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Quality Toddler Magazines?

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DD loves books and I think she would enjoy a magazine subscription. Any suggestions?
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We get Wild Animal Baby from the National Wildlife Federation. It's cute. no commercials.
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I ditto that! The magazine is so cute! Heavy pages that don't tear easily, no staples holding it together that little fingers can get. Cute short stories and very colorful pictures!

Chloe was born on my birthday
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Look for it cheap on Ebay!
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My 2-year-old loves Babybug. It has gorgeous illustrations and wonderful stories, poems, and activities. It's little, like a board book, and printed on cardstock-quality paper.
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The National Wildlife Federation publishes "Your Big Backyard." My DH's grandmother sent DD1 a subscription for her birthday, and she loves it. Nice photos, simple text. Babybug seems very nice, too.
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Ds just turned two and has a subscription to Wild Animal Baby. We got one sample of Your Big Backyard, but he is not quite ready for that one.

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We have a subscription to Ladybug for our newly 2 y.o. daughter (subscription was a bday present...) It's by the same company as Babybug (and Cricket), but the magazine has more text than Babybug and it's not on cardstock. It's for ages 2-6, and we really enjoy it so far.
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we loved babybug up until about 2.5. love ladybug and your big backyard now at 4. i think you'd be happy with either babybug or wild animal baby. can you check them out at your library?
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my ds loves babybug.
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We also love Babybug. There are no ads. Also they have lots of different children featured, white, black, mixed etc... with all the different authors and artist it is very diverse. Maya, 16months LOVES it and reads and rereads each issue.
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Another vote here for Babybug. 21 month old DD has loved it since she was about 12 months.
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DD had Babybug until 23 months, DS until 3 and I think that DS keeping it longer was a better choice. If you have a subscription to Babybug, you can move up to Ladybug at anytime--- you just contact them and tell them.

Animal Baby is Your Big Backyard's younger sibling and published in the same format as Babybug (almost a board book, but more flexible).

Personally, I like Babybug better than Animal Baby because it covers more subjects. Additionally, I really like that they have a "Kim & Carrots" (a toddler and stuffed bunny) story every month--- it is something a toddler can begin to predict and look forward to.

That said, if your child is really into animals maybe Animal Baby would be a better choice. If you can, check if your library has copies. Either one is GREAT and they also are relevant for years (unlike news magazines, or ones on popular culture). They also hold up very well--- we have them from the last 5 years (well, DS actually moved to Click this last November so we aren't getting them anymore) and most of them are still really nice.
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My ds recieved a subscription to Chirp for his third birthday. He loves it, and often reads it to himself.
(I believe this magazine is Canadian...... if that matters......)
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What about Your Big Backyard for a just turned 3 year old?
And Turtle - anyone know anything about that one?

Also, my son liked Wild Animal Baby better than Babybug. We LOVE the photos in WAB. BB only has drawings, where WAB has both.
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