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For those with pets?

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Are your pets acting any different since you got pregnant? We have a golden retriever who is about 3 or 4 (got her from a shelter so aren't certain). She is my third child, but has always favored dh. But about a week after conception she started following me everywhere. Her behavior was one of the reasons I suspected I might be pregnant.

Lately she will come up to me and rest her head on my lower tummy. She follows me everywhere, even to the bathroom when I took a bath tonight and she hates tile or lenolium so I was impressed. Normally she sleeps at the end of our bed on her pillow but now she sleeps on my side of the bed. I am very touched, I've never had a dog favor me or come even close. I was just wondering if anyone else's pets were acting differently since you got pregnant.
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Yes, with my first pregnancy, my Boxer (10 yrs, with me since 5 weeks) followed me *everywhere*. It was so adorable. They definitely must have a sense about it, and I'm sure they feel protective. That's true love.
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my (male) cat seems to be paying more attention to me lately, too (always on my lap, sleeps right next to me). It might be because DH has been away, though, and I'm the only option! :LOL

I wonder if this is more common for female pets?
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Yep here too. My little Heinz/Cockapoo (14 y/o) that was with me with my first pg 10 years ago, has become super friendly again. I mean he's always nice, but he hasn't sat with me or gotten next to me in years. He has his pillow on the floor and that's where he likes to be. About 2 weeks ago he starts getting up on the couch with me and laying curled up in the crook of my legs. We 'snuggled' alot when I was pg with my son, so I would say the little dog knows.
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We had three female cats and a dog with pg #1. The cats all pretty much ignored me for the first 2 and 1/2 trimesters almost like they were mad at me. Then they were really sweet. And the dog we weren't really close with so I didn't notice a difference.
Within nine months after my son was born two cats ran away and one got ran over and the dog started acting all crazy so we had to give her away to an all-adult home.
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Our border collie (a 8ish yo pound puppy) is constantly weird, so it's a little hard to say, but she has been sleeping with me again, which she hasn't since molly was 6 mo or so. Also, the night before I went into labor last time, I went in to pee (for the umpteenth time) and Lucy went in right after I flushed and started licking the water in the toilet. That was the first and only time that she has ever done that, so I know she knew something that the rest of us didn't.
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our labrador used to sit on my feet everywhere i would sit or lay down when i was pg with dd. She also did that to my neighbor when she was pg. Haven't noticed her doing it yet so far....but with a 2yr old, who sits????
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