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Hello everyone!
Shannon ~ Glad you were able to enjoy a dinner out. That's always a great thing to be able to accomplish with a newborn.

Traci ~ Wow what a big boy!! Remind me... what did he weigh at birth? My little girl is 19 days old and must weigh about 12 lbs. Not sure, I need to have her weighed.

Threeforme ~ I am totally with you on the car thing. When my boys were babies they would go straight to sleep. Not Miah. She screams. It is sooo hard when I am alone. She did do well last night. We traveled about two hours out of town to take my ds to compete in a wrestling tournament and she slept the whole way. I couldn't believe it. It was so nice. But she made up for it on the way home!!

Gotta run. I will be back later. DH has breakfast ready for me!! Yeahhh!!
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Yeah, I just realized that when Gavin is awake that most of the time he's crying! ???? Grant had reflux as a baby but I don't think that's it. His cries don't seem like he is in pain, just agitated. So today I tried giving him a binky. He didn't know what to do with it at first but then it seemed to soothe him. I think he really needs to suck but was getting too much milk because then he would be upset and spitting up everywhere. So maybe the binky will help with some of the fussiness!

Hi Tracie. Congrats on your big boy! He's beautiful. I'm sorry about the 4th degree tear. I had one with my first and they are no fun!

Shannon- Oh, that dinner sounds nice! Glad you got out!

Traci- Cosleeping is going well for us. It just seems towards morning that Gavin wakes more and I don't know if he is really hungry but I tend to nurse him in hopes that I can get a bit more sleep!
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Okay took Zander to his 1 month check up although he was 5 weeks old. He weighed 11lbs 7oz and was 22 inches long. I can't beleive he has grown 2 inches since birth!!! The doctor was impressed with how well he could hold up his head. I was giving him .5ml of Zantac 3 times a day and he would just barf it back up. So now I'm giving him .25ml twice a day and his barfing has turned into just spitting up. He wants to nurse constantly so I am considering buying him a pacifier to use when I can't nurse him. Zander has baby acne and the doctor says it's from the hormones in my breast milk. Anyone have any thoughts on that? As for co-sleeping Zander sleeps on my arm and wakes up twice a night, and I feed him and change is diaper. He is a good baby!!!
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Sofia has the baby acne too now, although Chloe had it much worse.

We started using a pacifier a little (mostly in the car but occasionally when I'm getting ready in the morning) about a week ago. I still feel bad when I give it to her because Chloe was just attached to my breast and never really took to a passy. I'm trying to work on not comparing Sofia and Chloe as much. There are things we did or didn't do with Chloe that just won't work as smoothly now that I'm juggling two. I just try to do my best.

I have my pp check up on Thursday (almost a week late) My husband can't make it, unfortunatly and it will be difficult with Chloe and Sofia with me. I may see if mt friend can watch Chloe for me during the appt. That would make it easier.

Gotta go for now. More later. Love, Tricia
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Hi ALL!!!

I didn't post much during the pregnancy due to NO TIME with a toddler and I can't believe I have time now....lol.

But I saw this thread and wanted to announce that I had a baby girl - Carlee Ryan M. born on Feb. 3rd. She weighed in at 9 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long. She is nursing great and BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have a small picture of my ds holding Carlee in my signature if you wanna take a look.

COngrats to all of the mamas and their babes here Oh, and do we have a Feb. thread in "Living with a Babe" forum?? Just wondering.
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congrats heather glad to hear things are going well. btw, you link didn't work
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I am so overwhelmed with four children! I keep thinking I'll read and contribute to the discussions but rarely get a chance to get on the computer when I can actually post. I'm usually naking and it's hard for me to type with one finger; I usually have to support the breast with my free hand, due to my humongo boobs! :LOL

Is anyone else having to do an elimination diet? Joe has eye wrinkles, red cheeks, ring around the anus (doesn't that sound like some sort of whacked-out kids' game? ), extreme congestion, and what I think is reflux. I've been doing an elimination diet for a week and am not sure if I'm seeing improvement yet. I am, however, feeling very deprived!

Other than those symptoms, Joe is a great baby. He's pretty fussy in the evenings, but during the day he's fairly laid-back. He's also the only one of my kids who actually SLEEPS like he's "supposed" to. What a relief! As long as he's being held or is in a sling he's content for the most part until it's time for his post-dinner fussy time.

