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Oh, don't feel bad about ignoring people on callerID--I do it all the time! :LOL The phone is there for our convenience-we're not obligated to pick it up! Especially if you know that the call will be aggravating. I haven't had too many people calling around here, but I have gone as far as not returning phone messages from people asking about the baby...feels rude, but I just don't want to talk to them about it!

My in-laws think that it's funny to joke with dh EVERY TIME he calls that they don't want to hear from him if we haven't had the baby yet....doesn't bother him at all, but it really irks me, somehow. I know they're joking and are just excited, but I just don't find the tone of "we don't care about you, we only care about the baby" very funny right now....probably just hormones talking.
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I'm tired of the "how do you feel?" question every 10 minutes from my family. Which is really wenchy of me -- I know they're only asking because they genuinely care and they genuinely want to help. But each time they ask, I want to yell, "I feel pretty damn pregnant" and throw something. :

I admit, I am completely hormonal and want to hole up in the bedroom, watch stupid TV, and cry all day long. The REALLY awful thing is that if they were NOT asking me how I felt, I'd be upset that they didn't seem to care.

On top of this, I have to inject myself with heparin (a blood thinner to prevent clots...I had a nasty clot during my first pregnancy) twice a day, and I'm supposed to stop or delay a shot if I think I might be in early labor. Well, I've been feeling like I'm in early labor each day for the past 2 weeks...so I figure I will just go ahead and take each shot no matter WHAT I feel like, it's better to risk losing too much blood and needing a transfusion than risk getting an undetectable blood clot and a pulmonary embolism. Arg.

And then I feel guilty for being so grumpy. I am genuinely thankful that I am about to have another baby, and I'm really excited about that and happy.

Hormones, hormones...moods are up, down, all around...
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I'm tired of the "how are you feeling" question - but I have been for about 6 months now. I generally respond with "I'm fine, how are YOU feeling?" It usually shuts them up. The frustrating thing for me is that no one seems to be able to talk to me about anything BUT the pregnancy. On the other hand, it's the only thing I think about any more. I've been really trying to be a good sport and just go on with life, but I have definitely been a grump.

Well, hang in there. It CAN'T be that much longer, right?
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Well, looks like there may actually be progress...contractions every 15 minutes for the last 5 hours, with bloody show. I could still give birth 3 days from now instead of today...but hopefully it will be today!

Throwing some birth dust to everyone out there!
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Still Waiting Too

My EDD is March 28. Maybe I should have just gone for the April group from the get go. My only babe so far came 15 days later than his EDD. I have some hope of not being so late, because I was never sure about my dates. This time I was sick from the date of conception - :LOL
I'm having another boy and I cannot begin to relate to how that alone could be unhappy for my Mom and her clan (I'm so blessed what is thier problem!). They've been buying girl things since our wedding ('92)!
Add that I'm planning an HBAC and cannot tell them, for fear of them showing up and expecting ringside seats. And the almost daily calls of "how do you feel today?".
I have an OB (who I've ducked out of for my 38 & 39 week appt.s) and a midwife (ditto) because I know they just cannot tell me anything new - besides hurry up.
Maybe the baby would come if I could stop dealing with yucky relative stuff? Maybe I'm just overly hormonal and it means the baby is coming? I've certainly wanted to put a pen in several people's eyes lately too, followed shortly by severe pity parties.
I'm so at the point: "everything is a sign, nothing is a sign". I'm sure you all know what I mean.
I wish you all (me too) safe and sound labour and deliveries. You are all such a strong arm of support and love.
Thank you!
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lofbethany--Ahem uh yep, the everything is a sign nothing is a sign is going on right now with me. Today is my due date, we are having a major winter storm (sigh, I am so tired of snow) and tommorow is the full moon. Now one might think between the storm and the full moon I would go into labor but I betchya all these "signs" are just a big fat tease!

I am so so so emotional right now. Yesterday I cried for no reason, I went off on my oldest son, I swear I am about to have a total emotional and mental breakdown.
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OMG Aquarianmom! You were due the 8th?
If you have not had your baby yet, here are some labor vibes your way
Come on baby! Your mom wants to meet you
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I'm so exhausted I cry at everything. I was upset this morning - I realized that since today is DH's birthday - if I don't go into labor I'm going to have to cook dinner! I'm being a huge baby about everything. Every day when I go into work, they look at me and say "I thought today was your day!" They're nice about it, but I'm tired of the attention.

I tried to duck out of my Dr appt. this week - I didn't want to deal with it and lucky for me, her surly office staff said she was full and wouldn't make an appt. Unfortunately, the nurse called today and said they made an opening at 12:30.
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Sending labor vibes to Aquarianmom!
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