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Early movement

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Has anyone else felt movement from the baby early on? I felt my last one at 11 weeks, i'm 8 and a half weeks and last night I felt fluttery swirling sensations down under my pubic bone, it couldn't be anything but the baby. I have gotten disbelief from a couple of people but whatever, it's not their pregnancy & it is people who don't take the time to *know* their body.

It's the coolest thing ever. My husband is jealous that he can't feel anything yet.

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I keep waiting and waiting and waiting to feel him/her but I just don't know what to look for, seeing as this is our first. I'm hoping that soon I feel something...anything...lol.
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I thought I felt movement yesterday. That would have only been 10 weeks and 1 day. I was completely shocked! My first I felt at 19 weeks, the next at 15 weeks, and the third at 12 weeks. I was wondering if it was even really possible that I felt it. AM I crazy? Apparently the baby is only the size of a walnut. It completely shocked me!

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HI, I felt my first around 16 weeks, my second around 12 weeks and my third around 8 weeks. I was told the more pregnancy's you go through the more sensitive your body is so you will feel the baby sooner.

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Czen I think it's possible. hehe
I have felt each one sooner. 19 weeks, 14-15 weeks with the second, 11 weeks exactly with the third.

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Yay! I felt my first at 14 weeks, so I hope that means I will feel this one before too long!
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I don't know. I've had some pretty familiar flutterings and I have dismissed them, because they have been pretty early. 8 weeks and on. So maybe it's just the uterus growing and things moving around. *shrug*
I felt my daughter at 14 weeks. I don't know if I'm really feeling the baby, or if I'm just feeling normal pregnancy movings. :P
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Oh Good! I thought maybe I was losing it! Because just last night I swore I felt it move....I moved around pressed different parts of my stomach and it still kept moving....I don't think it could be anything else either.
I felt my first one move at 11 weeks too which I heard is early to feel the baby move but there was no mistaking that unusual feeling.
Glad to hear it is possible that I am feeling it already!
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Hey Carsonsmama, I swear I felt the baby for the first time last night too! I'm about 11.5 weeks! I think this bean likes Oreos :LOL
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How exciting!!!
I can't wait to feel it!!!!!


: edd 10/29/05 :
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I felt Grace around 14 weeks, she felt like a bee! No flutters for her, it was like someone had one of those prank handbuzzer things and would jolt me from the inside!

At 11.5 weeks with Lily, I started feeling wiggles deep inside. At about 14 weeks, the customary butterfly behind the bellybutton feeling started, but I knew that what I had been feeling was the baby also before that.

At exactly 10 weeks, on Sunday evening, I first felt this one. And I have been feeling it off and on yesterday and today. Its just a little wiggly feeling.

The exercise program I do focuses a lot on building your inner core, and I think that because I have felt babies move before, plus I am so aware of the muscles in the inner core of my body, I can feel more distinctly.

In other words, yep, I believe ya! Mamas know the difference between gas and baby movement.
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Well the thing is that at 8 weeks your baby is the size of a cherry and might have only just started moving (brain development causing spontaneous movements usually don't start until 9 weeks). It doesn't even have bones yet since the skeleton donesn't start to calcify until 10 weeks. A lot goes down in those few weeks between say 8-12 weeks that make it much more likely your baby is moving and you are feeling it. It might be possible to feel a baby at 8.5 weeks but it would be very very unusual given its size vs the size of the uterus and brain function. Before 9 weeks it's kind of less of a ymmv issue because of the lack of brain development, bones and mass of the baby. With my October baby I felt pretty sure I was feeling her around 12-13 weeks and they found her heartbeat exactly where I felt her. But at the same time I've also had feelings when I wasn't pg that I would have sworn were a baby moving if I hadn't known I was not pg so I'm kind of with Rach on this one.
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Wasabi - can you clarify for me? What is an "ymmv issue "? Not familiar with that acronym.

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Well, I'm 11 weeks and over the past few days I have felt little pings around the uterus area but I figured the baby wasn't strong enough to make that kind of effect--I just assumed it was the uterus stretching and my body adjusting.
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Okay, y'all. Where IS the baby? :

I feel pretty stupid having to ask that, but I really don't know. The part of my belly that is pooching out is under my belly button, but where they found the heartbeat with the fetascope (sp?) was down much lower.

Every night I lie in bed trying to feel something, but I don't know where on my abdomen to concentrate.
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bookworm, can you feel your pubic bone? The midwife told me to feel that as the bottom of where the uterus could be, its pretty low, just keep pressing in the center going down until you hit bone. The uterus is from there up to and (eventually) past your belly button. HTH
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That helps a BUNCH - thank you Serenity!

Off to feel for my pubic bone.
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bookworm, oops, meant to say the first inch above the pubic bone is the bladder, then your uterus.
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ymmv means "your mileage may vary" or "it might be different for me than it is for you". My interpretation of what she means when she says "its less of a your mileage may vary issue" at 8 weeks than it is at 10-12 weeks is that she thinks there is no possible way you could be feeling baby movement at 8 -9 weeks, and neither could anyone else.
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I think it is possible. i actually felt tiny flutters very early on
(6-8 weeks) with dd, and I was getting good swift kicks by 10-12 weeks. I don't think it has much to do with the physiology of it, it is all about being intune with your baby.
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