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***Baby Shower***

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Hey you guys, all of our babies have made their arrivals so I thought it was time to have our last virtual shower

The deadline to sign up and have your lists posted is April 15 (my birthday ) I'm giving a full month because I know we're all busy with our new little ones.

After the 15th you will have 2 weeks to get your gift in the mail.

As before, if there is a specific mama you'd like to buy for, please let me know and I will do my best to ensure that's the mama you get.

Each gift will have a value of $20.00 and you can let me know how many you'd like to give--obviously the number you give will be the same number you receive.

I'm really looking forward to organizing this one and getting to know what everyone wants for their babes
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i'm in.... list to come later

eta some suggestions...

Anything homemade *except* blankets This child has enough blankets to keep a small platoon warm

Diapers - specifically fuzzibuns size small or medium, joeybuns inserts, Wonderoo's, and/or wonderfulls inserts. Also loving Sugarpeas fleece covers, size small or medium. color doesn't matter, but I am a bright person, not a pastel person

Books for reading aloud. Gently used are fine. We have already most of the Dr Seuss books since we did the nursery in dr seuss... but really nothing else.

Please please please - don't send me baby boy clothes - i have 4 friends with little boys who have all seen fit to give us things, one of them has given us an entire wardrobe, and people keep giving us more clothes. Dominic has clothing - more than Rod and I together, until he's well into toddlerhood.

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So can you clarify for me since I missed the other showers? I was a late joiner.

So do we send you our contact information and then you just assign us to someone else to buy for? Do we sign our names to them? Is it a secret?

But I'm definitely in! I will have to ponder the list, though. How fun!
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Okay, here's my list:

pretty wool yarn dyed or undyed to make soakers (I really like Cherry Tree Hill and Noro yarns)
knitting needles in sizes 4,5,10
crochet hooks, any size
circular or double pointed knitting needles, any size
small or NB diapers: snap-ez, fitted diapers (sugarpeas, firefly, sugar plum baby, or your favorite...I'd love to try it!)
fuzzi bunz new color combos
baby socks that look like Mary Janes...I think they're Magic Cabin or Hearth Song
modeling beeswax for my older child
cute girly spring/summer outfits in sizes 0-3 months or 3-6 months (she's 9 pounds now, but it is hot here well into September and starting as early as April)
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Lisa -
The way it works is you will send a PM to shannon with how many $20 gifts you want to give... you end up getting as many as you give. They can be homemade, store bought or webpage registry sent.... or any combo thereof. You send Shannon your snail mail info. You put a list of suggestions of things you want / need (and in my case, things i don't need at all) out on the thread, and Shannon matches folks up.

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Yes, what Joy said, plus...if you're reading peoples lists and really want to give to that person, let me know ASAP and I will do my best to match you up. The people you are giving to will not necessarily be the persons giving to you.
Also, if you plan to make your gifts, let me know that as I will purposely set you up with someone who wants homemade--KWIM???
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Please count me in! Fun, fun, fun...

okay, here's my wishlist (it's very short):

any size bigger than 0-3 of cute girly clothing, especially zutano with animals, flowers, or other fun design - gently used would be terrific.

books - maybe some of the basic dr. seuss (we don't have most of them) or something fun and not well known.

we also have tons of blankets. we are weird about dipes - all fuzzi bunz and we use one color for each size (so we know what we're doing with laundry) -- so maybe avoid them for us, i guess (although i do love the contrasting colors ones!)

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I'm definitely in this one as I missed the last one when we were in the middle of moving

Some suggestions:

I love homemade gifts. If you make homemade lotions, butters, lip balms, etc...you would make my day (I've already had a taste of Joy's lip balm and it's to die for, so now I'm hooked on au natural body products)

I'd love some girly colored CD's...pinks or lavendars or purples, etc. FB's in size SM. Any CD really...I'm not picky. I just found the love of wool and have a few soakers on the way so I could use some fitteds, OVs, etc. I can always use inserts as well.

Cloth wipes? I can always use a bunch of these.

Nursing necklace

That's all I can think of for now. HTH
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can i play too? i also missed the last one!

let's see:

nursing necklace
cloth wipes
cloth diapers or diaper covers

i'm new to cd'ing so i don't have any reall preferences and am open to anything that's simple and easy to use

robeez type shoes
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Count me in!!

