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is painting ok?

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Just before I found out I was pg, i started painting my dd's room. Is that ok to do that when you are pg? I'd be happy to let dh do it, but it may never get done!
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I heard it wasn't safe
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either google or do a mothering.com search for "low voc paint" & also "xero voc paint"

*they* say that a zero VOC (volatile prganic compound - the toxins that are in & that get released until paint is dry & room is fumigated) is safe. I think Sherwin-Williams is the co. who sells a line of safe-paints, under the name "Harmony" If not maybe google "Harmony safe paint" & see what comes up... or hire someone or ask an artistic friend, or dh

also, always have excellent vent. & wear gloves, even for latex, which all zero/low VOC paints are
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