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treating depression?!

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I have stuggled with depression for years now and have been on and off meds. When I was pregnant with my son I came off of them and haven't been on any since. (He is 2 1/2) I'm now pregnant with #2 and its coming back BAD. I have tried taking more Vit B but now my midwife suggests meds. I feel so guilty and scared to be doing this but she thinks it will only get worse if I leave it. Its affecting my everyday life and raising my son but I guess I just keep thinking it will get better. Does anyone have advice or experience with taking meds while pregnant? BTW I'm 32 weeks.
Any help would be MUCH apprecaited.
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rainbowfairymomma s to you! I understand where you are. I too have been on meds for depression. I fear PPD with this babe, as when I had my DD it was so much worse than my DS. Go Figure???
Anyway, not much advice, just support. I am also reading a really insightful book from my midwife. It is called Womens Moods. It is written by an MD who had PPD border PP psychosis. It goes into how our brain chemistry works, and how our female hormones effect it. Like I said, pretty insightful. There is a care plan in the book, but I have not gotten there yet. I am hoping it will help me when I delivery this DD.
Take Care.
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thank you, i might go and look for the book.
I started researching about meds and pregnancy and I'm really not sure I feel comfortable taking them...
I think I probably will as soon as I deliver (so I will have to find something ok for breastfeeding) but I'm just not sure I can do this to my child....
take care
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