~ FB's preferably but any pocket or AIO would be fine anysize, really........either neutral or boy colors......not picky here.

~Anything homemade

~Sub to Mothering Mag

~Cloth wipes........prefer organic, but not picky

~Pilot cap in vintage blue
Colorful cardigan in either red or french blue size 60
Swedish mocs in anything but pink,
all from www.hannaandersson.com

~Gift certs to great NFL sites on the web, or Target, hanna andersson, Pottery Barn Kids, Starbucks :LOL :

~A mini-shower from www.earthybirthymama.com

~A nursing necklace....like greens, blues and purples and reds/pinks

I think that is it.......I may come back and edit
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i'm in! list later as i'm typing with one hand. btw, shannon, your b-day is the same as my mom's! (and a week after mine.) xo susan
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Just bumping this and reminding everyone to post your lists!
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I'm in! How fun. I'm enjoying the gifts from last time so much! I don't need much, hmmm....

These "wishes" can be found at www.naturalbabies.com

A gift certificate for Natural Babies would be great. I'm saving up for another Maya Wrap to keep in the car.

Medium Fuzzi Bunz Colors (navy blue w/yellow fleece)

Medium Bug Print Fuzzi Bunz

Baby Bits wipe solution soaps

__________________________________________________ ________

Nursing necklace with springish colors - homemade is great!

Homemade soaps, baby hats, wool diaper covers

Fabric that can be used to make slings (I'm currently into making pouches)

35 mm film to take more pics of my little one!

More later....
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wish list


I'll add my wish for a nursing necklace, too.

Books, especially anything with "local flavor" (ie. we have an alphabet book called "L is for Lobster" with a Maine theme...anything from your region??)

Boy clothes (gently used is fine with me!) size 6 mos. and up (baby is 11lbs and outgrowing most of what we have!)

Hats, especially spring/summer weight. I love hats and Andrew has outgrown most of his.

Inserts/doublers for Wonderoos/Fuzzi bunz

Bert's Bees baby products

Anything home-made!

Have fun! I'm looking forward to yet another wonderful exchange with you all. Be well. susan

Thanks, Shannon, for organizing this.
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I haven't done one of these before so I'm still a little confused. How does Shannon know how to match people up? I know we're posting our lists of what we want/don't want. But what about the list of what we can/want to give?

Used things are fine with me (Amelie is 15 1/2 lbs as far as sizing goes):

I could use a boppy
regular/premium prefolds
a wool soaker or two
Bummis Super Whisper Wraps size medium
Massage oil for baby like sweet almond oil or Burt's Bees apricot oil or sesame oil from http://www.youthingstrategies.com/
socks - I can't seem to keep pairs together so I need more.
Homeopathics: Arnica, Chamomilla (or Hyland's teething tabs)
Parenting books: Playful Parenting, How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen and Listen So Your Kids Will Talk, Easy to Love Difficult to Discipline, Without Spoiling or Spanking (I may have the titles slightly wrong)
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Kava, you pm me with how many "packages" you'd like to give adn a list of who you'd like to gift to (so read everyone's want lists and I'll try my best to match you up) Please give me a couple choices for who you'd like to give to. Oh and if you are say sending 3 gifts, all can be to the same mama if want to get her something big (if she's also giving 3 gifts) Basically, the number of gifts you give is the number you will get. Clear as mud right??
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Got it!
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I hope it's not too late to jump in on this. I'm such a procrastinator.

My wish list

Small Fuzzi Bunz (used or new)

Medium diapers


Wool wash

Ring sling or pouch (homemade is perfect). I need something I can nurse DS in since we're always on the go and they moby wrap isn't very nursing friendly.

I'd also like some activist wear about cloth diapering, intactivism, lactivism, home birth, etc... for my son.

I really need diapers though in size medium
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Was I supposed to give you my email addy, Shannon or have we not gotten that far yet? I haven't been here in so long I'm hoping I didn't miss something.
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Hey guys, I know I'm late on this, Molly's reflux has been acting up and on top of that the weather has been awesome--so when she's not screaching, we've been out. I will get the contacts organized tomorrow and give you your matches by the end of the day. I'll extend the deadline by a couple days too.
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