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"That person is going to wreck!" and then they actually DO!

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We were driving downt he road outside our house. THe speed limit is 55. People take it at 60.

We were going along at about 57 (dh won't do 60, which is fine by me...) There is a car in front and a car beside us. This little black Acura comes flying up behind in the opposite lane. He squeezes in between us and car besdie to get in front of us. THen he squeezes between the car in front and the car beside in order to get around us all and speeds up the road.

I looka t dh adn say, That guy is gonna kill himslef or someone!

That night we were watching the news and all of a sudden they start talking about this wreck. A man swurved through some cars in order to pass them. Then he lost control aqnd took out a car and a light pole.

It was that ilttle black Acura! THe same one! The guy drving walked away fine the other car had a family in it. 3 were rushed to the hospital and one was in serious condition the others were released.

HOw weird and scarey is that!
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Thats crazy isn't it, what is it with people. I remember coming back from a trip a few yrs ago and there was this guy speeding up behind us, he passed us and as he was trying to pass the next car now in front of him, he had to swerve as an on coming car made its way down on this two-lane road. Well, the crazy guy swerved off the road and drove his car up a small tree in front of someones house.
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Oh my gosh, something like this happened to us two summers ago. I was in the left lane going 75 and this car was just barreling up the road ready to crash into me. Luckily I got over, but he was driving like a madman, all over the place. A little further up the road he made another car flip over, and he ended up driving into a tree. Turned out he was hopped up on some sort of drug. SCARY STUFF!!!
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I hope those people he hit are okay.
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I can't stand dangerous drivers.
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why are there SO many dangerous, stupid, inconsiderate "drivers" on the road!???
An idiot came VERY close to rear-ending me yesterday...thank God my kids weren't in the car!
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I would call the police and tell them you witnessed the driver going erratically. It might help them build a stronger case against the driver.

I sure hope that family is going to be alright. It is so unfair that a jerk like that can bring such devastation.
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Omg! I know what you mean about crazy drivers! Once my friend and I were out, and we were at a stoplight. She drives this huge pickup truck, and while we were sitting in it, we get a jolt and a scraping sound. I'm like, "What was that??" and look behind me, and there's this car with a guy talking on a cell phone! He doesn't even look up! Granted, nothing worse than a small dent in my friend's truck, but the guy didn't even care! I mean, his car was the one that was in worse shape. So, she gets out of the car to check (guy is still sitting in there talking on his cell), and he looks up, and gets out and apoligizes, and gets back in and continues talking! WTF???
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That's horrible

It happened to me as well. We were driving to another town and a little red neon was driving crazily (it was winter and tons of black ice) We said that he'd end up in a ditch... and sure enough a couple of miles down the road he was in the ditch, upside down. There were people there so we were not needed... but he ended up dying. I am so glad he didn't take anyone with him
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Sadly, I am learning that stuff like this is more prevalant than I thought!
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I didn't see this driver, but on Monday a guy hauling around in his mustang went to pass and nearly drove an unmarked cop off the road. Then he hit a grandmother and her grandson down the road before the cop could get to him. The GM died and the GS is still in the hospital in serious condition. The driver was in good condition last I heard.
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Luckily nobody was hurt in the one I saw recently, but a young guy on a very dense commericial highway cam zooming up my bumper, swerved suddenly across two lanes and then superaccerlated - right before a red light! In an extremely crowded section of road...nowhere to go. So sure enough, he rear-ended an elderly couple waiting in line to go at the green light. I did wait and talk to the cops at that one. After getting the couple back in the car who decided they wanted to walk around in traffic! So I left my much larger vehicle behind them until I got them off the road. The driver's sister showed up and was hollering at him. And I gave her the scoop so she could holler extra.
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I haven't heard any updates so I'm aauming everyone is ok. Which is good but aggrivating that it happened.

Good thing is that from the looks of it the guys car was totalled.... at least its off the road for a bit, kwim?
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With us it's always the cops. "He's gonna get pulled over." as we watch a little sports car zoom down the road, changing lanes w/out signaling, ect. Sure enough, a few miles down the road, there he is on the shoulder, with a state trooper beside him, writing on his little pad. It doesn't matter what kind of hurry you're in, getting pulled over or having to dig yourself out of the ditch will take more time than anything else.
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