watch each other as they're nursing, and to be able to let Grace switch and twiddle and go on for as long as she wants without having aversion feelings, and to be able to do all this on my back! Well worth the afterpains that are usually going on at the same time. :

Eve was 8 lb 13 oz, 21 in long, born at 1:19 pm 3/16 after a 6 hour labor, with black hair and dark blue eyes. The midwife arrived just as her head was coming down. She was born in the bathtub, into my hands, then I sat back and nursed her while the tub filled with warm water. Some day I will post her birth story and picture (film processing is one of the things I haven't caught up with yet -- laundry is another; I feel like we will never catch up on laundry ever again :LOL ).

Ang, I loved reading your birth story and what beautiful pictures. It felt sort of like we were living parallel lives.

Kash, I sympathize re: the myth of earlier second babies. : I hope yours comes soon!

Serina, WOW, what an amazing birth story. And she looks so wise.
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It's a girl! Katherine Elizabeth was born Friday, March 18 at 4:41 pm. She weighed 8 pounds 15 ounces - my smallest baby yet - and has lots of dark hair.

I am typing the whole birth story which I will post later. I did choose to have an induction via having my ob break the amniotic sac, which was done at 9:20 am. This was my fastest birth, but also the most painfully unbearable. Unlike my first two non-medicated borths, this time I was that crazy lady screaming and probably scaring all the other women done the hall. :LOL Funny now that it's over.

My sweet baby girl is nursing well on my left side, but refusing to nurse on the right. Maybe she has some bruising on that side?

She is doing well and so am I.

Congrats to all the other new moms and sending labor vibes to all those who need them!
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eminer: good to hear from you. Love the image of your tandem nurslings... so sweet!!

Teensy: Congratulations!

My daily update:
I'm still here, still waiting. Felt very yucky yesterday, lots of cx last evening, then slept all night and now not much is going on. I'm having difficulty even writing about it. It's so very discouraging.

DD wants to share computer time, so I'll post more later.

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Originally Posted by eminer
Serina, WOW, what an amazing birth story. And she looks so wise.
Thanks, Erin. Congrats to you on your little one!

Baby crying. More later!
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Francesca Rose has arrived!!!!

She arrived on St. Patrick's Day! She weighed in at 9 lbs 5 oz!!! 20.5 inches. She is perfect! home waterbirth. Extremely intense.... will share more when I can type without crying.

We are both doing great!
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Serina, I'm wiping tears off of my face after reading your birth story. It was really well written. What an awesome experience you had!

Erin, I'm so happy to hear that tandem nursing is going so well for you! It's really encouraging. I'm getting a little nervous about it myself.

: Katherine! Congratulations, Tanya! Good thing those super intense labors are usually also quick ones, huh?

Boy, am I glad I read this thread. I just realized that I have absolutely no analgesics in my home for those afterpains, which are sure to be bad with a third birth. I normally don't take them, but I definitely need to have some Motrin on hand for after my birth. I'm also going to try a heating pad and some accupressure. There's a spot on the inner calf, about four fingers above the ankle bone, between the bone and the muscle that is supposed to really help with afterpains.
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Congrats to all the new arrivals yay!
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eminer- I love your daughter's name glad you're getting some rest

crayon-sending support your way--sounds like your DH is helpful though...

serina-beautiful birth story and very inspiring.

Teensy and Mommyto2


Yes folks baby is still not here. I am now 9 days overdue according to the EDD. I have already freaked out, gone through every emotion and now I am just numb. What the heck? I think this baby is trying to be an Aries or maybe wants to be born on the Equinox which is cool. My husband answers about 6 calls a day "Nope no baby yet". His father the urologist calls twice a day. He is going in for an angioplasty on Monday and really wants to know we are ok before he goes. Sorry dude I don't perform well under pressure.
The good thing is that I got a great massage yesterday and feel more spiritually centered. She did some energy work on me and I just know that everything is going to be ok health wise. But emotionally this is a joke!!!

Please send me some labor vibes, I want to see my little son or daughter and be a mommy. I am ready.
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Congrats Teensy and Mommyto2!!!

Kash-- sending you some big hugs b/c girl I am so right there with you! And now my mil is driving me batty. She arrived yesterday and i guess she thought I was due this weekend and well obviously since I am "due" then baby will just come on out while she is here I told her I wasn't due until Wed and each of the pregnancies has gotten longer so i am fairly certain I will not give birth until April. Then as she is leaving for the hotel last night she says, now call me if you have any labor pains. ARG lol

Ang--Name that baby already After pains from my second were by far the worst pain I ever felt. I amazingly had no afterpains with my 3rd. Things will settle down soon and you will all get into a routine and get some better sleep But thanks for reminding me what I have to look forward to her ein the next few weeks :LOL
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Welcome Eve,Francesca,Ellery and Katherine

Nice jobs mama's!

Isn't it nice to finally hold those sweet babes in your arms

I can not believe my babe is already going to be a month old!She is so sweet and getting good and chubby.Her sleep patterns are finally becoming more established.She pretty much slept for the first three weeks straight.Now she wakes up around 8am with me and is alert until around 10am and then sleeps for a few more hours.Wakes around noon and is alert for a few hours and then settles in for a longer nap until about 7pm.We settle into bed around 9 or so and then we all sleep until 8am.She nurses around 6 times or so during the night but she sleeps with me so that is easy enough.It barely wakes me.

