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How do you rotate toys?

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What do you do with the ones out of rotation? HOw do you store them? How do you decide what to get out each week/2 weeks/month, however you rotate? Do you get some of each kind of toy, or have a theme? I'd love some cool ideas!
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I have 3 rubbermaid bins that I keep in the basement. I divided them up pretty randomly, but tried to keep only one toy of a certain 'type' to each bin. For example, there's one alphabet type toy in each bin, one type of sorting toy, one type of pounding toy, etc.

There are a bunch of toys that always stay out, including arts and crafts stuff.

I trade the bins when I think she's getting tired/bored with what's out.

Good luck!
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I try to just get rid of extra toys. I don't have the patience to rotate them and keep their stuff organized.

I figure their toys get "rotated" because other family members and friends keep buying them more!!!
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We do the same thing! It works great for us.
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Our playroom is really just the spare bedroom. Most of the toys are stored in the closet. The kids don't have access to the closet itself (yea for childproof doorknob covers!). There are always a selection of toys available in the actual playroom.
At any given time the kids usually have:

2 or 3 puzzles at a time- the rest are stored.
Blocks or legos.
A small basket of hotwheels or a couple of bigger trucks.
One game (memory, candiland, shoots and ladders, etc.)
A selection of dress up clothes.
Crayons, paper, and some coloring books.
A basket of books (these get changed VERY frequently!)
One or two musical instruments at a time (shakers, wooden xylophone, tamborine, bongo drums. etc)

A few other favorite toys are also rotated in and out: the dolls and cradle, a small play kitchen with wooden food, a basket of train tracks and trains, the farmhouse with animals, toy dinosaurs, etc.

As for how often I switch out the toys- it just depends. On most days I swap out a couple of things for something new. Somedays I don't. Sometimes the kids will play with a certain toy everyday for weeks on end, other times they might tire of the same toy quickly.

Other than crayons and paper the other art supplies also stay in the closet. I learned the hard way that glitter, glue and scissors do not always have to be accessable! LOL...

I also have a small home daycare which is why we actually have an entire room (albeit a small room!) dedicated just to the kids' toys. I don't know what we'll do when we actually NEED that room for our own son since our house is pretty small...
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i used to put toys away on a top shelf away from the hands and eyes of curious little children...

I would put them out again within a month and then they always seemed new...

...and then I would hide other toys while they enjoyed the 'new' ones.
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That reminds me...

DH would hold them up to the shelf where the toys were being hidden, and then my DS would point anxiously at those 'new' toys...:

...and then take them down, give them to him and leave the room!!

I can laugh now as it is a pleasant memory :LOL
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