Uh oh, I'm being requested for nummies for Alec, must go!
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Morning all, well, little Miss Molly decided that last night would not be for any form of sleeping We tried to go to bed at midnight, she'd just been fed but she fussed and screamed and kept bouncing her little fists off my face, gas drops didn't work, cuddling didn't work, finally daddy took her out to the living room so I could at least get a couple hours, the only thing that worked to calm her was if he walked on the treadmill with her--his legs are VERY sore this morning--it never dawned on him to lower the elevation :LOL Apparently he brought her back in at 4:00am and she was wide awake again and in a mood at 5:00am, so I went out with her--of course we both have busy days today-it figures
Molly has this nasty rash, that at first I was thinking was baby acne but I thought it was too late for that--Molly is 8 weeks old today and it's even on the backs of her ears-all crusty, basically both cheeks, forehead, scalp and the back of her little neck--anyone have baby acne that started this late??

Parker's mommy-congrats on little Carlee!!

Well, Molly has an appt with the ped again today, my big worry is that this rash is because we have her back on cows milk formula, she's doing well in every other way with it-except she is very..ummm..farty, yesterday I yelled at Steve cause I heard it in the kitchen and he swore it was her, not him-I didn't believe him, but then she did it again while sitting with me--very gross and stinky
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Shannon, that sounds like a milk allergy to me. Is there any way to switch her formula to something else? The sleeplessness could also be a reaction to dairy; when Alec (my 3-year old) would have dairy he wouldn't sleep. I'm sorry you are having a rough time right now! Sleep deprivation is the pits.
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Deb, she's been on so many formulas we're going nuts, my kitchen counter looks like the formula aisle in the grocery store!! I'm really afraid the rash is milk allergy as it popped up when we put her back on the Good Start--although she never had a skin reaction to any of the other milk formulas she was on--just projectile vomitting and constipation. I really can't complain too much about the sleep, last night was unusual, she usually gives us 5 hrs and then a 3 hour block of sleep with a 3 hr nap in the afternoon. (ok, as I'm typing this all out she hurled on my laptop....great!) I do have a feeling she'll be back on the soy formula though--of course because I just bought a big case of the very expensive good start-figures. Oddly the worst one she was on was the hypoallergenic--she screamed for 5 days straight and it stopped the instant we took her off it.
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Oh Shannon, I'm so sorry! Hazel has had a rash that sounds just like that! We took her to the ped, and the nurse practitioner said it was baby acne, but maybe also some ecxsema (how do you spell that word?) We were pretty sure she was wrong though, because it got kind of scaly/crusty around her eyebrows. We stopped using baby soap on her face except for maybe 1x a week. I've also tried (pretty unsuccessfully, I might add) to reduce dairy in my diet. And we resorted to some hydrocortisone ointment a couple of times. Whatever it was, it cleared up pretty well, although she still gets scaly eyebrows sometimes.

I want to tell everyone more, but I'm NAK right now, and getting ready to go out shopping with a friend. I go back to work on Wednesday, and I'm so depressed. I get literally sick to my stomach when I think about it.
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Shannon, that sounds liek a description of cradle cap to me... mind you i've never seen cradle cap, but thats sort of what the midwife described it as... anyone btdt???
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I have been cutting out dairy in my diet for about 2 weeks. Sofia is so gasy at night and makes so much noise trying to pass it. Grunts, toots, burps, dolphin noises :LOL , and ocassional crying out etc. We had been using gas drops, but they didn't really seem to work that great. I didn't use them last night and it was pretty much the same as if we had used them.

Chloe has been nursing a lot lately. She is also not really eating much. Maybe a bit of cereal or something for breakfast, a couple bites of lunch, sometimes she will eat a half of an apple for snack and a couple bites at dinner. This has been going on for several days now. Don't know what's going on. I know she is still cutting teeth and is chewing on everything (fingers, toys, etc)

Well, I better go for now. Take care!

Love, Tricia

I haven't seen any thread for us at life with a babe. Maybe someone can start one?
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Chloe had cradle cap for a long time. Didn't seem to bother her though. It was pretty much just on her head. Scaley , crusty.... She had it for most of her first year. We didn't do much with it. I would pick it it out of her hair sometimes. There are moms that use a little oil to moisten it and then pick it off or use Selsen Blue shampoo on th baby's hair. I thought that was too strong so we didn't do that.

