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Amy - Trinity's new popularity seems to have less to do with religion or atomic bombs, than it does with the character in the film The Matrix. The spike in popularity is timed with it.
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See, I had no idea it was a nuclear testing site or a character in The Matrix, there is a little girl who sometimes goes to our playgroup named Trinity. Also, there is the religious aspect I was thinking about.
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My daughter's name is Ainsley, too! Good choice!

I don't have much advice for you, because I'm pretty hopeless at coming up with names. It's HARD!
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If this babe were a girl it would be Delilah, Dylan, or Cassidy. So, I really like Lila. I also like Rory and Skye is my dd's middle name so I like that too.

This naming babies thing is difficult.
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I really REALLY like Emma, but I think it's too popular.
We decided on Emma for a girl's name but I think we are changing it.
Maybe Emma as a middle name (my great-grandma who is 92 is named Emma)
I dunno.
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maybe this could help

got to say skye and avery are my favs my doughters name is Destiny and my neice is name is kendra, patience, adelle love it good luck on name finding sure the name you will pick will be perfect congradulations on another girl girl:
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Some great ideas here

On our (current) short list for this babe:
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Of course my daughters and a few others...
Jenna Renee
Alona Christine
Koryl... Koral
ohhhh I could go on and on.. too many beautiful names out there!
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I met an "Elliana" (short sounding 'a' sound) today. I thougth that was quite cute.

Today in the nursery there were:
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The name we picked for our little girl on the way is Marisol. It is the only name DH and I could both agree upon. But every time we tell a new family member the name, we get the same response, "what was that?" "say that again?" "can you spell it for me?"

Is it that out there? We think it is beautiful!
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I've heard of the name Marisol before. The guy from Matchbox 20--his wife is named Marisol. I saw their wedding on t.v. lol ;o) She's beautiful by the way! I like the name.
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Well, we STILL dont have a girls name but I am working on DH with a few of these names...my favorite isnt a name you will find on baby name searches I dont think, because I actually thought of it not found it....so I am not sure if we are using any of these are not (DH is SO stubborn) but I wanted to give you my suggestions in case they help you some.

First, this name I love and it fits with my sons name so much....DH is "thinking about it" but he is being real stubborn about names.
I really like the name Mecca (variations in spellings would include Mekah, Meca., etc)

Other suggestions that I love and are really unique but DH has shot down are:

Neveah (Heaven spelled backwards)
Willow (this was my total first choice but DH HATES it....grrrrr!)
Mikaia (Mi-kigh-ya)
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Annika, I love that name. I also love the name Jillian.
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I gave a few more suggestions to DH....all of which he shot down (he did like one of them but it is too close to my sons name)...so I thought I would share them with you.......

I know now this baby is going to come without even one name we agree on....this is ridiculous.

Here they are"
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I'm not going to tell you my own b/c for some reason I've become supersittious about that ( :LOL I dunno, it's literally my only supersition.) But from your list I especially like:

Annika (very pretty, unusual, and has multiple possibilities for nicknames)
Cicily (I've always loved this name... and then your girls would be A, B, C!)
Eliana (very pretty, unusual, and Ellie is a nice name)
Gabriella (love it, as well as Gabrielle, but I predict this name is about to be trendy, if it's not already)
Ivy (love it, but I don't like the idea of all 3 names ending w/ -y, for some reason)
Chiara (ooh, I've never heard this one before, where does it come from? what does it mean?)
Araceli (ditto above. very very very pretty!)

Have you looked at the meanings of all these? Meanings are super important to me, I would probably not pick a name w/ a less-than-wonderful meaning.

I don't really like Avery, Devynn, and Rory. No offense to anyone, I'm not thrilled w/ the trend of using traditional "boy" names for "girls." IMO it's soooooooooo hard to find good boys names, and since it's not socially acceptable to use "girl" names for "boys," the result is an ever-shrinking pool of boy names. Plus I just find it too trendy. JMO.

I would also vote against Trinity b/c to a lot of people that would just be the Matrix.
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I love girls' names and have a million we like...but our choices for a girl this time will be, depending on what she looks like if she is a she, are:

Samara Rivka
Rebekah Danya
Anna Rebekah

Names I loved but got shot down are:

Maya or Mayim

Many of those are Hebrew names, which DH vetoed because they just sounded too "weird" to him. Yafit means "beautiful," Mayim means "water." I especially loved those. Oh well -- I like our first choices anyway.
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If we have a girl, she'll be Anya.

I also liked Kristin and Jessica. Who knows, maybe I'll take a look at the baby and change my mind to one of those?
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We have an Ella Sofia.

I love her name, so much more now that it's not just an abstract bunch of sounds but attached to her, kwim?

I also like Eliana, Avery, and Ava. Boys' names are harder for me.
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I say if you like a name, go with it. If you look at how many girls in the US are named any one name (even the ones in the top 10) you would be surprised. Not near as many as the boys. We loved Abigail and I was so disappointed that it was in the top 10 that I allowed my dh to talk me into Susannah (which was my second choice) for my first daughter. I love Susannah (we actually call her Anna), but when I found out I was pg again I said that it was going to be Abigail. No matter what. And I don't run into that many Abbys . My son's name, on the other hand, was 43 on the list the year he was born. So I didn't think it would be that popular. There were 3 other Nates in the nursery. (Of course, that was our pastor's name, which might have had something to do with it.)

Anyway. I wouldn't be too concerned with popularity.

On your list I liked Felicity and Annika the best.
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I think Kennedy is the only one I haven't already read here as a suggestion but wanted to second the rest.

I would avoid any names that started with an A or a B as I like each kid to have their own initial! My brother, sister and I are ALL KG - but I suppose it does make it easier to pass down that lunch box!

I think Shelby goes best with your other dds' names.

I really like Cassidy or Chloe for the A, B, C aspect!

Just to stand alone, I really love Delaney - however Laney is a tiny bit similar to Ainsley...

You have done a great job so far with the naming! It does get harder each time (I have three girls myself).
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