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Need advice here!!!

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About 6 months ago I let our babysitter friend look through my maternity clothes to borrow what she wanted because her husband is a cheap bastard and won't increase her allowance (yes, he has her on an allowance)to let her buy any. So anyway she took about 90% of what I had and then about a month ago when I told her I was pg she said just to let her know when I needed my clothes back... so I did last week and she gave me a small bag of them back saying that I wouldn't be getting the rest of my clothes back yet because she still had 7 weeks left in her pregnancy! : EXCUSE ME... what am I supposed to wear... I need my size small tops back especially because, well, it's obvious. I certainly cannot afford to go by new clothes. Besides, I'll most likely be out of size small by the time I get my smalls back! Plus I have some really cute things I was looking forward to wearing because last pregnancy I held out as long as I could without going into maternity. Now I know for a fact that I am not the only one who lent her clothes for this pregnancy so it's not like she doesn't have anything to wear. I am NOT a diplomatic person so any suggestions on how to get my clothes back would be greatly appreciated. I tend to be very offensive and rude when my toes get stepped on especially with all the pregnancy hormones!

I'll check back for replies tonight when I get back from school clinic.
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Hey, it is an awkward one isn't it...how close a friend is she?
If it were me, I would just say (probably call) that you would like some specific things back, because you are having trouble fitting into your regular clothes already, if you are just honest there is nothing she can say that can upset you. I expect that she is feeling nervous about her baby arriving perhaps because her partner sounds like a bit of a dick!

If you just explain that you need them and you can't afford to buy new things I am sure she will be abliging....?

Good luck

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Wow, you do something nice for someone and end up getting screwed over in the end. That sucks. I would just call her and tell her that she can keep the larger maternity clothes (for the HUGE bellies) for the next 7 weeks but you need the stuff your going to fit into NOW.

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WOW,did anyone read the post Cinthia left about watching our speech so as to not offend anyone?

it sounds like your a pretty blunt person and just tell her, look I know I lent you the clothes and I'm glad they've worked out for you,but they ARE mine and I need them. Maybe now that she's almost ready to have her baby her dh can CONSIDER buying her an outfit or two. Any REASONABLE person would be thankful for what they've been allowed to borrow and give it ALL back when asked.
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I apologize if the use of profanity offended.....

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Thanks for your words of advice, ladies. I did tell her last night because it actually came up in conversation. We were talking about how my belly hurt from having to squeeze into non pregnancy clothes. She was alright about it but kind of grumbled that she would have to give me back what had become one of her favorite comfy pants. I'm glad you all thought that I should just come out and say it. I needed to hear it. So I did and followed through with it...Guess it was just one of those things that I get all worried about but in the end it didn't seem to be such a big deal. Just about 2 seconds of feeling uncomfortable as I said it.
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