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Anybody grow their own sprouts?

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I'm growing mine for the first time. I bought these plastic lids that fit on mason jars. But it says to prop the jar up (after rinsing) at an angle, lid facing down. This is hard to keep like that!

How do you sprout - with what and where?

Thanks for any advice!

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I use the sprouting jar and I don't prop it, I just put it down with the lid side up. Everything sprouts fine. I do mung beans and lentils in the cupboard over my sink. I am using up a bunch of black mung beans that my dh got at the Indian food store, they make delicious sprouts but it is tedious to get the seed casings off and they aren't pleasant to eat with them on. Right now I am sprouting fenugreek for the first time! I know I want it to "green" so I have it on the back of the sink.

Lentils are the best though. You don't have to remove any hulls, they taste great, and they make a good curry.

There's a company that sells seeds and sprouting equipment that has a website with lots of sprouting advice and sprouts recipes. You can find the site at:


I am not affiliated with them in any way, I've just enjoyed googling over there and finding interesting stuff. They have information about how to be safe about food borne illnesses and sprouts.
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I used to sprout a lot when I was doing a raw food diet.

I love sprouts!!

I used to sprout lentils, chick peas, mung beans, alfalfa, wheat berries, fenugreek, and more.

For me, when I was doing the raw foods thing, sprouting the beans was a great way to get protien.

I usually kept my jar tipped. I found it kept them from going bad... I was living in the hill country of Texas at the time (which can be super humid). I know I made a few batches in a cooler, darker part of the kitchen. I think it was the chickpea sprouts. The others were in more open air sunnier spots.

Good luck!
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Hi elfie,

About the propping, I usually prop mine in the dish drainer or in a shallow bowl. I also find it keeps them from spoiling.

My favorite sprouts are sunflower seed sprouts, but they're kinda tough because if you don't remove all the clear hulls they will spoil. I 2nd the sprouted lentils. Easy and tasty.

I have also sprouted buckwheat. This is like a yummy, raw cereal. A great breakfast idea: slice a banana up and lay the slices in a shallow bowl. Sprinkle buckwheat sprouts and dried coconut over and pour on a little rice milk. Mmmm!
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