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The stork dropped of a baby GIRL!!

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Hello Everyone!

Well, we had a little girl yesterday (3/16/05). She doesn't have a name yet But we are working on it!

When I got up on Wed morning I had a lot of mucous but was having no contractions. I kinda knew something was going to happen however, because that was how it happened with Rainey- except I was having very mild contractions with Rainey. So, Scott went off to work with me telling him I would be calling him and he told me he would come home at noon to take me to the market for food because I was kinda freaking out about the low amount of food we had. My Midwife called, just to check on me because all along I had thought my due date was the 13th and then when we looked again on Sat at my appointment we realized it was the 16th. And my Midwife had to run about an hour away and wanted to see how I was doing. I told her I had lost some of my mucous plug but was not having contractions, but was expecting them soon. She told me how to get a hold of her and her assistant in case I needed them.

Scott came home and we went to the store, I started having some mild contractions around noon. But nothing too major and far apart. We went to the market, then we went and took back some movies and got some new ones. By the time we got home and settled it was nearing 4 p.m. And I did some house work and started making dinner for Scott and Rainey. Then about 5:30 or so my contractions picked up and I need Scott to rub my back during them- and Rainey too .... Scott made a bath for Rainey and I at about 6:30 or 7 and we took a bath and my contractions slowed down during that time. But as soon as I got out there were coming every 3 min and some were lasting less than a min and other were lasting nearly 2 min. Scott stayed with me and rubbed my back and Rainey helped him.

Some how it ended up that I was having contractions pretty close and but I don't remember what time that was. Scott and Rainey got a slow cooker and put water in it and wash clothes and I moved to our bedroom and they put the warm wash cloths on me and it felt so much better. I started laboring in my legs again- very painful so I started to push and that helped and I told Scott I wanted him to call my Midwives. By the time they got here I was pushing slowly on my own with a few contractions and then I moved to my hands and knees on the floor and really started pushing. I pushed for about 20 min after the midwives got here and I fear I scared Rainey with all my screaming- but hey, I am a screamer! She seemed to do really well... Scott held her when she was scared and she laid under the birth stool I was resting on and she was saying shhhhhhhh.... to me. It was very sweet. Then all the sudden the baby was out! And I turned around asking Scott to tell me what it was- IT WAS A GIRL!! I really didnt care either way- but I had thought we were having a boy- I was wrong once again.

We had asked our midwives not to suction out the babies mouth, and they didn't my midwife just handed the baby over to me. We did suck her nose so lightly but it was so noninvasive. Then I delivered the placenta on my floor in the bedroom with in 5 min! I was surprised how fast that detached and was ready to come out. Rainey was so good the whole time. My Midwife took some cord blood after the baby was detached from the placenta and we are mailing it off to Seattle today to get our test for OI.

She is a bit more of a screamer than Rainey ever was. But I knew that when I was pregnant, because she was just so much more active- more like me! She is amazed wither her thumbs- and when she came out I kept saying that her eyes were all red, the eye lids- like she had been hit or something- well we found out fast it is because she is a thumb sucker and she pokers her eyes with her fingers- so she must have been a pretty active thumb sucker in the womb- Just like her mama! She has very blond hair and a crooked smile- Such a mamas girl!!!

Having her at home was so very different than a hospital and I am so lucky to have been able to do this. It was so much less stress on Scott and I and we were able to keep our wishes intact and no one poked, prodded or gooped her up. She is nursing great- however she loves her thumb too.. We got our cloth diapers on her and she is all warm and happy.

I think Scott sent out the stats to everyone! But here they are again!

10:02 pm 3/16/05

7lbs 12oz


I am sending more photos of her!

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Yeah!!!! :

Congratulations Ang!!! Looking forward to reading which name you picked for your little princess
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Aww, it's so cute when they suck their tiny thumbs!

Congratulations! : baby!

Loved your birth story, sounds like it was fantastic!
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Congratulations!!!! Yippiee! Happy Birthday, sweet baby!
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so sweet ang . beautiful story.

i forgot to put the measurements for quinten--he was 8lb 4oz and 21"long. he gained back all his weight w/in 6 days. we are having some latch issues, but he is clearly not suffering, just mama.
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Congratulations!!! What a sweet and fast birth! You all are such a sweet family. Your little girl is darling. I am so happy she came at last!
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Awww... look at her! So sweet and new and kissable. Congratulations!
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Congratulations at last!!! That's so funny about the thumb in the eye..... :LOL
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Welcome to your sweet baby girl girl:
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Just wanted to put a congrats in your official birth thread

Sounds like a great labor and birth. Enjoy your babymoon mama
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Congratulations!!! What a great story.

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Good job!!! Congratulations to you & your beautiful baby GIRL!!! I was shocked when mine turned out to be a girl too!! Both times!!! I wish you luck with a name. My first wasn't named for a few days... But she has the most perfectly suited name for her! You will find the right one for your perfect angel!!!

Congratulations again!!!!
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Well done, mama...enjoy your little one!
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Congrats Ang!

You made it sound so easy.
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Congrats Ang! I'm so glad everything went well and yay for no eye goop!
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