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Sinus infection in 8 month old?

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DD has been sick for about 10 days or so........the whole family has had it(it being a really bad cold), but everyone is getting over it just fine, except her. Her fever started out really high, 103.6 for about 3 days, took her to doctor, did flu test, just a virus was the diagnosis. She had no ear, throat or lung infections. But she has been super cranky all this time........I could tell it was mostly in her head, with thick green mucus from her nose. Well, that mostly cleared up and then she immediately started up with the fever again on Sunday, then Monday, now today. I don't medicate fevers in my older children or myself, but a baby this young, I am not so confident in treating. So, I let the fever go during the day, but at bedtime give her ibuprofen so that she can sleep, which is what she needs if she is to get better. Anyway, I took her back today full expecting an ear infection, but nope her ears are perfect, however her throat is really red and raw from a sinus drainage.......ugh, poor baby. Doctor says sinus infection, needs to be treated because she has been sick for so long now, and suggests that she is too young to just ride it out. He gave me a script for antibiotics, but I haven't been able to get them filled yet. The only reason I really hesitate in giving the antibiotics, is that we have dealt with thrush since birth. No fun. We finally got it cleared up at about 4 months, but it came back about a month or so ago and we have been on diflucan now for 2 weeks. We are all cleared up, but I am sure the antibiotics would be a killer for us. What else can I do? We rarely use antibiotics.......It has been years since my older children had them, but I had some while pregnant for BV. So do I give the antibiotics, or is there a chance this could go away on its own? Help!

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So you're already on an anti-fungal, and now looking at adding antibiotics to the mix?
Geez...that sounds like a difficult situation!
Have you thought about nixing the diflucan and seeing if maybe the various bacteria and fungui might just all kill each other off?
I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I know bacteria and fungi tend to keep each other in check somehow....
What's your doctor like? I'm fortunate to have a mellow GP for a ped., and he's really open to hearing my ideas on treating DS's illnesses (told me to go ahead and try probiotics for his fungal diaper rash, etc.).
My gut reaction upon reading your post is that the diflucan is the reason the virus turned into a secondary bacterial infection somehow...could you go back to the doc. and suggest you just give it a few more days and see if her natural ecosystem might balance itself out, and if it doesn't start improving in...say...4 days...you'll start the antibiotics?
Do you think she still has the virus, or is it just the sinus infection now?
Good luck....
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bumping, just in case anyone else has dealt with this....


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