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Menu Mailers from www.savingdinner.com

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Does anyone here subscribe to the menu mailers at www.savingdinner.com ? If so, do you like it? I am considering subscribing because I HATE menu planning and grocery shopping!! I either take TOO LONG to plan the meals because I get sick of eating the same things over and over and/or want to eat healthier and spend LOTS of time looking up recipes. Or, I end up throwing a quick list together, which usually consists of meals that aren't the healthiest. So, I was thinking that Saving Dinner might make my life easier by not only planning my meals for my family, but also helping us eat healthier.

I'm going to try the sample menu from the Regular Menu-Mailer to see how I like it. But I also just wanted input from any others who have tried it.

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I took a look at the menu-mailers, and decided that they didn't meet my needs. The regular menu mailer uses way more meat than we do (or soy alternatives, and I'm sensitive to soy.) The vegetarian menu mailer has too many recipes with dairy ingredients- I'm allergic to cow's milk, and if I cook a delicious meal that I shouldn't eat, I'll usually end up eating it anyway. I would just substitute goat's milk in all the recipes, but I have yet to find a kosher goat milk cheese, so I don't use cheese in recipes at all (though I still have parmasean cheese on the table with spaghetti and make simple things like grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids.)

If you don't have any special nutritional needs, then Saving Dinner looks like a pretty good deal. If there was a Frugal Vegan Menu Mailer I'd consider subscribing.
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I use it and love it! I've tried so many wonderful recipes and new foods! It makes shopping so much easier and I even look forward to cooking. It's so nice to have all the planning done for me. There are several versions to try and they all seem good.
Happy Cooking!
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We did the low-carb menu mailer for about 4 months last year - when dh was on a "diet". I found it to be more expensive (grocery-wise) than what I usually cook. It would just kill me to buy stuff that wasn't on sale just because I had to follow the menu I was given.

On the other hand, we really liked most of the recipies. And if you have trouble with meal planning or shopping it would probably be positive for your family.
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I have her cookbook (Saving Dinner) out from the library right now. I've gotten a few good quick recipes out of it, but after flipping through it, I don't think I would ever make an entire weekly menu. I'm too picky, plus like the pp, I prefer to buy what's on sale/fresh and work around that. I did like several of the crockpot recipes, though, I'm always psyched to find new yummy things for the crock. Check your library for the cookbook!

ETA: Oh yeah, I seriously thought the serving suggestions in the cookbook format were meant to be a joke because they consisted almost exclusively of: baked sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, & brown rice. Good stuff to be sure, but v. repetitive.
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I've used the free sample menus on the site, but haven't subscribed. But it does make it easy when you don't have to make the shopping list yourself. And the meals are simple enough for DH, who normally doesn't cook at all.
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You all HAVE to check out http://www.just-tell-me-what-to-cook.com
The mama who runs it is a member here and it's free. I've gotten some great recipes from it. All whole foods! No mixes or boxes. Yet it's all fast. I don't really use the menu as it's sent, but I would probably never do that with any service. Just doesn't fit me. Still, her recipes are often my "fall backs" and she has a very practical approach.

Not affiliated in any way, just a fan!
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I get the vegetarian menu mailer but won't renew when my subscription runs out. I have made maybe one or two of them meals and I've been getting it since the day it started in January. We don't eat dairy, so there are always one or two recipes that I can't make--it's not always just taking out the cheese, sometimes it's a "Cream of..." type of soup or something that *needs* dairy. Two of my family doesn't eat eggs, so that leaves out any kind of quicke or frittata type of dish. And I've not found one crockpot recipe that we all like. Maybe we're just too picky! :LOL
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I used to get it but it is very repetitive and I spent a lot of time revamping the recipes for us. If you really want to try it, get the shortest sub and save them to re-use elements of it. For me, I ususally used 3-4 weeks to get 1 week's menu.
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