We have been getting Stellaria adjusted once a week since her birth and also the day she was born.I swear this is my easiest most peaceful baby ever.I can only praise the healing powers of chiropractic care to make a peaceful baby.No reflux,no colic,no hours of fussing, just a peaceful babe.Bliss~

Serina i loved your birthing story~

A couple of things that were very helpful for me during labor was to lean up against a wall during contrax and bend my knees while keeping my back straight and sway my hips.It helps to open you up and it really felt good with the contrax.Sometimes when a contrax would start i would try to walk to the nearest wall to do this and i couldn't even make it. :LOL The other thing that really helped was for every negative thought i had i made myself say something positive outloud.If i was in pain i would say something funny so that we would all laugh.When i felt like i could not go on i would say i can do this.On our video you can hear me saying 'come on baby,come out' when i was pushing.It felt good to say those affirmations and it really helped to clear out the negative energy.

So to those still in waiting,i feel for you and remember it will happen!
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Congratulations Teensy and mommyto2!

Okay, you are all going to laugh, but... somewhere I read that there's an old wives' tale about going into labor after walking backwards up a hill. So today I went out for a v. short walk, and while I was out, I walked backwards up a hill. If it works, I promise to never slander old wives' tales again. :LOL
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Congrats to all the new mama's!!! I am just so excited! Lots of girls eh? So who is having the next boy??

My afterpains have been better today- but my god, someone should tell a lady she will feel like labor for days after the baby is born! I swear I feel like my body has been in prelabor, then labor then prelabor again for 3 weeks!

DH has been wonderful! And the more I think about my homebirth comparied to my hospital birth I am shocked that people even go to the hospital. It was like night and day- and there is no one thing I would change. It all worked so well, my body worked so well and my DD was able to be part of it- could you see a hospital letting a 2 year old put a hot compress on her mama as the baby was crowning? It was just amazing.

My girls are doing very well together- amazing how my 2 year old is so kind and sweet with the baby- she wants mama time, but is upset if the baby is not right there during her mama time. I took her downstairs today and she was screaming up the stairs at her dad for the baby. :LOL Telling him "down!!"

Still no name- it is getting kinda frusterating- I cant really sit at the computer long because I start to hurt- and DH has been on it non stop- so I have not been able to look for names- we have 4 we like so far:

Karli- it mean snow covered in turkish

For a middle name we like Rose

But nothing is a for sure... We really like Karli but DH's family knew a family that had a Rainy and a Carly- and we already have a Rainey- and it is kinda too weird to have a Karli- but they dont ever talk anymore- for like 15 years.... but still.. werid!

So that is the name drama!

Hugs to all the new mamas

and sending lots of to all the mamas waiting!
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oh, I almost forgot! I have the cutiest photo of my NAMELESS girl!


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nak,cute babe.take extra calcium/magnesium for afterpains.mine weren't so bad.
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Ang she is too cute! I love that pic

I would go with Jaden or karli if Rose is the middle name. I really like Karli Rose But I know all about this name ame thing. DH and I bought a few books, searched a zillion websites and still, nada! But like i have said a million times we didn't have a name for our last until she was born and her name came to me. I assume that will happen this time as well.
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Yeah, the name thing is really driving me crazy. I like Karli Rose too, but it feels very "modern" to me. Like if I say yes to Karli everyone and their brother will be like "my sisters husbands bestfriends named their DD Carly"

Okay has this happened to any of the new mamas or the mamas of other kids....

My first DD had goopy eyes- like that green/yellow stuff that seals the eyelids shut we had thought it was due to the eye goop but it looks like I just make babies with nasty eye goop! This one has it too... My mom said put tea on her eyes and I have only camomeal (sp) and I tried BM but my boobs are so new to the milk they are not letting me express any- also, my MW told me to use baby shampoo that will not hurt the eyes and put that on them- did that, they look better but not gone away. HELP!!!

Okay she is fussy.... GG
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Breastmilk is really the best thing.I would use a warm washcloth to wipe off the eyes and keep your hands and anything else that touches her eyes clean.When you are nursing pull off while she is nursing and use the milk that is leaking out into her eyes.Eyebright tea or chickweed would be ideal.But really warm water will do the trick.
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Here's my 40 week belly, give or take about five hours : Belly!

I've been cramping pretty much all afternoon - started about 2 pm and it's after 7 now. Just cramping, nothing that I really have to pay too much attention to, but. It's definitely There. Of course, I had about three or four hours of cramping the other morning that petered out, too... the difference here is that I'm still cramping, despite changing positions, running an errand, eating a meal, and going for a walk. *sigh* I'm going to be really upset if this is still just my body teasing me... though I'm certainly prepared for that to be the case.
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Woo hoo, Kash -- ::labor vibes::

My mother finally left. I love her, but it really did feel like *finally*. I'm starting to notice a pattern: new babies create tension between the two of us (and between her and dh, and her and dd, etc). So now that mom is gone and we're out of diapers (fortunately the laundromat is open 24 hours tonight) I was sitting here with Eve naked on my lap, with my pants off (since Eve recently pooed on them), and she pooed and peed right down my leg onto the floor.

And I thought, WOW, mopping this up is so much easier than convincing her it will be ok to have her diaper changed. We may never wear clothes again. :LOL
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Welp, still here, still pregnant. When I am able to reach it I have found my cervix is high, pretty long, and only a fingertip open. Geez, that is discouraging. As much as I know that can change rather quickly with this being a second babe, it does nothing to help me out of my pity party. I just wish something would start. I do have a very achy back, but that has been the case for 4 days now.

I cannot believe I am going to have an Aries baby! I don't know what to think. I am an Aries. I don't think I am ready for a very strong-willed child. :

I have not been very good at congratulating the recent-posting mamas! Welcome babies! We just had another round of boy announcements. They seem to go in waves of either boy or girl.
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