Shannon: Hope your ped gives you some answers and little Molly starts feeling better.
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Oh, wow, Shannon! I'm so rarely able to catch up with the general chat threads that I didn't know all that about Molly. You guys haven't had an easy time of it at all! I hope you figure something out; an unhappy baby makes life miserable for everyone.
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I don't think it's cradle cap Joy, it only just moved to her scalp this weekend and she's had it for more than a week now. I know it started within 48 hrs of moving to a milk based formula, I just kept thinking it would go away soon, but instead its gotten worse. My big issue with the soy formula (other than my own personal issues with soy) is that they don't come with the dha and ara and I think that's really important, anyone have any ideas on how I can supplement to get those into her diet.
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Wow, I guess it is time to move this thread, huh? A right of passage for us!

Baby Finn had really bad excema 2 days after he was born --all over his cheeks and chin. One spot on his chin was very scaly. This is what we did and it cleared it up almost instantaneously -- put him under a humidifier and slathered his face with Burt's Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Lotion many times a day. It really only took about a day to clear up after this! And I was surprised, because it was bad! I also started taking a tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil daily (on top of the oil capsules I already take) and that seems to make a big difference, too. I forgot to take my Flax Oil on Thursday and the excema came back on Friday but now it's gone again. So...that's my formula: Humidifer, Burts Bees Buttermilk Lotion, and Flaxseed oil.
The past couple of days his skin has been so clear I haven't even had to use any lotion.

Shan -- thanks for the latest update on Hevea. I'm so curious as to what she named him!!! I'll try to wait patiently.

Finn is very snarky while sleeping, too. He grunts and coos -- I don't think it's gas related though. He doesn't seem uncomfortable, he's just noisy! I hope it's not gas, because I honestly don't think I could ever give up dairy. Cheese is my favorite food group! We're still working on the sleeping thing. His new thing is to wake up for good at 5:45 am and demand to get out of bed. I'm definitely NOT a morning person, but I'm adjusting. I really can't complain because he's an absolute angel.

Monica -- thinking about you and hoping you're finding the support you need.

Lousli -- I'm SO sorry you have to go back to work!!! I'm depressed for you. ((((hugs))))

Well, Snarky Finn is waking up. See you mamas later...
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Well the good news about going back to work is that I have to go for 1.5 weeks, then I'm off for 4 weeks, then I have to work all of May and June, and then...I'M DONE!!!
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Hi all,
Well, I'm considering giving up dairy, too, but really don't want to because I love it!! Andrew is constipated and pretty gassy, so I'll see if no dairy helps. He pooed three times a day for about a week and then just stopped...but I can't figure out what I was eating or started eating that might have made a difference... He also has baby acne, but it's clearing up now. He's a pretty mellow little guy and we are loving having him here! We also use a pacifier occasionally. It's better than dh's finger in his mouth! Ds1 never used one, but I'm glad andy seems soothed by it and my poor nipples get a break. I don't know how you tandem mamas manage--it must feel like nursing's all you do!

Ds1 had cradle cap as a toddler. We would massage warm sesame oil into his scalp before bed and that helped clear it up.

Dh got us a movie...I had a nice nap earlier so we're going to attempt to stay up to watch it!

Lousli, sorry about the working thing...I hope it's not too terrible. I'm glad you have a light at the end, when you can stop! Good luck.

Shannon, good luck with the formula dilemma. I hope you find one which works!

Traci, congratulations on your little girl.

Hope you're all well. xo susan
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Hi all, I'm so exhausted it's not even funny. The appt with Molly's pediatrician went well, he's a really nice guy and so far she has yet to cry once while he looks at her (I'm thinking of kidnapping him and tying him up beside her co-sleeper) He says he really thinks it's likely evidence of dairy allergy. He said it takes 10 days to see the full effects of a formula change-bad or good, we're at 10 days now on dairy and she's got a nasty old bumpy face and head, she's puking almost as much as she takes in (that just started again yesterday) and she's extremely fussy. On the drive home she was just inconsolable, I actually pulled off on the highway to try to calm her she was just screaming, nothing worked so I just drove home--fast. Once home it carried on for 3 straight hours, she's never, ever cried non-stop for longer than 20 minutes or so, nothing would settle her, food, paci, changed bum, movement, swaddle, swing, I tried it all, finally she just passed out in my arms, I feel so badly for her, she's so miserable I ended up waking her and feeding her and she did fall back off to sleep so I'm hoping the worst is over. Wish me luck!
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